Best Engagement Ring Boxes – A Buying Guide

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Finding an attractive box for your engagement ring is important because it not only makes a great first impression but also elevates the look of the ring. Just like you wouldn’t drink fine wine out of a plastic cup, you wouldn’t want to put a fine engagement ring in a mediocre box.

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Let’s take a look at the best engagement ring boxes on the market and how to choose one.

What’s an engagement ring box?

Put simply, this is a box for your engagement ring. It can be the box in which your ring comes packaged in or a box that you’ve bought specially to hold the engagement ring.

Its use is twofold – first to hold the ring in during the proposal and next to store the ring in when it’s not being worn.

Unique engagement ring box

Every retailer provides an engagement ring box when you purchase your ring from them, ranging from stylish and sophisticated to basic and plain. You don’t have a choice about the packaging that the ring comes in so if you don’t like the box, it’s best to buy one elsewhere.

The two most popular online engagement ring retailers are James Allen and Blue Nile and you’re bound to come across these retailers while researching where to shop for your engagement ring online.

  • James Allen’s ring box is a stylish and sophisticated-looking red design that looks very classic. It’s sturdy and the perfect size to keep carefully hidden away in your pocket for a surprise proposal. See an unboxing video of James Allen’s packaging below for an idea about their ring box.
  • Blue Nile offers a basic but beautiful presentation ring box, that you can use for the proposal. It’s nothing too fancy but elegant and neat.

Why is the engagement ring box important?

We tend to overlook the importance of the engagement ring box, but thought should be given to this because the trick lies in the details. Here are some reasons that make an engagement ring box an important part of the proposal process:

  1. Getting the ring box right shows you can pay attention to detail. This gives you brownie points.
  2. It makes the ring look great and adds to its sophistication and importance.
  3. The presentation box you choose reflects your personality and style.
  4. It’s a place to store the ring after the proposal.
  5. It can make a great first impression, impressing your loved one before they even open the box to see the ring.

Types of engagement ring boxes

If you’re not satisfied with the default ring box that comes with your ring, there’s a wide range of engagement ring boxes to choose from to suit your proposal style and engagement ring design.  Here are some:

1. Wood engagement ring box

Wooden engagement ring box
Wooden engagement ring box by Dshom. See it here.

Wood engagement ring boxes are a sustainable and stylish choice, perfect for couples who like a natural look. Because there’s a wide range of wood types, there’s an endless choice, from dark to light and smooth to textured.

2. Luxury engagement ring box

Geometric engagement ring box is the best
Geometric ring bearer box by Waen. See it here.

If you prefer a luxurious and sophisticated style, opt for a box that speaks pure luxury. This would include materials like silk, glass, or velvet in stylish designs. The example we’ve featured showcases a geometric glass holder with a natural style design to hold the ring. Colors like black, red, rich green, or purple are some that work perfectly for a luxury engagement ring box style.

3. Personalized engagement ring box

Personalized acrylic engagement ring boxes
Personalized acrylic engagement ring box by Camellia And Love. See it here.

Personalizing your ring box adds an extra touch to the design and makes it truly yours. Regardless of the material you choose and the style or type of ring box you go for, many retailers offer personalization services that elevate your ring design from mediocrity to something special. Some personalization ideas include your initials, names, a special date, or coordinates relating to a special place.

4. Rustic engagement ring box

Rustic wood engagement ring boxes
Rustic wooden engagement ring box by Wood Thing Store. See it here.

Rustic weddings are one of the most popular wedding styles right now and a large number of couples are leaning toward this style. You can set the tone for your relationship with a rustic engagement ring box, that celebrates the natural and the unaffected. Common materials include wood and leather while designs are inspired by the natural world.

5. Vintage engagement ring box

Vintage heart-shaped engagement ring boxes
Vintage engagement ring box by Vintage Prairie Gems. See it here.

For those who love the quaint and the nostalgia of bygone years, a vintage engagement ring box might be just the thing. If you want the real thing, look for an antique ring box from the past. Stores like Etsy often have authentic antique boxes like this one from the 1900s. If not, opt for a vintage-inspired ring box that’s new but features a design and style from the past.

Creative engagement ring box ideas

There are so many whimsical and clever engagement ring box ideas that we couldn’t list them all here. But we’ve narrowed down the list to feature some of our top favorites:

1. Cinderella Carriage Box

This detailed and beautifully crafted enamel cinderella carriage ring box is perfect for a fairytale proposal. You’re treating her like a princess and she’s going to think you’re her Prince Charming.

2. Heart Ring Box

Unlike heart-shaped boxes, this creative ring box splits in two down the center, revealing the ring in the middle. The quote on the front is the icing on the cake.

3. Rotating Ring Box

This is one of the most creative and stylish engagement ring boxes, with a luxurious look. The rotating ring box has a stand in the middle that holds the ring showing its beauty from all sides.

4. Ring Box with Light

This is one of the most stylish and creative engagement ring box ideas. Not only does it hold the ring securely in place, but it shines a light down on the ring revealing it in all its glory. In addition to this, the ring box with light is very slim, making it perfect for discreetly hiding it in your pocket.

5. The Book Box

It looks like a book but it’s really a secret ring box. From the outside, your other half would simply think that you’re holding a little notebook, but once opened, it reveals a secret hollowed-out section with the ring safely nestled in the middle.

Where to buy engagement ring boxes

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring box worthy of your ring, we suggest starting your search on either Amazon or Etsy. These two platforms have a wide range of engagement ring boxes, in a variety of styles and at different prices. From genuine antiques to handmade artisan boxes, there’s something for everyone here.

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