Should I Buy a Wedding Ceramic Ring? Pros and Cons

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If you haven’t heard about them before, chances are that ceramic rings and ceramic wedding bands will sound very obscure to you. After all, how could a good ring, let alone a wedding band, be made of ceramic? Wouldn’t it break easily?

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Interestingly, the answer is no.

Ceramic rings are exceptionally strong and sturdy, as well as quite beautiful and diverse. That’s why they’ve been growing in popularity in recent years.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of ceramic rings.

What Is A Ceramic Wedding Band?

First thing first, let’s dispel the notion that ceramic is “fragile” by mentioning its technical name – titanium carbide. This is a 100% natural, organic and non-metallic substance that gets heated to extreme temperatures in order to create what we know as ceramic.

Brushed ceramic ring black
Ceramic makes for a modern, alternative to traditional ring metals. See this here.

Ceramic has many industrial applications. You’ve likely heard about ceramic being used for things such as spark plugs, floor tiles, coffee mugs, electrical parts, and others. That’s because ceramic is extremely resistant to heat, making it ideal for both electrical components and kitchen wares. It’s the sturdiness and impact-resistance of ceramic that makes it so suitable for floor tiles.

Although ceramic has been used throughout history to make jewelry, it’s only in recent years with the advances in technology that new types of harder, wearable ceramics have become available. These new ceramics, like titanium carbide which is the variety of ceramic used in the making of rings, are ideal for daily wear and make for stylish, modern jewelry.

Ceramic Rings – The Pros

If you’re thinking about choosing a ceramic wedding ring, here are the main reasons why this is an excellent option:

1- Affordable Price

Ceramic wedding bands are significantly less expensive than most other quality materials. A quick look through the various online shops that offer ceramic wedding bands show that the average price for a high-quality ceramic wedding band is between $80 to $200. You can also find ceramic rings that are even less expensive depending on your budget and the designs you’re looking for. This makes ceramic rings accessible to all.

2- Durability and Hardness

Another very important factor to keep in mind is that ceramic is very strong. In fact, it’s even harder and less brittle than tungsten and more resistant to direct impact than stainless steel.

This is especially important for people who frequently perform active physical labor as they can afford to more safely leave their ceramic wedding band on while working. If you use your hands a lot for work, ceramic rings may be a better option due to their resistance to scratching.

3- Hypoallergenic

Ceramic is hypoallergenic, which makes ceramic wedding bands and rings, as well as all other jewelry types excellent for people with sensitive skin or certain more serious skin conditions. Unlike metal alloys that contain common allergens like nickel, ceramic is completely hypoallergenic and contains no undesirable elements in the composition.

4- Colors, Finishes and Materials

Ceramic rings offer a great variety in color and textures, meaning that you’ll always be able to find the perfect stylish ring to match your personal preferences. Ceramic rings are commonly found in white, black or brown as well as bright colors.

Black ceramic wedding band
Extremely unique. A ceramic dinosaur bone ring. See it here.

Another benefit is that the color in ceramic rings is not just on the surface like a plating, meaning that you wouldn’t find a different color if you scratched the surface. For example, a black ceramic ring is black all the way through.

Designers often pair ceramic with other materials like titanium, tungsten or wood, often in inlay patterns. Here’s an example of a ceramic ring with a wood inlay

Ceramic bands are typically shiny and smooth in their finish, but they can also have other finishes, such as being textured or brushed.

5- Heat Resistant

Ceramic rings are also heat-resistant. This may not sound like a huge benefit for a wedding band that’s supposed to stay on your not-so-heat-resistant finger, but it’s still beneficial as it can prevent certain accidents while you have the ring off or if you choose to wash it with hot water.

6- Easy Maintenance

Ceramic rings are very easy to keep clean. Simply wiping the ring with a damp cloth or rinsing it in some warm soapy water with a soft cloth will remove dirt and grime and keep it lustrous. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time or patience for maintaining a wedding band, such as periodic replating (white gold), or polishing (platinum).

7- In Style

Ceramic wedding bands are very much in style. If you’re worried about buying an obscure set of wedding bands for yourself and your soulmate because they’ll be too weird, then ceramic rings are not that. They’ve been quickly growing in popularity in recent years so no one’s going to look at you funny for wearing a ceramic ring. What’s more, because ceramic rings are unisex, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right style of matching wedding bands for you and your partner.

Ceramic Rings – The Cons

Rose gold tungsten ceramic rings
Ceramic paired with tungsten. See these here.

1- Resizing

Unlike rings made of traditional metals like platinum or gold, ceramic rings can’t be resized. Over time, finger sizes tend to change with age, meaning that a ring that fits you today may not fit you a few years down the line. The best option would be to buy a new ring that fits. Some retailers offer free services where you can exchange your ring for a different size. Check with your retailer before you purchase.

2- Hardness

We spoke about hardness as a benefit above, but it can also be a con when a ring is too hard. Ceramic rings are more prone to shattering or breaking due to the extreme hardness of the material. They can also chip if they fall.

3- Designs and Gemstones

Because of how hard the material is, ceramic doesn’t work well in intricate designs or with gemstones and diamonds set it. The material doesn’t have the versatility that you find with gold, for example. To have more design options, it’s best to opt for traditional metals.

4- Fad or Forever?

They may be in style now, but ceramic wedding bands are only a recent addition the ever-increasing category of wedding band metals. So while they’re in style today, the question is, do these rings have what it takes to stand the test of time? If you want a pair of wedding bands that have that classical feel and that will be guaranteed to still be in style 50 years from now, gold or platinum might be a better choice.

5- Prestige

Due to their lower price, ceramic rings don’t have the aura of prestige that metals like platinum and gold have. They may be excellent in almost any conceivable way, but a lot of people care about the prestige factor too when it comes to jewelry, and that means that an expensive piece might trump everything else. If this doesn’t matter to you, and if you prefer to tread your own path, to explore new options and to create a talking point, then a ceramic band might be exactly what you’re after.

Should I Buy A Ceramic Wedding Band?

Weighing the pros and cons, it’s easy to see the lure of ceramic bands. They have a lot of advantages and offer a modern alternative to the ancient tradition of exchanging wedding rings. Whether you should or shouldn’t buy a ceramic wedding ring entirely depends on what you value and find attractive.

So, to put it in a nutshell, buy a ceramic band if you:

  • Like something different and new
  • Want a ring that’s easy to maintain
  • Don’t want to spend too much on a ring
  • Use your hands a lot for work
  • Like to create a talking point

But don’t buy a ceramic band if you:

  • Are traditional in taste
  • Want an expensive ring
  • Want a softer metal
  • Are looking for more design options

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