The 12 Best Engagement Ring Stores in Toronto Right Now

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Toronto has plenty options when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring. This fashion capital in-the-making offers a wide array of contemporary and vintage engagement ring styles and designs.

But finding the right store that marries excellent craftsmanship with gorgeous designs, reasonable prices and great service can get tricky.

To help you with this, we’ve narrowed down the list to 12 of the best local stores for engagement rings. Our selection criteria included excellence of service, quality of craftsmanship, customer reviews, price, and after sales policies. We’re sure you’ll find the ring of your dreams at any one of these stores!

1. Kimberfire

engagement rings dark background
  • Location: 27 Queen St E #1204, Toronto, ON M5C 2M6, Canada
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Transparency, competitive prices, excellent service and quality

Kimberfire is one of the most popular local stores in Toronto when it comes to engagement rings and jewelry. If you’re looking for a personalized jewellery buying experience, without the markup, look no further!

When you decide to purchase from Kimberfire, you will meet with a dedicated diamond consultant. They will then go through their high-tech process to design your ring. Once you approve the design, they will handcraft the ring right here in Toronto.

Kimberfire combines great service and quality at prices competitive to online-only retailers. From handpicking the ideal diamond for you, to creating a custom design of your choice, the Kimberfire team takes their reputation seriously and ensures that their clients are confident and happy with their purchase.

And it’s clear their customers love them! They have three Top Choice awards and hundreds of 5-star reviews online.

What are customers saying?

A good friend recommended Kimberfire for creating an engagement ring and I’m very glad I listened to him! What I thought would be a nerve wracking experience became a breeze as my consultant explained every choice I would make and provided their years of expertise to finally arrive at a wonderful design.

They were extremely helpful with the design and conception of my beautiful engagement ring, and provided me with quick e-mail answers, responsiveness, care, and amazing turn-around time on the ring.

2. National Jewel Creations

engagement rings in boxes
  • Location: 215 Victoria St #300, Toronto, ON M5B 1T8, Canada
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Largest Instagram following across Canada

Founded in 1987, National Jewel Creations has one focus – to make the process of purchasing your engagement ring as easy, enjoyable and affordable as possible.

The team at National Jewel Creations strives to provide the highest quality at competitive, unbeatable prices and the best customer service, with a lifetime warranty. 

National Jewel Creations offers a wide range of engagement and wedding ring designs and a world of loose diamonds. They provide a range of services, including free resizing, free engraving, worldwide shipping, and appraisals. 

Their commitment to quality can be seen in the many awards that they’ve received:  

  • Winner of the Top Choice award – 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Winner of The Knot Best of Wedding – 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Winner of the Consumers Choice Award – 2020

What are customers saying?

“I can’t wait to come back to design my wedding bands. Kevin always understands the assignment and I can’t recommended National Jewels enough.”

From the service, to the accommodations, to the cleanliness of the office, Kevin does a great job at ensuring that you’re happy with your experience and deals with his customers very professionally.

two rings on different backgrounds
  • Location: By appointment only, 156 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1J3
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Complete attention to a ring at a time

Alexis Gallery Custom Engagement Rings is a family business run by sisters Alexis and Mercedes Smith. Their name says it all – they focus on bespoke rings, and they are committed to offering the ultimate in bespoke jewellery. With a perfect 5-star customer rating, it’s clear that they’ve got it right.

The process is simple – first, share your vision with the designers. They will then reveal the 3D digital creation of your design, and once they receive the green light from you, the ring will be handcrafted here in Toronto.

For those not in the Greater Toronto Area, Alexis Gallery offers virtual design meetings, which gives you the convenience of a bespoke engagement ring service without having to leave your home.

Alexis Gallery only crafts one ring at a time, giving it all the attention and detail that it requires. Customers rave about their professionalism, knowledge, and communication for a stress-free custom ring creation experience.

What are customers saying?

We had a vision of a lab grown coloured gemstone and the team provided us with beautiful options for a unique ring that was beyond what we had seen anywhere else.

We shared our vision, had questions about what would be possible, and they worked to design what would be our absolute dream rings!

4. Damasci

images of damasci rings
  • Location: 55 Dundas St E 1st Floor, Toronto, ON M5B 1C6
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Amazing customer service

Claiming to be Toronto’s premium store for engagement rings, Damasci offers a sizable collection that’s bound to impress. Their prices aren’t too far out and they’ve got enough variety (with well-curated categories and styles) to help you get a good deal.

Prices hover around $1000-$1500 (USD) for an authentic engagement ring and you can get items shipped to the US and dozens of international countries such as Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Russia, and many more with free shipping.

They also have a lenient returns policy where you can return an item within 30 days if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Damasci crafts its jewelry in-store and ships them directly from its workshops in Toronto. They source cruelty-free diamonds and have instituted a lifetime warranty in case of craftsmanship faults and shipping damages.

Also, given the opportunity, they can work with you and help create bespoke engagement rings to suit your requirements and sense of style. Their website is not the most unique but they offer a good price and sufficient guides to help beginners out.

Overall, Damasci is an excellent local store to buy wedding rings thanks to its free shipping, hassle-free return policy, and lifetime guarantees.

What are customers saying?

If i could give Damasci a 100 stars, I would! Sam and his team were amazing to work with.

Shopping for a diamond can be intimidating but Sam made us both feel comfortable with his knowledge and expertise. I had done some research on YouTube but he was so patient and thorough at explaining to us all the different characteristics of a good diamond.

5. Livia Diamonds

two images of engagement rings on hands
  • Location: 47 Colborne St Suite 100, Toronto, ON M5E 1E3
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Personalized experience

With tons of different categories based on style, diamond cut, ring type, and metal type, Livia Diamonds stocks a well-defined list of engagement rings with tons of guides and descriptions. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran, Livia will help you know your options.

Since they personally contact every customer, there’s a good chance that you can find a piece that’s perfect for you. The average cost is around $6,000 for a bespoke engagement ring, but this varies depending on the design and other factors.

One thing they could improve on is that they don’t display their prices on the website. This is because the bulk of their inventory is made to order. They don’t have an e-commerce store setup and the only way to get price quotes or commission a bespoke piece is to contact them. However, simply book a free consultation, either in-house or virtually, and you can make use of their expertise.

All in all, if you’re looking for a personalized experience with their founder, Aret, to help you find an awesome design, Livia Diamonds is right for you.

What are customers saying?

It was the easiest most pleasant experience I have ever had in a jewellery store. I get so many compliments on my rings daily, from people I know and complete strangers!

The quality is top notch and the prototype he creates of the ring before you decide is so helpful, and allows you to see your design come to life to know if it’s what you want, or if there’s anything you want added or changed!

6. Serli & Siroan

engagement rings on hand
  • Location: 87 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 3R9
  • Customer rating: 5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Personalized experience

For quality and classy designs, we recommend Serli & Siroan. They offer tons of helpful information and images from their line-up to help couples find the best engagement rings.

However, like some others on this list, they too don’t offer an online storefront with direct price quotes and extensive product information. Instead, they prefer a more personal approach where you must contact them (via E-mail, live chat, or telephone) to get more information.

After you contact them, Serli & Siroan will ensure that you you become a top priority. As such, you’ll have immediate replies to any queries you might have along with the additional ability to book appointments online or reserve items for in-store pickup.  

All products are shipped via FedEx priority overnight shipping free of charge and their off-the-shelf products won’t take longer than two business days to arrive. Custom orders might take a week or so but you can track your order anytime and contact them for further clarification. They don’t offer refunds but are willing to exchange or replace your items within 14 days under the right circumstances. 

What are customers saying?

Thanks to Daniel and his vast knowledge, we both ended up leaving with rings that we initially had not even considered. I especially love my platinum band!

When I went to retrieve the ring, you can sense the passion he has, as well as the care and craftsmanship taken to make the ring. This all led to a happily surprised fiance in a moment we will never forget, and Serli & Siroan played a great part in it.

7. Diamonds For Less

diamond solitaire on ring finger
  • Location:  5 Shuter St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H8
  • Customer rating: 4.9 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Quality website, large inventory and reasonable prices

Just like their name, Diamonds For Less has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to the business of selling diamonds. They aim to provide the best possible diamonds and fine jewellery at the lowest prices. They have over 30 years of experience in the trade – so they know what they’re doing!

One good thing about Diamonds For Less is that you have access to one of the largest engagement ring selections in Toronto. Their range includes colored diamonds and all the classic engagement ring styles. If you’re after a custom ring, they do that too.

Diamonds For Less recently updated their website, which now features 360-degree videos and magnified images. You can inspect their settings and diamonds closely. Their site is on par with the top diamond retailers in the business, providing you with a convenient and pleasant online shopping experience.  

We found their sales representatives to be knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to help you out. But if you prefer to do your own research, the site has tons of educational information too.

The overall consensus? Diamonds For Less is a great place to start (and end) your engagement ring shopping in Toronto. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the hundreds of 5 star reviews by their customers raving about them!

What are customers saying?

Just got my engagement ring. It’s just stunning. Diamonds for Less helped us get the finest option within our budget. Highly recommended. If I ever want to buy a diamond again, I will definitely come back here.

The diamond selection process is completely transparent, a literal calculation based on the qualities you choose for your stone. I would not hesitate to recommend Diamonds For Less to anyone wanting to purchase a diamond and I will be a repeat customer in the future.

8. Design by Sevan

heart shaped diamond ring
  • Location:  477 Richmond St W #801, Toronto, ON M5V 3E7, Canada
  • Customer rating: 4.9 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Custom design specialists

In 2000, Sevan Tosun founded Design by Sevan. Today, it’s one of the most popular local engagement ring stores in Toronto. If you’re after custom services that put you front and center, check them out.

You can check out their wide collections of engagement and wedding rings as well as diamond jewellery featured on their site. Their Latest Designs collection is a gallery to inspire, featuring videos of real customer rings and showcasing the quality their work.

Because they operate only on a bespoke basis with all jewellery designed in-house, the best approach is to book a free appointment with Design by Sevan to discuss your requirements.

All diamonds offered by Design by Sevan are GIA certified and conflict-free. With a happy client base evident from their excellent customer reviews, Design by Sevan is one not to miss if you’re looking for a unique, customized engagement ring experience. 

What are customers saying?

Right off the bat he was friendly, his studio was pristine and gave off good vibes, and he was happy to answer any and all of my questions – no matter how basic or advanced.

I decided to choose Sevan to make my now-fiance’s engagement ring, and I can safely say it is an absolutely stunning piece of jewelry and it looks beautiful on her finger. Above all else, I value Sevan’s honesty, knowledge, and candidness– Sevan is excellent at making connections with people and setting expectations properly.

9. Jacob Mercari

engagement rings on light background
  • Location:  1004-27 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2M6, Canada
  • Customer rating: 4.9 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Custom design specialists

Jacob Mercari is the place to go for quality craftsmanship and personalized service. Whether you want to create, modify or replicate a ring design, Jacob Mercari will be able to help you out.

Each piece of jewellery by Jacob Mercari is crafted in Toronto. What’s more, their diamonds are all GIA-certified and many are Canadian in origin, as part of the CanadaMark program. But if lab-created diamonds is more your thing, you can find them here too.

We like Jacob Mercari’s commitment to transparent practices and accountability, which reflects in their customer service. What’s even better is that each engagement ring purchase comes with an independent third-party appraisal, free cleaning and sizing for life, free shipping and the peace of mind of conflict-free origins!

What are customers saying?

“When I say Greg is accommodating and easy to work with that is an understatement. The man is a legend. I changed the design on him halfway through and he was all smiles. He listens to exactly what you want and doesn’t try and upsell you on anything.”

“I cannot stress enough how professional and personal Jacob Mercari was with the process for my ring.”

10. Budget Diamonds Online

ring on light background
  • Location:  55 Queen St E #1002, Toronto, ON M5C 1R6, Canada
  • Customer rating: 4.9 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Focus on affordability

This might not be the fanciest name, but we can get behind their mission. Budget Diamonds Online aims to provide the best engagement rings at the most competitive prices. Because they work as a diamond wholesaler, they can eliminate unnecessary middle men. This keeps the costs low.

Whether bespoke or ready made, Budget Diamonds has something for everyone. Your budget might be $1000 or $50,000, but they will work with you to create a perfect custom-made ring.

Budget Diamonds has a great online presence and allows you to browse their extensive collections via their easy-to-navigate website. You can find bridal rings, men’s wedding bands, diamonds and custom rings on their site. If you want to check them out, you’ll have to book an appointment before dropping into their premises. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to buy.

Known for their exceptional customer service, quick turn-around time and good after sales services. Their perfect 5-star score on Yelp is a testament to the happy customer base that they have.

What are customers saying?

I searched for a year for the perfect stone and design. I booked an appointment and picked the 2.8 pear lab diamond – we worked together on the stone and wow – this is the most stunning ring I have every seen.

The staff is patient in explaining everything to us. The ring is picked strictly under the budget, we were not pushed to pay any extra money.

11. Made You Look

stylish designed rings
  • Location:  1338 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Customer rating: 4.7 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Over 100 Toronto designers to choose from

For the very best in local Toronto designers, you won’t find a better place than Made You Look. They represent over 100 local jewellery designers, whose work covers all types of styles. Whether you’re after sleek, and modern or whimsical and humorous, you can find a designer that does that.

Made You Look operates as a gallery, with over 20 designers on site at any time during the day. Browse their work online and pick one that you think would suit your style. Or why not just drop in and check out their work at the gallery?

We love this eclectic setup because you aren’t limited to one style or approach when it comes to designing your ring. Whether custom or ready-made, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, Made You Look has been a top choice for ethically sourced local jewellery since its inception in 2001.

What are customers saying?

“This is my go-to jewelry shop for unique, custom, and original pieces in Toronto.” 

It’s a beautiful shop and wonderful customer service. The staff are not pushy and are very patience and professional. Everything is nicely displayed and they encourage you to try whatever catches your eyes. Lovely experience.

12. Cynthia Findlay Antiques

antique rings on finger
  • Location: 284 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1J2, Canada
  • Customer rating: 4.5 stars
  • Website:
  • Why they stand out: Unique finds and antique options 

With antique and vintage designs always cycling back into fashion, you can’t really go wrong with a design from the past. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, named after the founder of the business, has a strong presence in the antique world in Toronto, with the store attracting customers from tourists to celebrities.

The engagement ring section contains antique to modern designs, so there’s something for everyone here. We found the cost of the rings quite reasonable, with prices starting around the $1000 mark. Their range covers diamonds and gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines and pearls. The designs are beautiful and most are unique.

The website has a touch of the old-fashioned too, reflective of their merchandise. You’ll find other items as well on the site, including furniture and other jewellery. One thing to take note of is that all sales are final, meaning that you would not get your money back in the event that you were to return your item, instead receiving store credit. While this might be off-putting for some, we encourage you to check the site out and browse through their impressive engagement ring inventory.

What are customers saying?

I have known about Cynthia Findlay Fine Jewellery & Antiques for decades. She is at the top of her game. There is no one else with her breadth of knowledge and unerring eye.”

We had the greatest experience choosing an engagement ring at Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Not only was it stress free but it was fun – the way it should be! There were so many rings to choose from at all price points. We could spend hours looking and trying everything on.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – 12 of the best places to buy engagement rings right here in Toronto. Whatever style, budget and requirements you have in mind, there’s something for you on this list.

Most of the stores offer personalization and custom services. Some offer a stunning range of ready made designs, while a couple focus on antiques and a gallery of local designers.

If, however, you prefer to shop online, you can go with some of the stores that offer the option. But we also recommend checking out our review of the best online engagement ring retailers. You’ll have a world of diamonds, gemstones and settings at your fingertips without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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