13 Best Stores to Buy Engagement Rings in California

When it comes to finding the perfect symbol of love and commitment, California boasts an array of exceptional jewelry stores that cater to every taste and style. From classic elegance to modern innovation, these 13 best stores to buy engagement rings in California have earned their reputation for providing exquisite craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and a range of options to suit every budget.  

Reve Diamonds

blue sapphire emerald diamond and baguettes engagement ring
Photo: Reve Diamonds

Location: 9800 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, 90212, Los Angeles, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

Reve Diamonds, known for competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and high-quality products, offers a vast selection of over 40,000 diamonds, including colored and lab-created options.

You can book in-person or virtual Zoom appointments through their website. As a manufacturer and distributor, Reve Diamonds cuts out middlemen, resulting in lower prices for customers. They even promise to match prices if you find a cheaper, similar diamond elsewhere.

For custom ring designs or modifications, they involve you in the process, with a quick turnaround time of up to 2.5 weeks, faster than most stores. Many designs in their collection are ready for fast delivery with a center stone setting.

Customers consistently praise their service and product quality, evident in their 5-star rating, highlighting their dedication to customer satisfaction.

For consultations, check their website: Reve Diamonds

Alexander Beverly Hills 

three stone emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Location: 9454 Wilshire Blvd Suite 711, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, United States 

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

Originating in Beverly Hills and now creating a stir in Dallas, Alexander Beverly Hills boasts rich jewelry expertise. Blending tradition and modernity, this store is celebrated for its experienced artisans and designer collaborations. Their collection seamlessly marries classic elegance with contemporary styles, catering to diverse preferences. 

At Alexander Beverly Hills, client satisfaction is a priority. We were pleased to discover they offer complimentary shipping, a strong warranty, free ring maintenance, and flexible payment options. While their return period is shorter, their user-friendly website and informative blog compensate, ensuring well-informed decisions throughout the process. 

To book an appointment, visit: Alexander Beverly Hills 

Brilliant Earth (West Hollywood) 

a woman wearing a three-stone diamond engagement ring

Location: 8797 Beverly Blvd #206, West Hollywood, CA 90048, United States

Customer Rating: 3.7 Stars 

For those prioritizing ethical sourcing and eco-conscious choices in their jewelry selections, Brilliant Earth stands out as a frontrunner. With its roots in California, Brilliant Earth was founded in 2005, embodying a commitment to offering conflict-free gems and sustainable practices. 

Brilliant Earth is especially recognized for its dedication to transparent sourcing, ensuring that each gemstone and metal is traceable and ethically obtained. Their extensive collection showcases an array of exquisite designs, from vintage-inspired pieces to contemporary minimalistic rings.  

What we liked best about this store was their customer service, which goes beyond the ordinary. They educate their buyers about the origins and impact of their purchases and offer services like virtual appointments, complimentary shipping, and flexible return policies. Their interactive website, coupled with a comprehensive educational section, equips patrons with the knowledge to make choices that align with their values. 

To book an appointment, visit: Brilliant Earth (West Hollywood) 

Robbins Brothers (Woodland Hills) 

diamond engagement ring in rose gold setting

Location: 6645 CA-27, Woodland Hills, CA 91303, United States

Customer Rating: 4.5 Stars 

When searching for jewelry that resonates deeply with personal sentiments, Robbins Brothers in Woodland Hills, CA, emerges as a heartwarming choice. Robbins Brothers is more than just a jewelry store; it’s a curator of memories. With its rich tapestry of handpicked collections, every piece tells a story of love, commitment, and joy.  

Beyond their diverse collection of designs, what truly stands out is their dedication to capturing individual emotions and moments. Collaborations with renowned designers give their collections a touch that’s both intimate and grand. 

Visiting Robbins Brothers feels like a journey. Their staff takes the time to understand each client’s story, ensuring that the chosen jewelry becomes an heirloom, treasured across generations. With this store, it’s not just about purchasing jewelry; it’s about embedding a memory into a tangible form. 

To book an appointment, visit: Robbins Brothers (Woodland Hills)  

California Diamond Rings (Tarzana) 

halo diamond engagement ring on the woman's ring finger

Location: 19001 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356, United States 

Customer Rating: 4.6 Stars 

Located in the heart of Tarzana, California Diamond Rings has built a loyal customer base due to their individualized attention and dedicated service. Their outstanding ratings and positive customer feedback confirm their excellent reputation. 

It’s true that their website might not be the most modern. We found it a bit challenging to use and thought it lacked sufficient information. However, don’t let this stop you from checking them out. In person, it’s a different story.  We recommend first exploring their website and checking out their styles via the website gallery, which ranges from classic single-stone rings to detailed vintage styles and contemporary designs. You’ll be impressed by their designs and commitment to craftsmanship. 

Noteworthy features of California Diamond Rings include their competitive prices, free expedited shipping, a generous return policy, and affordable engraving services. If you’re seeking an engagement ring that offers value, quality, and a personal touch in Tarzana, a trip to California Diamond Rings is definitely worthwhile. 

To book an appointment, visit: California Diamond Rings (Tarzana) 

Willow Glen Diamond Company (San Jose) 

braided diamond engagement ring in gold setting

Location: 1302 Lincoln Ave #102, San Jose, CA 95125, United States

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

If you’re looking for an engagement ring and prefer a friendly approach instead of pushy sales tactics, consider Willow Glen Diamond Company in San Jose, CA. It’s a great option! This family-owned store has been serving its community’s jewelry needs for many years. 

What makes Willow Glen Diamond Company special is their custom-made designs. Their experienced artisans work with famous designers, creating unique jewelry. They offer a mix of classic and modern styles, from simple diamond rings to more unique settings. 

There are lots of benefits to choosing Willow Glen which is why we’ve added it to this list. They have a program where you can upgrade your jewelry, plus they offer free shipping, long-lasting warranties, and free ring maintenance. Their return policy is a bit different, but their website is easy to use and has lots of helpful information and articles to learn from. 

To book an appointment, visit: Willow Glen Diamond Company (San Jose) 

Geoffrey Diamonds and Goldsmith (San Carlos) 

diamond vintage inspired engagement ring

Location: 1312 Laurel St Suite 102, San Carlos, CA 94070, United States

Customer Rating: 4.9 Stars 

Geoffrey Diamonds and Goldsmith, located in the heart of San Carlos, CA, takes pride in being a family-run business with deep roots that span decades. Having a well-established presence in the San Carlos jewelry scene, they’re highly respected for their strong commitment to honesty and the friendly service provided by their team.  

Geoffrey Diamonds offers a diverse array of engagement rings suited for various budgets. We were impressed by their extensive collection that includes timeless classics and affordable options, ensuring there’s a perfect choice for every love story. They offer a 30-day full refund policy, reliable warranties, multiple payment options, personalized jewelry crafting, and swift shipping. 

The positive feedback from their clients serves as proof of Geoffrey Diamonds’ dedication to excellence. While their website design might not be the pinnacle of modern aesthetics, the brilliance and quality of their jewelry pieces certainly make up for it.  

To book an appointment, visit: Geoffrey Diamonds and Goldsmith (San Carlos) 

Joe Escobar Diamonds (Campbell) 

princess cut diamond engagement ring

Location: 450 E Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008, United States

Customer Rating: 4.8 

Located in Campbell, CA, Joe Escobar Diamonds has made a mark in the jewelry industry, thriving for many decades. Their guiding principle “Every Moment is Precious” is evident in the intricately designed engagement rings they create. 

While they offer engagement rings in both classic and modern styles, if you’re looking for something more personal, their custom service allows you to bring your ideas to life. 

Quality is a top priority for Joe Escobar. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by certifications from renowned gemological institutes, ensuring authenticity and value. They also put an emphasis on educating customers, both online and in-store, to provide insights into the world of jewelry. 

But it’s their customer-centered approach that truly sets Joe Escobar Diamonds apart. Their services go beyond the ordinary, including thorough appraisals, a generous return policy, free shipping, regular maintenance, and resizing at no cost. These services showcase their commitment to making the shopping experience seamless and rewarding. 

To book an appointment, visit: Joe Escobar Diamonds (Campbell) 

deBebians (Los Angeles) 

three stone engagement ring in white gold setting

Location: 611 Wilshire Blvd #909, Los Angeles, CA 90017, United States

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

Founded by two GIA graduate gemologists, deBebians’ journey began with a commitment to customer satisfaction and expert artistry. Blending tradition with modern aesthetics, deBebians has solidified itself as a top jewelry destination in California, focusing on unparalleled quality and service. 

Teaming up with industry-leading designers and artisans, deBebians offers a diverse range, from renowned designer engagement rings to unique in-house creations. If you’re an ethical jewelry enthusiast, you’ll appreciate their assortment of ethically sourced and lab-grown diamonds, uniting sustainability and luxury. 

Beyond exquisite jewelry, deBebians provides valuable services including a lifetime warranty, periodic cleaning, flexible financing, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. With years of trust and expertise, deBebians stands as a premier choice for unparalleled craftsmanship. 

To book an appointment, visit: deBebians (Los Angeles) 

George Thompson Diamond Company (Camarillo)  

pear shape diamond engagement ring

Location: 309 W Ventura Blvd #D, Camarillo, CA 93010, United States

Customer Rating: 4.9 Stars 

In Camarillo, CA, George Thompson Diamond Company shines as a symbol of refined jewelry craftsmanship. Famed for blending classical allure with innovative designs, their engagement rings are meticulously handcrafted to perfection. They take pride in sourcing ethically procured diamonds, making them an accountable choice. 

While their website offers a glimpse of their collection, it echoes their exceptional artistry. Unlike mass production, George Thompson creates custom pieces, infusing a personal touch that tells a unique love story. This personalization aligns with industry standards, as bespoke items can’t be returned or refunded. 

George Thompson’s attention to detail extends to their packaging, reflecting their commitment to excellence and customer happiness. If you’re looking for a ring that harmonizes love, quality, and ethical craftsmanship, George Thompson Diamond Company is your destination. 

To book an appointment, visit: George Thompson Diamond Company (Camarillo)

Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry (San Francisco) 

brandie white gold engagement ring

Location: 888 Brannan St Suite 1100, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

Customer Rating: 4.9 Stars 

Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry, based in San Francisco, CA, is renowned for its top-notch craftsmanship, offering a blend of classic and modern jewelry designs. Their engagement ring collection shines not only with brilliance but also with a story. What sets Yadav apart is their dedication to ethical sourcing, a key draw for conscientious consumers seeking responsibly-sourced diamonds and gemstones. 

Though their website offers a glimpse, Yadav’s showcased pieces underscore their attention to elegance and precision. We liked that the jewelry item is carefully crafted and tailored to each client’s wishes, ensuring unique creations. This store doesn’t accept returns or refunds for custom pieces. 

An unforgettable part of Yadav’s experience is their elegant packaging, symbolizing their commitment to luxury. For those in search of an engagement ring that embodies love, artistry, and ethical values, Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry is a top choice. 

To book an appointment, visit: Yadav Diamonds & Jewelry (San Francisco)

The Jewelry Exchange (Redwood City) 

diamond solitaire engagement ring in rose gold setting

Location: 1286 Oddstad Dr, Redwood City, CA 94063, United States

Customer Rating: 4.8 Stars 

The Jewelry Exchange in Redwood City, CA, has a long-standing presence in the jewelry industry, known for both quality and exceptional customer care. With extensive experience in fine jewelry and service, they’ve mastered the art of curating beautiful pieces and providing unmatched assistance. Their dedication shines through each meticulously crafted engagement ring, capturing timeless romance. 

Exploring The Jewelry Exchange reveals a wide range of preset engagement ring designs, catering to various preferences. From classic to modern styles, their collection offers something for everyone. Custom options are also available for those seeking unique pieces that symbolize their love. 

Their customer services mirror their commitment. From thorough appraisals to clear return policies, free shipping, and resizing, every aspect of the shopping experience aims to exceed expectations.  

To book an appointment, visit: The Jewelry Exchange (Redwood City)

Blue Diamond (El Segundo) 

cushion cut solitaire engagement ring in between fingers

Location: 245 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

Located in El Segundo, CA, Blue Diamond has established a notable presence in the jewelry field, always prioritizing customer happiness. They focus on making each visitor’s shopping experience memorable, catering to a range of budgets so that everyone finds something special. 

Teaming up with well-known brands like Gabriel and Co., Blue Diamond offers a diverse selection of designs through their online store. Whether you prefer classic or modern styles, their collection is captivating. What sets them apart is their custom jewelry, ensuring each piece holds personal meaning. They go beyond sales by providing top-notch repair, maintenance, and restoration services to keep your jewelry stunning. 

With a wide array of options and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Blue Diamond shines as a symbol of excellence in El Segundo and beyond. 

To book an appointment, visit: Blue Diamond (El Segundo)

Wrapping Up  

California offers a treasure trove of top-notch stores for engagement ring shopping that excel in craftsmanship and customer service. So, whether you’re strolling down the sunny streets of San Diego or exploring the artistic vibe of Oakland, rest assured that the perfect ring awaits. These stores stand as testament to California’s enduring allure, where love and beauty intertwine. 

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