Gemstones And Their Role in Impacting Destiny

Gemstones are one of the most fascinating natural objects and have enthralled humans since ancient times. Some people feel attraction towards them because of beauty and some embrace them for the many benefits they offer.

In fact, many believe that simply wearing the right gemstone can have a major impact on their lives and destiny. If you are wondering about how gemstones have become associated with enhancing the quality of life, you’re in the right place.

How Can Gemstones Impact My Life?

Emerald from gempundit
Emerald from GemPundit

Gemstones impact our lives in many ways. They’re believed to hold powerful radiations that battle against negative energies. This also helps an individual to get rid of negative powers and at assist in spreading satisfaction in their lives.

Gemstones are said to encapsulate concentrated energy. With their incredible energies and significant vibrations that synchronize with the human body, they can be an ideal tool to regulate energy. Like other methods of energy treatment, gemstone also utilizes the body’s intrinsic healing power to support and mend us in more than one way. 

Gemstones are considered a wellspring of new expectations and seen as having the energy to tackle the troubles of life brought about by a negative state of planets in a horoscope. Every planet is addressed by a gemstone that comprises its energy.

Early Views on Crystal Healing Properties

Various early societies accepted that due to similarity of various gemstones to the shades of our bodies and fluids inside, gemstones and crystals hold the force of life.

Among European sovereignty and other privileged societies, gemstones were thought to ensure great wellbeing, riches, intelligence, and accomplishment in love.

Even today, many of these views are still held by societies around the world. Gemstone and crystal healing remains one of the most popular form of alternative medicine.

How Do I Know What Gemstone I Should Buy?

According to astrology, gemstone jewelry ought to consistently be worn by propitious grah (Planet) according to your Kundli (birth-graph). It’s generally accepted that the planetary arrangement at the hour of birth influences our lives as long as we stay alive, and they also affect all aspects of life. So, for best results, it’s important to wear those specific gemstones which suit us.

If you aren’t sure what your gemstone according to your birth chart is, take a look at the guidelines below, which can help you identify what your gemstone could be.

  • Consult a gemologist for the gemstone that will work for your highest good in life. 
  • See if you have an actual response to any stones. 
  • Experiment with stones that have unique properties that you want to embrace in life. For example, amethyst offers peace. So, if you wish to be calmer and have more relaxation, then amethyst is a good option.

While there are specific gemstones that suit a person based on their birth chart, there are also some that can be worn by anybody. One such gemstone is pearl.

The best thing about pearl jewelry is that it doesn’t have any negative impacts on its wearer. In Astrology, the moon is representative of the ‘mother’ and is exceptionally aware, sustaining, and friendly. Pearls are associated with the moon. Because of this, anybody can wear pearl gemstone jewelry and experience its beneficial outcomes in their day-to-day existence.

How Will I Know If the Gemstone Is Working?

How to buy ruby jewelry

Gemstones can affect our behavior and thinking process in a scope of ways. If a gemstone suits you, you will notice positive changes at micro levels, which then slowly impact at the macro level as well.

It can reflect in your confidence levels, increased intuition, or acquisition of courage. Generally, you will feel more aligned. For example, if your head and heart always think in different directions, a suitable gemstone can bring harmony between them, and you will be able to make decisions faster than before.

In short, gemstones intensify the energy of their relating planets. Astrologically, this means that the gemstone strengthens the most favorable planets in our birth chart. It’s suggested that by fortifying your most promising planets, you can ensure the most gainful outcomes conceivable from your stone. 

If you wear stones as per your birth chart or zodiac, they are called your birthstone or zodiac gemstones. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult an expert and select a birthstone, because Zodiac gemstones strengthen the vibrations of most favorable planets in our birth chart.

Wearing suitable gemstone jewelry allows us to experience a high quality of life. You will feel much more aligned with everything around you. And positive outcomes will become routine. Your thoughts and actions will be synchronized, making your life smooth.

How Do I Know If the Gemstone Is Real?

floating morganite gemstone in rose gold
Morganite gemstone ring. See more here.

When looking for a gemstone for its healing or metaphysical properties, it’s important to find a genuine stone, and not a synthetic or man-made rock.

A certified gemstone is mined or found in nature and then goes through accepted methods of treatment. A recreated stone is made in a lab using materials that are typically not equivalent to the compound organization of the gemstone it mimics. However, some lab-created gemstones are identical in terms of their composition and physical make-up.

Looking for authentic gemstones in person is much easier than purchasing online. Before buying gemstones, look for essential outlines. Pay attention to the stone’s surface structure – a stone with an unpleasant or sandy surface may not be a real gemstone.

Also look at the structure within the stone. A real crystal will never have bubbles, which is often present in glass. When you hold a real stone in hand, its temperature is lower than that of its surroundings.


However, if you’re purchasing online, it can be harder to evaluate the gemstone accurately. In this case, it’s essential to purchase from a reputable seller.

Verify the authenticity of the stone by sourcing the authenticity certificate from the seller. Many online platforms, such as and other similar stores, offer authenticity certificates if you buy gemstone online.

How Can I Take Care Of My Gemstone?

Most stones react well to a gentle cleanser and warm water. You just need to scrub them using a brush – ideally a soft brush with delicate fibers. Try not to scrub too hard else you might end up scratching the stone. Wash the stone and dry it tenderly with the assistance of a delicate, build-up-free fabric cleaner. 

Clean colored gemstones tenderly with a lint free material or delicate fiber toothbrush dipped in warm foamy water. Next, dry tenderly with a buildup-free fabric.

To clean permeable stones like pearls and turquoise, it’s very important to use a delicate fabric. But keep away from using hard cleansers and fluids if you buy gemstones frequently.

Can I Buy Gemstones Online?

Yes, you can definitely buy gemstones online. In fact, it is very easy nowadays. Make sure you purchase from a trusted website.  

Read reviews of the website and see what other customers have experienced. Never buy gemstones online from a site that doesn’t have a solid returns policy in place.

Genuine gem vendors that deal in individual valuable gemstones have good after sales services and proper customer care systems to ensure top class customer experience.

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