Body Candy Review – Is Their Jewelry Worth the Money?

The Body Candy jewelry store isn’t the type of jewelry retailer we usually talk about, but it is a fascinating brand to explore, especially if you’re into the body mod and jewelry niche.  

Body Candy specializes in all types of body piercings and, as such, is the preferred choice of those who love their piercings. They’re known for their wide range of jewelry and for their affordable prices.  

However, is it a good brand to purchase from or should you gravitate toward other options? Let’s take a closer look at Body Candy, the quality of their products, their pricing, and whether it’s a good idea to purchase jewelry from them. 

What is Body Candy? 

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Established in 2006 by Melissa Allen in New York, US, Body Candy is becoming an increasingly bigger name in the body jewelry niche. With a large assortment of body jewelry of all types, Body Candy appears to have achieved the perfect middle ground between quality and affordability. The company is dedicated to offering high-quality body jewelry at prices that are affordable to all.  

Most of the pieces on offer are affordable, typically falling into single or low double-digit price ranges. However, they also have a collection of more expensive pieces crafted from finer materials. This ensures that there’s something for everyone here, regardless of price.  

This low price is what has helped the Body Candy brand grow so quickly and significantly over the years. However, because the prices are so low, quality can be unpredictable.  

What Can You Find On the Body Candy Site? 

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See more nose rings from Body Candy here.

For those into piercing jewelry, Body Candy is a treasure trove. It has everything you might need. Body Candy has quite an impressive assortment of all types of body jewelry, including dozens of types of belly rings, ear piercing jewelry, tongue rings, nose jewelry, nipple rings, septum rings and clickers, eyebrow rings, lip rings, and more.  

What Materials Does Body Candy Use? 

Body Candy’s jewelry pieces are made of sterling silver, surgical stainless steel, 14K gold, brass, solid titanium, and others. These are quality metals that offer various benefits. Most are hypoallergenic and durable.  

However, sometimes, the company offers painted or plated metals, which can flake off over time. When this happens, the base metal can get in contact with your skin. If you have metal allergies or sensitivities, this can cause problems. So, always opt for those metals that you know are hypoallergenic and avoid those that can contain nickel.  

One of the reasons Body Candy can offer jewelry that look expensive but isn’t is because of their smart use of Cubic Zirconia – a very affordable lab-made alternative to diamonds and other precious colored gemstones. 

Cubic Zirconia isn’t just a more affordable diamond. It’s an entirely different type of crystallographically isometric gemstone that has excellent hardness (8.5 on the Mohs scale), a very good refractive index (2.088 to 2.176), an even higher dispersion rating than diamonds (0.058 to 0.066 compared to diamonds’ 0.044) which means that Cubic Zirconia is more sparkly, and many other benefits. In essence – CZ is not just affordable, it’s also a generally great choice for body jewelry and jewelry in general. 

While Cubic Zirconia jewelry can look great and is a chief contributing factor to the affordability of Body Candy’s jewelry, the use of Cubic Zirconia is an inescapable drawback for a lot of people so it should also be mentioned as a “Con”. That being said, most of Body Candy’s customer base doesn’t care about the prestige associated with diamonds or precious gemstones, hence their continuous support. 

Body Candy Pros and Cons 

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See more belly rings from Body Candy here.

The easiest way to go through the main features and noteworthy characteristics of Body Candy is to just list their main Pros and Cons as we see them: 


  • All types of body jewelry in Body Candy’s store are exceedingly affordable and range between 2-digit and low 3-digit prices. There are even “Under $3” collections.  
  • Wide range of products for almost every type of body piercing.  
  • Body Candy is beloved for the frequent discounts and deals they offer, allowing its regular customers to consistently get body jewelry at even lower prices. 
  • Free shipping and returns for store credit allow Body Candy’s customers flexibility and options when shopping.  
  • Most of Body Candy’s regular customers swear by the customer service they receive. The brand has fostered quite a positive reputation among its loyal customers, as is evident by the predominantly positive reviews you can find everywhere online. 


  • Despite the largely positive feedback and review, there are also quite a few people who seem unhappy with Body Candy’s customer service, shipping times, return/store credit policy, or the quality of their jewelry. The latter is understandable as Body Candy isn’t a fine jewelry store and some clients may have expected something different from it.  
    Shipping and pricing complaints also seem quite common, especially from people unhappy that the free shipping often clashes with certain discounts, i.e. one cancels the other out and vice versa.  
  • As Body Candy isn’t a fine jewelry retailer, it seems unfair to list drawbacks that’d apply to fine jewelry stores, as the expectations we have for fine jewelry shouldn’t be the same as those for body jewelry. Yet, as many people seem to have such expectations anyway, it should be reiterated that Body Candy isn’t a fine jewelry retailer and you shouldn’t expect high-carat diamonds with excellent clarity from them. 

What are Customers Saying? 

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See more ear-piercing jewelry from Body Candy here.

As we’ve already mentioned, Body Candy has a loyal following. They have a 4.4-star rating from over 3500 reviews on Trustpilot. However, there are also those who have tried the brand out and found that it doesn’t work for them. Let’s take a look at some comments from shoppers.  

“I was sent the wrong item by mistake and not even 15 minutes after sending an email they had the correct item being shipped my way even though I reached out after hours. I greatly appreciate the customer support staff’s professionalism and timely responses.” 

Rachel H

“It took almost a full month for my order to arrive, I wasn’t able to track my order to see where it was for most of the delivery process, and they shipped a wrong item.” 

Ei W

“I had issues with a product and they offered to completely replace it for free! Fantastic customer service.” 

Erin Mulkey

“I cannot use anything except titanium grade jewelry. Body candy was one of the few who offered clicker nose rings in 5mm. I searched everywhere. They sent them right away, and the quality is great.” 

Melissa S

“I emailed Body Candy twice. I wanted to know why my septum’s were turning black. The only thing they had to say was take a picture. I don’t think I have to keep jumping through hoops to find out this is just cheap jewelry.”

Lizzie Reilly

“Been a customer for several years now and not on complaint from me. Each piece is well made and I’m confident I’m getting high quality every time.” 

Gratiana N

Body Candy FAQs 

1. Is Body Candy a legit site? 

Yes, Body Candy has been in operation for over 10 years. They’re an established site with thousands of customer reviews. 

2. Is Body Candy a good site to purchase from? 

Customers are generally satisfied with their purchases from Body Candy, as their online reviews attest. They have excellent prices, customer service, and relatively good quality.  

3. What is Body Candy jewelry made from? 

According to the company, “Our fashion body jewelry products are made with high-quality safe materials including 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Titanium, PTFE, 925 Sterling Silver.” They also use faux gemstones and Cubic Zirconia. 

4. Does Body Candy jewelry tarnish? 

Depending on the metal, most Body Candy jewelry doesn’t tarnish. However, cheaper alloys can interact with the oils on your skin and with air and water to slowly tarnish over time. Note that Surgical Steel and Titanium are two metals that won’t tarnish. 

5. Where does Body Candy ship from? 

The company ships from their warehouse in Buffalo, NY. They ship around the world and their shipping is free if the order is over the price of $19.99. 

Wrapping Up – Is Body Candy Right For You? 

Body Candy has become a major name in the body mod and jewelry industry in recent years and for a lot of good reasons. If you’re looking to get into body jewelry, this is certainly a great option to explore. Just make sure you are aware of what you’re getting as some of the lower-cost options may not be of the quality you’re expecting. 

That, plus the fact that Body Candy accepts returns only in exchange for store credit, can leave some customers unsatisfied. So, if you just want to sample them up, it may be wise to either get something extra affordable you wouldn’t regret getting or buy something of a higher quality that you’re sure will be to your liking. 

If you are into body mod jewelry, however, Body Candy is certainly a very good option as their store credit refund policy will allow you to always find what you’re looking for. 

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