9 Best Jewelry Stores in Dallas,Texas, Right Now

Dallas, Texas, is home to a plethora of jewelry stores, ranging from high-end boutiques carrying luxury brands to smaller artisanal shops offering unique and custom pieces. If you’re in the area and looking for jewelry, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  

However, not every store is created equal, and with so much choice, it can be overwhelming to find the right option for your needs. In this article, we list the best jewelry stores in Dallas, taking into account the quality and range of their collections, customer service, after sales policies, and track record.  

1. Reve Diamonds – Best for diamond jewelry. 

a woman wearing a yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet

Location: 3838 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219, United States 

Customer Rating: 5 Stars 

Reve Diamonds is one of the fastest-growing online diamond retailers. It might be a new addition to Dallas, but they’ve been in business since 2014. If you’re looking for quality diamond jewelry at reasonable prices, look no further!  

From fine diamond necklaces, pendants, and earrings to engagement and wedding rings, you can find readymade or custom creations at Reve. One thing we like about Reve Diamonds is that they have an excellent online and physical presence, giving you the option of visiting them in-store or working with them remotely.  

We also compared their diamond prices with those of most other retailers in Dallas and found them to be around 18%-20% less expensive. 

Their sales reps are responsive and helpful, and they also offer competitive after-sales policies. Overall, we’d recommend Reve for diamond jewelry, considering price, quality, and service.  

To book a virtual or showroom consultation, check out their website: Reve Diamonds  

2. Brilliant Earth – Best for sustainably sourced jewelry. 

a woman wearing gold diamond jewelries

Location: 3699 McKinney Ave #401, Dallas, TX 75204 

Customer Rating: 4.2 on Google  

Brilliant Earth has been around for almost 20 years, pioneering the sustainable jewelry industry. If you’re looking for metals and gemstones that have been sourced ethically, recycled or lab-created, then this is an excellent place to check out. They even blockchain track most of their diamonds.  And even if you’re not big on sustainability, you can’t deny the beauty of their collections! 

From name necklaces to zodiac signs and symbolic jewelry, there’s a range of creative pieces you can find at Brilliant Earth. All are made using high-end materials, so you’re not compromising on quality. With prices starting at around $80, there’s also something for everyone. If you’re looking for gemstone jewelry, you’ll find an exclusive collection featuring expertly crafted settings.  

Brilliant Earth also has a host of after-sales policies that are generous and attractive, including easy returns and upgrade programs. Overall, an excellent choice for a large inventory, at reasonable prices for high quality.  

To book a virtual or in-store consultation, check out their website: Brilliant Earth  

3. Nikki Smith Designs – Best for modern and dainty jewelry. 

a woman wearing pippa colorful jewelries

Location: 1011 S Pearl Expy Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75201 

Customer Rating: 4.6 stars on Google  

For trendy modern jewelry designs at super affordable prices, we love Nikki Smith. Established in 2014 by Nikki Smith, who started out creating jewelry for herself and her friends, today Nikki Smith Designs works as a wholesale business servicing stores around the world.  

With prices starting around the $30 mark, it’s a jewelry store that suits everyone’s budget. But this doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. The costume jewelry here is carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed.  

Their Permanent Collection, for example, features jewelry made by custom fitting and welding jewelry directly onto your body, meaning there’s no clasp and no maintenance. There’s also the Waterproof Jewelry Collection, which means you can wear your jewelry in and out of water. Overall, for affordable, high-quality, and trendy jewelry, we recommend checking out this local Dallas designer.  

Check out their website: Nikki Smith Designs

4. Bachendorf’s – Best for fine jewelry and luxury timepieces.  

wellendorff purple kiss ring

Location: 5175, Monahans Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, 76108 

Customer Rating: 4.7 on Google  

Bachendorf’s is a family-run establishment dedicated to delivering the finest hand-selected diamonds, designer jewelry, and timepieces. They’re one of the oldest jewelry stores in the area, with a history that goes back to 1900!  

We particularly like their fashion collection, which features very creative designs. Their in-house artisans create most of their unique pieces, but the brand also offers creations from over 19 popular designers, like Monica Rich Kosann and Mikimoto. What’s more, they also specialize in luxury timepieces, working with brands like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, and Tudor.  

Bachendorf’s also provides expert services in jewelry repair and watch repair. Their skilled team of artisans and technicians helps restore and maintain the beauty and functionality of these exceptional pieces. 

Note that Bachendorf’s jewelry is high-end, so if you’re looking for more affordable costume jewelry, this isn’t your best choice.  

To book a consultation, check out their website: Bachendorf’s 

5. Lauren Belle Jewelry – Best for custom jewelry. 

fingers holding an oval cut diamond ring

Location: 100 Crescent Ct Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75201, United States 

Customer Rating: 5.0 on Google 

If you’re thinking about customizing a piece of jewelry, then Lauren Belle should be on your list. As a second-generation jeweler, Lauren Belle grew up in the Dallas area working in her parents’ jewelry business. So, she knows the industry from the inside out.  

Lauren is one of the best around that provides exceptionally crafted custom pieces. Her appointment-only showroom is based in Dallas, Texas, where she and her team help clients find and create the perfect jewelry.  

Although Lauren focuses on bridal jewelry, you can also talk to her about other types of jewelry that you have in mind. The team will ensure that they put in every effort to create what you’re looking for.  

We liked Lauren Belle’s service (on reaching out to them, we found the sales reps to be patient and helpful – not pushy!) and after sales policies, but just wish that they offered a longer exchange period (only seven days).  

To book a consultation, check out their website: Lauren Belle Jewelry  

6. Avior Jewelry – Best in variety.  

sapphire gemstone earrings

Location: United Texas Bank Building, 13101 Preston Rd, STE 120, Dallas, Texas, 75240 

Customer Rating: 4.9 on Google  

As a family-owned business with a rich history in the wholesale industry, Avior Jewelry is one of the biggest names in Dallas/Fort Worth. For over 30 years, they’ve been cutting and polishing rough diamonds, handcrafting fine jewelry, and sourcing authentic Swiss timepieces. 

So naturally, Avior Jewelry showcases a remarkable collection of timepieces from renowned brands such as Rolex and Omega. On top of that, there’s also the opportunity for those looking to sell or trade luxury watches. 

In addition to their remarkable timepieces and diamond sourcing services, they offer a diverse range of jewelry options, including fashion jewelry and bridal pieces. Check out their fashion jewelry collection for a large variety of mid to high-end pieces.  

Avior Jewelry also serves as a trusted destination for selling jewelry in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They offer competitive prices for loose diamonds, engagement rings, gold, silver, and more.  

To book a consultation, check out their website: Avior Jewelry

7. Diamond Factory Dallas – Best for shopping experience.  

mixed gemstones necklace in gold setting

Location: 13719 Omega Road, Dallas, TX 75244 

Customer Rating: 4.9 on Google  

Don’t let the less-than-glamorous name fool you. Diamond Factory Dallas is more than a diamond factory. It’s almost like an art studio. When you visit them in their ‘factory’, you’ll see how they cut and polish their diamonds. In fact, you can even try your hand at cutting your own diamond. Not many jewelry stores offer this service! 

Although they specialize in engagement rings, loose diamonds, wedding bands, and diamond earrings, they also deal with luxury timepieces and non-diamond fine jewelry. They also offer personalization for jewelry, like engravings and quotes.  

Beyond that, they offer comprehensive jewelry repair, appraisals, and custom engraving services. Multiple financing options are also available, and they’re one of the leading retailers that help turn unwanted jewelry, loose diamonds, or designer watches into cash. So, if you’re looking to sell, the Diamond Factory Dallas is an amazing option. 

To book a consultation, check out their website: Diamond Factory Dallas  

8. Clean Origin – Best for after sales policies.  

pave huggie hoop earrings on the woman's ear

Location: 2601 Preston Rd Suite #1053, Frisco, TX 75034 

Customer Rating: 4.6 on Google 

Clean Origin is all about lab-created diamonds. If you’re after high-quality, beautifully crafted lab-created diamond jewelry, then they should be one of the first places you check out! With a fast-growing number of storefronts across the country, Clean Origin offers the best of both the online and the physical store worlds.   

Their extensive selection consists of many diamond and non-diamond fine jewelry pieces, with a deep emphasis on diamond stud earrings, stackable rings, diamond pendants, and diamond tennis bracelets

What puts them one step above is their “no questions asked” 100-day return policy and the “Forever Service Plans” extended warranty. This is why we think they’re the best when it comes to after sales policies.  

To book a consultation, check out their website: Clean Origin  

9. Harry Winston – Best for luxury jewelry shopping.  

a woman wearing necklace and earrings with sapphires and diamonds

Location: 19 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205 

Customer Rating: 4.6 on Google  

The name speaks for itself – who in the diamond industry hasn’t heard of Harry Winston? As the crowned “King of Diamonds,” Harry Winston and his brand are considered one of the most exceptional diamond jewelry designers. At Harry Winston, every piece is meticulously crafted by an exquisite team of highly skilled jewelers, most of them with over 40 years of dedication to the craft.  

Shopping at Harry Winston’s is an experience in itself, from the moment you walk in through the grand golden doors. The collections on offer, aptly termed High Jewelry and Fine Jewelry, give you an indication of what to expect – luxury and (of course) exorbitant prices. But there’s no substitute for luxury and for many, it’s well worth the price.  

To schedule an appointment or request assistance in purchasing a specific piece: Harry Winston

Wrapping Up 

So, there you have it, the best jewelry stores in Dallas in a range of categories. As always, the word ‘best’ is subjective, and depends on what you’re looking for specifically. But with the list of stores above, you’ll be able to find at least one that suits your requirements. Happy shopping!  


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