Hexagon Cut Diamonds – What You Need to Know

When it comes to diamonds, there are 10 main shapes that almost every retailer offers. And then there are some shapes that are alternative, modern, and unique.

The hexagon shape for diamonds is one such non-traditional choice. It makes for eye-catching engagement rings and has a beautiful look. Here’s what you need to know about them.

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What is a Hexagon Cut Diamond?

Hexagon ring
Hexagon diamond ring by Premvati Jewellery. See it here.

A hexagon diamond is a 6-sided geometric cut. The cut comes in several variations, and can be fashioned into brilliant, step, or rose cuts.

  •  Brilliant Hexagon – This hexagon cut has many facets, structured in a similar way to brilliant cut diamonds. This type of hexagon diamond is highly brilliant with exceptional light performance. However, it can be very difficult to find hexagon diamonds with brilliant cuts.
  • Step Cut Hexagon – This is the probably the most common cut for hexagon diamonds. It looks similar to the Asscher cut, and is characterized by longer, wider, and open facets arranged in a parallel design, like this step cut hexagon moissanite. Step cut diamonds have less sparkle than ‘brilliant’ cut diamonds, but their beauty lies in the contrast of light and dark patches and the hall of mirrors effect they produce.
  • Rose Cut Hexagon – Like this rose cut diamond hexagon ring, rose cut hexagons are popular, especially for vintage designs. The rose cut is an antique type of cut which has a flat base and a domed top, with varying numbers of facets. It generally makes the diamond look larger than it is. However, it has little sparkle, and its beauty lies in its unique look.

Hexagon Cut Ratio

elongated hexagon engagement ring
Elongated hexagon diamond ring. See this here.

Hexagon diamonds can be elongated or squarer in appearance, depending on the length to width ratio of the stone. There’s no perfect ratio for the shape because it comes down to personal preferences.

A ratio of 1 gives you a square shape that is symmetrical, stylish, and modern while a longer hexagon has an elegant, classic look that also slims the finger.

Because it’s not a mainstream diamond cut, finding hexagon diamonds can be difficult. Most diamond retailers don’t offer hexagon diamonds.

We recommend searching on Etsy for one of the largest ranges of hexagon diamonds and jewelry.

Hexagon Diamond Ring Designs

Hexagon diamonds are reminiscent of Art Deco designs, with the geometric, angular style that the era is famous for. This gives these stones a vintage look, which pairs nicely with any type of setting.

Some popular settings for a hexagon cut diamond include solitaire, three stone, halo, and bezel.

Here are some stylish ring settings featuring hexagon diamonds:

Black hexagon shape engagement ring
Black hexagon diamond in a two-pronged setting by Fancy Diamond Jewels. See it here.
Hexagon shape bridal set
Hexagon salt and pepper diamond bridal set by Fancy Diamond Jewels. See it here.
Rose cut engagement ring
Six prong hexagon diamond ring by Three Layers. See it here.

If you can’t find a hexagon cut diamond ring, an excellent option is to pick a a round brilliant cut diamond set into a hexagon halo setting.

Hexagon shaped engagement ring
Hexagon halo on a round diamond by Blue Nile. See it here.
Hexagon-halo engagement ring white gold
Hexagon halo engagement ring by Blue Nile. See it here.

This type of ring gives the illusion of a hexagon diamond and has all the style and uniqueness associated with that shape, while still offering you a stunning, brilliant diamond.

Should I Choose a Hexagon Shaped Diamond?

A hexagon diamond is ideal if you’re after something unique and off-the-beaten track. It’s perfect for the bride who likes to be different. At the end of the day, this is a subjective choice and there’s no right or wrong answer to it.

Choose a hexagon diamond if:

  • You want something different
  • You like a versatile diamond cut
  • You lean towards a vintage aesthetic

Don’t choose a hexagon diamond if:

  • You’re traditional in your tastes
  • You’ve always desired a round or princess cut diamond
  • You want endless design options

Wrapping Up

Hexagon diamond rings are a unique and uncommon option to go for, and you will probably be the only one you know who has a hexagon ring. This makes them perfect if you are after a different type of ring to stand out on your finger.

How to buy hexagon diamond rings

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