Tiffany & Co. Alternatives – How to Get the Look Without Breaking the Bank

Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. became globally renowned for creating exceptionally beautiful engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Today the brand is one of the most iconic, with its instantly recognizable blue box a synonym for an engagement ring.

Tiffany diamonds are some of the world’s most sought-after stones. Known for their quality, their cut, and their captivating fire and brilliance – Tiffany & Co only sells diamonds with excellent cut grades. This value alone sets the company apart from other manufacturers within the industry.

But that’s not all the famous diamond jewelry company is known for. Tiffany & Co is praised for its approach to ethical jewelry manufacture, ensuring that all its diamonds are responsibly sourced and mined.

At a time where manufacturers have come under scrutiny for selling what is now known as conflict diamonds, Tiffany & Co are using responsibly sourced diamonds that are mined in areas free from civil war and unrest. Aside from this, the company’s jewelry innovations are highly coveted. Their stylish designs crafted from sterling silver, as well as their rare colored stones like the yellow diamond, have become a modern trend.

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With Tiffany, you get the brand and you get consistent quality. However, the biggest obstacle for most people is the price. Which is why we’ve compiled this list of alternatives to Tiffany’s iconic style, some high-end, others more affordable. What these shops all have in common is a commitment to quality and reasonable prices.

Here’s an overview of the best alternatives to Tiffany & Co, together with reasons why they make such great substitutes for Tiffany’s highly desirable designs.

1- James Allen

James Allen is a diamond bridal jewelry company with a mission; to offer consumers the highest quality diamond and the largest selection of designs at an affordable price. The company was only founded in 2006 but has since become one of the most reputable diamond jewelry manufacturers in the world.

Although they have some products similar to Tiffany’s, like Tifanny’s signature 6-pronged engagement ring setting, they also create a huge range of stunning diamond designs of their own, and an even larger selection of gemstones compared to Tiffany & Co. Tiffany teams up with mines that they have built long-standing, trusting relationships with.

James Allen, on the other hand, sources widely, but works continuously with ethical conflict-free diamonds, making them a great alternative to Tiffany & Co diamonds. They also pride themselves on higher customer satisfaction ratings than Tiffany and offer a large selection of colored diamonds similar to Tiffany’s highly coveted yellow diamond jewelry designs.

2- Vrai

The word “Vrai” translates to “True” – a concept that is synonymous with the inspiring diamond jewelry designs created by this company. Vrai has dedicated years towards creating distinct designs that leave zero carbon footprint.

Epitomizing meticulous craftsmanship using ethical materials and conflict-free diamonds that have been exclusively mined, these pieces of jewelry define elegance. At Vrai, all of the company’s jewelry uniquely spotlights the iconic diamond. These reimagined, timeless pieces, just like Tiffany & Co designs, make for beautiful engagement rings.

Vrai believe that it’s difficult to completely rule out a conflict-free diamond, so their stones are all lab-grown at the Diamond Foundry, with zero carbon footprint and no mining. For a smaller price tag, you can own a classic-looking engagement ring from Vrai, and even customize your own ring design using a stone of your preference.

3- Catbird Jewelry 

Catbird was established in 2004. The company’s designs, which meld the modern with the traditional, are created in Brooklyn and feature delicate designs using an array of precious metals. The company has also collaborated with several designers establishing an iconic style imbued with clean lines and a high-end feel. Catbird makes stunning jewelry designs that are on par with the values of excellence and the levels of quality that Tiffany & Co pride themselves on.

They are a company that represents social and environmentally responsible designs. More often than not, their materials are recycled as opposed to mined. Catbird, like Tiffany & Co, are fully committed to making fine handmade jewelry using conflict-free designs, but for a more favourable price.

4- Whiteflash

Known for their exceptional diamonds, Whiteflash provides stunning high-quality diamond engagement rings online and via their store in Texas. From simple solitaire styles to more complex ring settings, the designs offered by Whiteflash are arguably of equal quality to Tiffany without the high price tag.

While Whiteflash items are considered high-end and come with a premium, there’s no denying that you won’t break the bank like you would at Tiffany’s. Whiteflash have a reputation for only working with diamonds of supreme sparkle. The quality of their settings is on par with the famous brand. Whiteflash is ideal if you want stunning quality at a reasonable price.

5- Miansai 

Tiffany has created some beautiful nautical-inspired jewelry designs over recent years, many of which are similar in style to a piece of Miansai jewelry. Miansai’s prices are significantly cheaper than Tiffany’s but still exude the same contemporary elegance using a selection of premium materials.

The rings, diamond necklaces and diamond-adorned cuff bracelets available from Miansai echo the attention to detail and fine finishes of Tiffany & Co jewelry. Therefore, if you’re looking for a modern piece of jewelry with a more appealing price tag than a Tiffany design, the elegant ranges from Miansai are a great place to start your search.

6- AUrate 

AUrate is a New York-based jewelry manufacturer that pitches itself incredibly well against Tiffany since its designs are priced up to 75% cheaper. The company’s fine jewelry designs are special enough to purchase as a self-indulgent treat, yet the store is also a great place to shop when on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

AUrate’s colored gemstone jewelry designs make for lovely alternatives to Tiffany’s sought-after yellow diamond jewelry pieces, and their prices are unbeatable.

7- Alex & Ani 

Alex & Ani’s site has a special eco-friendly section where unique designs crafted by talented designers are showcased. These designs are made from recycled materials and crafted independently in the United States, combining an innovative contemporary style with a sense of character and charm. Alex & Ani make for a great alternative to Tiffany jewelry.

The company’s diamonds are handpicked individually by a diamond specialist looking for perfection in each cut. Similar to the standard upheld at Tiffany & Co, Alex & Ani’s premium diamonds are set inside desirable, highly sought-after jewelry designs that empower the wearer whilst also educating on an environmental, socially conscious level.

Wrapping Up…

Finding the best alternatives to a Tiffany diamond isn’t as difficult as you may think. By doing some thorough research into companies offering similar values and quality to Tiffany, you may be pleasantly surprised at how many designers out there can match the luxurious, supreme feel and sparkle of a Tiffany diamond for the same price or less.

If you’re looking for a bespoke service that will enable you to add you own stone into a design, consider companies like James Allen or Vrai. If ethically-sourced materials and responsibly mined diamonds are important to you in a design, Catbird’s range of guilt-free, beautifully elegant designs can be enjoyed the whole year through.

If diamonds, however, are a dealbreaker for you, look for manufacturers like Whiteflash and James Allen, who adhere to the most stringent quality tests and examinations when choosing a diamond for their exquisite jewelry designs.

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