10 Best Places to Buy Jewelry in India Right Now

As a rich and diverse region that takes inspiration from various cultures, India has a lot to offer to the world when it comes to jewelry. Currently, India exports millions of dollars worth of gold to countries worldwide, while also circulating the majority among their own provinces. 

There are a ton of places to buy jewelry in India. That said, finding the best places that are reliable and toe a fine line between quality and affordability is not so straightforward. 

In this article, we’ll list some of the best places you can buy jewelry in India, whether that’s online or in-store. The bulk of the retailers on our list specializes in fine jewelry, but we’ve also managed to include several that also deal with semi-fine and costume (imitation) jewelry.  

Let’s get to it.  

1. Tanishq 

gemstone and diamonds earrings and pendant set
Check Tanishq here.

As the premier fine jewelry e-tailer in India, Tanishq has a solid reputation. Gifted with exponential growth since its inception in 1994, Tanishq has succeeded as an Indian household brand.  

Their website is the most visited jewelry-specific online store in India, and they’ve also established nearly 400+ physical storefronts locally, with several located internationally. 

As expected from this top retailer, their website boasts a huge collection of jewelry. Whether that’s men’s, kids, traditional wedding jewelry, or gold coins, they got it all.  

The website is fairly easy to navigate, and there’s a good set of filters to help narrow your search. Prices are middling, with the bulk of jewelry sitting between 25,000 INR and 50,000 INR (approx. $300-$500). 

2. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) Jewelry

rose gold diamond bracelet
Check TBZ Jewelry here.

Although lacking a significant online presence, TBZ Jewellers are the oldest and most formidable chain of jewelry retailers and showrooms in India. Established in 1864, they’ve been through a lot, employing the best people in the trade and managing to satisfy customers for literal decades. 

TBZ takes on a quality-over-quantity approach to everything, especially when it comes to showcasing its jewelry. Because of this, they’ve only established 30+ retail stores and showrooms across India.  

Unlike others, their website doesn’t offer an e-commerce store. Instead, they prefer to highlight only their signature pieces and favor working with their customers to help them match the perfect pieces.  

TBZ specifically caters to fine jewelry. They primarily focus on yellow gold, diamonds, and Jadau jewelry (an ancient technique of embedding gemstones into gold). 

3. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

diamond and emerald necklace in rose gold
Check Malabar Gold and Diamonds here.

Second only to Tanishq in terms of an online presence, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is another headstrong contender. Their lineup of fine jewelry is very impressive, and there’s enough variety to browse through.  

Malabar has nearly 260 showrooms across India and several countries, such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE, to name a few. 

Their website is seamlessly designed and helps you browse their different styles and collections at the touch of a button. As the name suggests, Malabar stocks up on gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry alongside watches and gold coins.  

They’ve also got a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy and guarantee their gold is hallmarked 22K. Besides that, they also have a guaranteed buyback policy in place, allowing you to recoup the full amount you spent on a piece of jewelry.  

Hands down, Malabar is one of the best places to buy, upgrade and resell your fine jewelry in India.  

4. Kalyani Jewellers 

heart diamond and gold stackable ring
Check Kalyani Jewellers here.

With over 150 showrooms/retail stores spread around India and parts of the Middle East, Kalyani Jewellers is a hugely famous brand. They have a thriving online store but mostly succeed by presenting the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces personally. 

So long before the internet (since 1993, to be exact), they’ve been a big-name brand, going on to release several jewelry-related sub-brands and collections, while also getting big Bollywood hotshots such as Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif under their belt. 

That said, their online website (which goes by the sub-brand Candere) is currently the best option for new users. You can find plain jewelry made from gold and platinum while also browsing studded jewelry that includes diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. 

5. Senco Gold and Diamonds 

glaze of twig diamond and gold bracelet
Check Senco Gold and Diamonds here.

As a well-regarded jewelry retailer, Senco has managed to rise to the top and maintain its reputation since they go above and beyond in providing the best for the customers. As such, they’ve introduced dozens of collections and advanced features on their website and collaborated with famous brands to introduce much-needed quality and variety. 

They’ve amassed a sizable inventory of gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry. Everything from platinum bangles to gold bars and diamond nose pins, they have a lot of options. Their designs bridge the gap between the traditional and modern, creating a unique fusion of introducing modern metals and design practices into traditional styles and motifs.  

Their website is a treat to browse, and they’ve also got a dedicated app on the Google Play Store.  

Off-the-shelf products are guaranteed to ship within 72 hours, and their website offers a virtual try-on option, digital gold transactions, and financing schemes.  

6. Bluestone

a woman wearing pearl drop earrings
Check Bluestone here.

As an up-and-coming newcomer who’s quickly catching up to the veterans, Bluestone is an amazing alternative if you’re hoping to finance jewelry or catch a good deal. Their 10+1 monthly plan offers more freedom for beginners to invest in a good piece, and with dedicated sections to choose from via price range, they are the best option for people on a tight budget. 

Despite being established in 2011, they’ve stocked up on a good amount of fine jewelry to suit any occasion. They’ve got dedicated sections for men, kids, weddings, traditional jewelry, and coins (both gold and silver).  

On top of that, they also offer an option to customize your very own diamond solitaire ring, pendant, or pair of earrings. So even if you don’t get to customize the setting, you can browse their directory of almost 90,000 GIA and IGI-certified diamonds and pick the perfect diamond.  

Their website is, without a doubt, the best place to browse their collection. However, you can also visit their 100+ retail stores dotted around India if you want to take a more personal approach. 

7. Isharya

an indian woman wearing gold serpent cuff and jewelry
Check Isharya here.

If you’re looking for semi-fine jewelry that emphasizes aesthetics without losing its intrinsic value, Isharya is a great place to be. Although not as popular as our contenders, who work exclusively with super fine jewelry, Isharya is still worth a shot. 

As mentioned, Isharya prefers to work with 18K “slightly finer than semi-fine” jewelry. Because of this, they’ve resorted to 18k white, rose and yellow gold to cast the foundation for each of their pieces.  

Finding the perfect balance between looks and value, the pieces available on their website are unapologetically contemporary, boasting bright-colored gemstones and boxy shapes without compromising near-perfect symmetry.  

Sadly, they don’t have a lot of physical stores in India, and their website prefers to keep things priced in USD. Regardless, they are inherently Indian and provide free shipping all across the country. 

8. Stac Fine Jewelry 

pearl circle lariat necklace on a woman's neck
Check Stac Fine Jewelry here.

As another purveyor of slightly fine jewelry, Stac Fine is a fine place to buy jewelry online in India. Similar to its direct competitor, Isharya, Stac Fine prioritizes the online store instead of its meager collection of physical storefronts.  

For Stac, their philosophy is about highlighting the designs and supplementing them with the sturdiness and durability of semi-precious and “slightly more” precious stones and materials. Because of this, you can find unique designs for jewelry with 18K gold, diamonds, pearls, and gemstones

However, since they specialize in 18K gold, you won’t find pure gold jewelry, coins, bars, or even platinum pieces up for sale.  

They offer free shipping anywhere within India and also provide a lifetime warranty and buyback guarantee. They offer slight customizations on certain pieces, with a good amount being made to order. Sadly, they don’t ship internationally. 

9. Tribe Amrapali 

a woman wearing gold plated silver necklace and earring
Check Tribe Amrapali here.

Tribe Amrapali is renowned for revamping India’s signature jewelry designs in 18K gold jewelry and taking them to new heights, both locally and internationally. So, if you’re hoping to buy a piece or two that’s definitively Indian, Tribe Amrapali is a great choice.  

Currently, they’re a sub-brand of Amrapali Jewellers and are dedicated to providing decorative pieces backed by the resilience of silver and 18K precious metals. Unlike their sister store, Legend Amrapali, which emphasizes fine 22K, the pieces here are free to be more dramatic.  

Tribe Amrapali focuses on providing female jewelry in three distinct design philosophies: traditional, tribal, and contemporary. Besides that, they have a men’s section with exquisite bracelets, rings, necklaces, and the like.  

10. South India Jewels 

adjustable finger gold ring on white fabric with pink flowers
Check South India Jewels here.

For costume jewelry with an Indian twist, you can never go wrong with South India Jewels. Their imitation pieces are surprisingly ornate and sturdy but don’t break the bank as much.  

South India Jewels operate exclusively online. That said, their website is highly responsive and neatly designed. 

You can easily browse affordable jewelry and get them delivered anywhere within India or internationally. Domestic shipping is free and estimated to arrive within two business days. Meanwhile, international orders may take a couple of weeks to fulfill. 

Indian Jewelry Shopping Guide 

Here are a few things you must keep in mind when purchasing jewelry in India, either online or in-store. 

1. Hallmarking Number  

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set a strict standard for assaying jewelry pieces. As such, most fine jewelry pieces you might come across will have a unique identification number and purity certificate. 

The hallmark is almost always engraved on the piece itself. Currently, the hallmark consists of the BIS logo alongside the purity and a six-digit alphanumeric ID number. Older iterations of this engraving include five different symbols representing the assaying center, jeweler, and the year it was hallmarked.  

Looking for this hallmark number when purchasing jewelry is essential because it certifies that you’re buying authentic gold jewelry. Also, you can verify a jeweler by checking the list of BIS-approved jewelers on the official BIS website.  

2. Making Charges  

Apart from the cost of the jewelry purely in terms of its metal content and weight, there’s also an additional labor cost involved. In India, this is termed the “making charges” and is usually a small percentage of the weight price.  

The making charges for different jewelers will vary, so it’s a good idea to cross-check the prices for a similar design or setting before you follow through with a purchase. In some cases, you might be able to negotiate the making charges and find a good deal, especially if you prove that there’s a better bargain elsewhere.  

That said, jewelry with more intricate designs will have higher making charges, so plan for that as well. Sticking with plain gold is the preferred option if you’re more interested in resale value than aesthetics.  

3. Resell Policies 

If you’re hoping to resell jewelry in India, it’s highly recommended to sell it back to the original jeweler you bought it from.  

Since they are aware of the quality of their own pieces, they might be willing to buy back at almost 100% of the gold resale value (excluding making charges, of course). 

So, before you decide to purchase jewelry, it’s good practice to consider their buy-back policies and make sure they’ll offer you the best bang for your buck. 

4. Receipts and Tax 

This one’s pretty obvious, but it’s worth repeating: never buy jewelry without a receipt. A receipt, along with the hallmark number will ensure you’re receiving a genuine product and that you can resell the piece without any issues.  

Also, jewelry priced more than INR 50,000 will incur a tax, so to keep things square with the law, you must be able to produce receipts and your PAN (Permanent Account Number). 


For anybody living in India, jewelry is never a bad investment. Depending on your style preferences and budget, you can easily go for semi-precious costume jewelry or highly sought-after plain gold at very reasonable prices. Whatever the case, they’ll always carry value and look amazing at the same time.  

However, not every brand or jeweler is reliable, so it’s crucial to go with BIS-approved brands and secure the receipts for each piece, especially if you’re hoping to resell them one day. For beginners, we recommend sticking with the jewelers on our list and considering the guide before you commit to a purchase. 

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