Second Marriage Engagement Rings – A Complete Guide

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Second marriages and engagements represent are a special time in a person’s life, symbolizing fresh starts and new beginnings. Taking a chance on love and marriage for the second time deserves as much celebration as the first. Every relationship is unique, and your engagement ring should be too.

Whether you want to make things a bit different or simply want to keep it all the same way, consider our guide on engagement rings for second marriage.

Second Marriage Engagement Ring Etiquette

There are no major rules and regulations when it comes to engagement rings for the second time around. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Going through the end of your first marriage might not be easy, especially if the separation was not your choice. Most women remove their rings when the marriage ends, but some choose to continue wearing their engagement and wedding rings from the first relationship until they feel ready. Why would you want to wear a symbol of a relationship that no longer exists?

Remember, your engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment, regardless of whether it’s your second marriage or not. With that being said, you should no longer wear the ring of a former relationship once you’ve got your new engagement ring. This way, you can have closure on your first marriage, and assure your new partner that your heart only belongs to him.

Choosing Engagement Ring for Second Marriage

Engagements precede bridal dresses, flower arrangements, and wedding vows. If both of you have been previously married, it still matters to be sensitive to the emotions of proposal and wedding planning. This may not be your first time planning for a special occasion, but it is your first time doing it together. Enjoy the moment as a couple and choose an engagement ring that will symbolize your love.

1- Pick a ring that represents your love and her personal style.

While you can opt for a ring design that you like, consider her personal style too. Some women love one-of-a-kind jewelry, while others gravitate toward classic or vintage pieces. To know what she really loves, pay attention to the jewelry and clothes your girlfriend is wearing. Does she love dresses with romantic, flirty details, or does she prefer minimalist, classic ensembles? Regardless of the engagement ring style, she’ll surely appreciate it, but considering her preferences will make everything more special.

2- Choose a stylish and practical ring for her lifestyle.

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry she’ll wear every day, so it should fit her lifestyle. The ring should be tough to withstand exposure to various elements, at the same time stylish for everyday wear. This comes down to choosing the right metal and setting for the best balance of beauty and durability.

3- Consider a unique style of engagement ring.

A second marriage means more independence in making choices, and an engagement ring should symbolize that. Do you know that most women find greater meaning in their ring the second time they get engaged? This is especially true if she skipped that part of the tradition the first time around. Most of the time, an engagement ring becomes a part of the second marriage’s grander celebration.

You can show your other half how much she means to you by giving her a unique engagement ring. Think of a special design, unconventional gemstone color, ring setting, or even iconic symbols. If she has already faced broken relationships and broken promises, a unique engagement ring will assure her that this time everything will be different.

4- You can splurge on an engagement ring but cut costs with style choices.

Engagement rings can be costly—now couples are a bit more experienced, practicality comes into mind. You can definitely make an engagement ring a worthwhile investment, but you can still save a little with style and gem choices. An engagement ring should be unique and special, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. After all, your engagement ring is a symbol of love, not wealth.

Second Engagement Ring – Buying Tips

When searching for your engagement ring, it’s important to decide carefully on the following factors.

1- Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

Marquise-baguette diamond engagement ring rose gold
Marquise and baguette diamond ring. See it here.

Typical gemstone shapes include round, princess, emerald, cushion, and pear shapes but think out of the box for a unique engagement ring. Choosing a non-traditional diamond shape like radiant or marquise, or combining unique gemstone shapes like marquise with baguette, is an easy way to get a unique ring design.

heart shape engagement ring white gold
Heart cut diamond solitaire ring. See it here.

A heart-shaped gemstone might seem too playful, but it looks romantic for an engagement ring. The shape can also be a great way to remind your partner of your love and commitment even if it’s her second marriage. For a more practical choice, think of an oval cut diamond that looks larger than other shapes of the same carat weight.

2- Colored Gemstone

Blue aquamarine engagement ring
Aquamarine engagement ring. See it here.

If you want to add an unexpected touch to the engagement ring, think of colored gemstones or even fancy-colored diamonds. Incorporating her birthstone into the ring design would be a great option too. Sapphire, emerald, garnet, ruby, tourmaline, and amethyst are just some of the common gemstones that will add color to the ring. But if you want to make everything extra special, think of fancy-colored diamonds.

3- Ring Settings

Tension set engagement ring
Unique tension set engagement ring. See it here.

When jewelers ask for the ring setting, it’s basically the style of the engagement band and how the stone is held. While solitaire, tiffany, and cathedral settings are common, you might want to try unconventional ones to add some uniqueness to the ring, like tension settings.

Diamond cluster engagement ring
Stylized diamond cluster ring setting by CP Fine Jewelry. See it here.

instead of a single large diamond, consider a cluster of smaller diamonds set together to create a unique and stylish engagement ring look. This type of ring setting gives you more bang for your buck, as you get to have more diamonds at a lower price, considering that diamonds in small sizes are much less expensive than a single large diamond.

Bezel set engagement ring for second marriage
Bezel set engagement ring. See it here.

If you want an engagement ring that fits her active lifestyle, think of a bezel setting, which holds the stone with a surrounding rim. Because of the bezel design, the gemstone is held more securely in place and does not snag on clothing. You can also go for scalloped edges instead of traditional straight edges for an unexpected look.

When it comes to metal, platinum and yellow gold are durable, classy, and elegant—but a rose gold engagement ring is perfect for a romantic statement.

4- Ring Style

Your engagement ring for your second marriage not only expresses your commitment but also your personal style. If she loves romantic style and has an eye for Victorian pieces, you might think of giving her a vintage engagement ring. Vintage-style rings feature filigree details and embossed designs that are perfect to complement her personality.

If she loves a little black dress, tailored suit, or sophistication, a classic solitaire engagement ring is perfect for her. On the other hand, a modern engagement ring style is perfect for a fashion-forward woman who loves keeping up with trends.

Wrapping Up…

No matter how many times you’ve been married, an engagement ring represents your love and new life together. So, choose the perfect engagement ring to ensure your second marriage has a fresh start.

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