The Best ‘Something Blue’ Jewelry Ideas for Your Big Day

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Having something blue with you on your wedding day is a time-honored tradition that many brides participate in. While the superstition and meaning behind wearing something blue have changed over time, it remains a popular custom.  

Choosing jewelry for your something blue is an excellent way to incorporate the color into your look while also buying something that you can keep for years.

Here’s how to find the perfect something blue jewelry for your big day.

Why Something Blue?

The origin of the ‘something blue’ tradition can be found in Lancashire, England. The entire rhyme, as you probably know, goes like this:

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a sixpence in your shoe.

During Victorian times, it was believed that by having these objects during the wedding, the bride would be protecting herself from various evils. Something blue was traditionally a garter that the bride would wear to keep her safe from the Evil Eye and protect her from any curse of infertility that the Evil Eye might bring.

While today something blue doesn’t represent that superstition anymore, it has taken on modern connotations and symbolizes purity, loyalty, and love.

If you’re someone who loves tradition or the quaint, then having something blue on your wedding day might be something you’d love to do.

Why Jewelry for Something Blue?

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There are many ideas for your something blue, which could include a blue ribbon in a hidden part of your dress or accessories, a blue flower in your bouquet, the traditional blue garter, or a piece of blue jewelry.

The reason we particularly love the idea of something blue jewelry is that this can be kept and cherished forever. You can also wear it again and again, keeping the memory fresh in your mind. Compared to that, how many times do you think you’d wear a blue garter after the wedding?

You can also customize the blue jewelry to suit your taste and style, going for a big bold piece, or something very small and subtle.

And the best part?

You can always hand it down as a piece of heirloom jewelry for the next generation, perhaps at their own wedding. Much like Meghan Markle’s something blue, which was a large, aquamarine ring from Princess Diana’s jewelry collection and which is sure to be passed on down to the next generation. 

Of course, the focal piece of jewelry on your wedding day is your wedding ring, so don’t overwhelm your left hand with large blue jewelry. Let your wedding ring do some of the talking too.

Ideas for Something Blue Jewelry

Now that we’ve talked about the pros of having a piece of blue jewelry on your wedding day, let’s take a look at some ideas available.

A blue gemstone is ideal not only to add color to your look but also to add an extra layer of symbolism. However, think beyond the box. Some other types of blue Blue enamel, blue mosaic, and blue

1. A Something Blue Cocktail Ring

While your left hand should ideally be kept free to showcase your new wedding ring, there’s always an occasion for a right-hand ring. A large cocktail ring that is tastefully chosen to match the rest of your outfit can be exactly what you need to complete your ensemble.  

Aquamarine cocktail ring
Aquamarine Ring. See it here.

For a ring, you’d have to consider not just beauty but also durability, as jewelry worn on the hands gets highly exposed to wear and tear.

Some good blue gemstone options for a cocktail ring include:

  • Aquamarine – It has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale and symbolizes peace, calmness, faithfulness, and harmony.
  • Tanzanite – With a hardness of 6 to 6.5, tanzanite is just hard enough for regular wear. Its extreme rarity and scarcity as well as its symbolism of wisdom, truth, dignity, and reflection make it perfect for something blue jewelry.
  • Blue Diamond – With a supreme hardness rating of 10 and a price tag to blow a hole in most budgets, blue diamonds are extremely rare and coveted. However, get the look without the price with a synthetic blue diamond instead.
  • Blue Topaz – One of the most popular blue stones, blue topaz has a very good hardness of 8 and symbolizes honesty, attachment, love, and clarity.
  • Blue Sapphire – Blue sapphire rates high on the Mohs scale at 9 and symbolizes faith, hope, kindness, and wisdom. It’s the next best blue stone to blue diamonds when it comes to durability.

2. Blue Statement Earrings

If you’re making your earrings the focal point of your accessories, a pair of statement earrings might just do the trick. Whether you want the blue to be prominent or a more subtle feature depends on the rest of your outfit and your personal taste.

Blue topaz earrings
Blue topaz earrings. See these here.

You could also kill two birds with one stone by opting for a vintage pair of earrings, which will give you something old as well.

For earrings, you can also consider blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, blue spinel, turquoise, iolite, and blue zircon.

3. Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet

It doesn’t get classier than a tennis bracelet when it comes to style, sophistication, and timelessness. While the quintessential tennis bracelet features just diamonds, look for one that also has blue sapphires or another blue gemstone.

Tennis bracelet with blue sapphire
Blue sapphire and a diamond tennis bracelet. See it on Blue Nile.

For most brides, a bracelet is a perfect addition (unless you’re wearing long sleeves, in which case, you can always stick to another blue option).

4. Something Blue Hair Pin

A blue hairpin or hair brooch is a beautiful accessory that adds a touch of sparkle and glamor to your hairdo.

Blue crystal hairpin
Beautiful blue hair pins. See them here.

This will only work if your hairstyle complements it, so take that into account before you purchase your hairpin. If you’re keeping your hair down, then it gets trickier to hold a hairpin in place.

5. Blue Pendant Necklace

A blue pendant paired with diamonds for sparkle is a nice touch if your neckline allows it. A classic gemstone pendant is especially gorgeous with a V-neck dress.

Sapphire pendant
Marquise sapphire pendant. See it here.

Where to Find Blue Jewelry

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that you want to keep, cherish, and perhaps even pass down, then look for quality and durability when searching. The best metals would be platinum and gold varieties, while precious blue gemstones are blue diamonds and sapphires. However, a beautiful semi-precious gemstone can also be stunning.

We recommend searching the following store for fine jewelry options:

1. James Allen

James Allen for high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices. The images and video that accompany each product make it the next best thing to buy in person. Their customer service is impeccable and the online shopping experience is highly streamlined.

2. Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers a wide range of fine jewelry and birthstone jewelry as well. Blue Nile is the most well-known diamond vendor and has an excellent track record of offering quality products at affordable prices.

3. Etsy

Etsy is perfect for vintage and costume jewelry. There’s a range of products on offer, from a few dollars to thousands. Do your due diligence and check each vendor prior to purchase.

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