How to Clean a Tungsten Ring – Easy Tips

Tungsten rings are extremely durable and are known as the ‘forever polished ring’. They are a low maintenance choice as they do not corrode, fade or easily tarnish or oxidize.

Ranking 9 on the Mohs scale, tungsten carbide is the hardest metal used in jewelry making, and only a substance harder than this can scratch tungsten. They don’t require polishing as they hardly acquire scratches, and do not lose their luster.  

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It is easy to see why tungsten is a top choice when it comes to wedding bands, a piece of jewelry you wear every day. Tungsten rings are ideal for busy hands and active lifestyles as they require minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Here’s how to clean and care for your tungsten ring to ensure that it lasts through the years.

Cleaning Your Tungsten Ring

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Keep things simple by cleaning your tungsten jewelry with soap and water. This works perfectly for any grime or dirt build up on your ring.

  • Choose a mild liquid soap and pour into a container full of warm water. Once the water is nice and foamy, place your ring inside and use a soft cloth or toothbrush to brush away any pollutants clinging to the ring.
  • If your ring has any grooves, channels, engravings or stones, make sure to target those areas for a complete clean. Once you have cleaned all around the ring, rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • If your tungsten ring is greasy due to oils or lotion residue, use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to remove the greasy stains. Then wash the ring as mentioned above.

Store your tungsten ring in a pouch or fabric lined container, away from other items. Tungsten tends to scratch softer items, so don’t store it with softer gemstones or metals. Conversely, don’t store tungsten jewelry with diamonds, as diamonds can scratch tungsten carbide.

Avoid Ultrasonic Cleaners and Chemicals

ultrasonic cleaner with jewelry
Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended for tungsten rings. See this here.

While ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are a quick and easy way to clean your jewelry, it is advised not to clean tungsten jewelry in them. Although tungsten is very hard, it is not indestructible. The intense agitation and vibrations of ultrasonic cleaners can affect the integrity of the metal by causing tiny fractures in the metal.

In addition, do not use harsh chemicals to clean tungsten jewelry. Bleach, ammonia, and other commercial cleaners can cause permanent spotting and damage to tungsten. Remove tungsten rings when working with harsh chemicals.

Commercial jewelry cleaners that aren’t formulated especially for tungsten jewelry can damage tungsten by weakening the structure of the metal and should be avoided.

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Avoid Impact and Knocks

Tungsten rings do not bend or lose shape when struck by force. Instead, they shatter or crack. This occurs due to the metal’s extreme hardness and brittleness. A diamond, the hardest known natural substance, reacts to impact in the same way.

While it can be an advantage to wear a ring that breaks rather than bends, this means that some care must be taken to keep your tungsten ring from harsh impacts, such as dropping the ring or knocking it against hard objects. Most reputable vendors offer a lifetime warranty in case of breakage and will give you a ring in place of your shattered tungsten ring.

Getting Rid of Scratch Marks

9mm tungsten ring
Tungsten is resistant to scratches. See this here.

As mentioned above, tungsten rings can only be scratched by materials with a Mohs ranking higher than 9, which means that apart from diamonds, there aren’t many substances that are hard enough to scratch a tungsten ring.

If you see any scratches or marks on your tungsten jewelry, it is highly likely that these are actually just material residues that are just on the surface. To get rid of these fake scratches, give the ring a good clean with water and soap or buff it with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Cleaning Tarnished Tungsten

Tungsten wedding ring
Tungsten is easy to maintain and clean. See this here.

This doesn’t happen often, but there are certain times when tungsten rings can become tarnished. If this happens, a more intense cleaning process will be required to get rid of the tarnish.

You can find jewelry cleaners specifically created for cleaning tungsten carbide jewelry on the market that are quite reasonably priced. Apply the commercial tungsten cleaner generously on the ring and rub at the tarnish with a soft cloth. Make sure you clean the entire surface of the ring and check carefully to see that all the tarnish has disappeared. Afterward, wash the ring and dry it thoroughly.

Wrapping Up

Restoring the shine of a tungsten ring is simply a matter of washing the dirt away. Very rarely is there more maintenance to do on a tungsten ring?

Once clean, your tungsten ring will continue to shine for a long time. You won’t have to polish your ring or take it to a professional for maintenance. Tungsten luster is truly for a lifetime!

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