7 Best Places to Buy Moissanite Rings Online: Expert Picks

Moissanite is known for its stunning brilliance and for being sustainable, affordable and ethically-sourced. As a diamond alternative, moissanite offers even more sparkle, fire and heat resistance and almost the same durability. No wonder then that an increasing number of people are turning towards moissanite as an excellent alternative gemstone for engagement rings.

As many physical stores don’t carry moissanite, searching online will offer you the best prices, range and variety. But not all moissanite is created equal and it’s important to look for quality gemstones from a trusted and reputable source. Let’s explore some of the best places to buy moissanite rings online.

1. Brilliant Earth

gold moissanite solitaire ring

Brilliant Earth offers a wide selection of high-quality moissanite and other gemstones, including diamonds. Their website features a user-friendly moissanite collection where you can filter choices by shape, cut, carat, color, and price. They also provide 360-degree HD views to help customers make informed decisions.

You can customize moissanite rings at Brilliant Earth with various metals and styles, including halo, pave, channel, solitaire, vintage, and 3-stone settings.

With several showrooms across the U.S., Brilliant Earth invites customers for in-person visits. Established in 2005, they have quickly become a respected name in the jewelry industry. Their services include free shipping, 30-day returns, a lifetime warranty, and multiple payment options, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.

Check their website here: Brilliant Earth

2. Charles and Colvard

rose gold forever one moissanite fashion ring

Charles and Colvard, pioneers in creating moissanite, are a go-to source for this gemstone since 1995. Even though their moissanite patent has expired, their reputation as a top moissanite provider stands strong. They market moissanite jewelry as a cost-effective and ethical diamond alternative, streamlining your shopping experience by focusing solely on this gemstone.

Their website is user-friendly, featuring an online store, a blog, and an informative “Why Moissanite?” section with videos and comparison charts.

Besides rings, they sell loose moissanite stones, including the unique green moissanite. Their offerings, such as the Forever One moissanite engagement ring collection, come in many styles, shapes, and cuts, with options like halo and 3-stone settings.

You can filter rings by price, metal, size, and stone characteristics, with detailed search options available. They also offer bridal sets, various payment methods, free shipping and returns, and a limited warranty on all purchases.

Check their website here: Charles and Colvard

3. MoissaniteCo.

pear moissanite engagement ring in yellow gold setting

MoissaniteCo, established in 2005, specializes in moissanite gemstones and jewelry, quickly gaining a solid reputation. They offer two main engagement ring lines: the Charles and Colvard Forever One collection, with exclusive features, and their signature collection.

Customers can choose from a wide range of designs, settings, and top gemstone cuts, including unique styles like the OEC and Antique Cushion. The rings come in high-quality materials such as yellow, white, two-tone gold, or platinum, and offer customization like prong styles and matching bands.

Their diverse collections, including the antique filigree, Celtic, and Floral series, provide plenty of choices. MoissaniteCo’s website is a prime stop for moissanite engagement rings, complete with size guides, stone charts, educational resources, and a Gold & Palladium guide.

The website enhances online shopping with 360-degree HD videos of products, multiple payment methods, repair and resizing services, warranty, insurance options, and layaway plans.

Check their website here: MoissaniteCo.

4. Amazon

moissanite solitaire engagement ring

Amazon stands as one of the top destinations to find moissanite stones and rings, hosting a wide array of top retailers. The platform allows for easy comparison between sellers and often offers great deals, especially for Amazon Prime members who benefit from fast shipping.

Yet, with moissanite’s value, it’s crucial to buy from reliable sources. If considering a less known seller, it’s essential to research their quality and trustworthiness to avoid scams. Always review the vendor’s return policy, customer feedback, and their overall reliability. Keeping communication lines open to inquire about their products is also a good practice.

Check their website here: Amazon

5. Lily Arkwright

round moissanite ring on the ring finger

Lily Arkwright, a luxury jewelry brand, mainly sells online and specializes in ethical engagement and wedding rings, using moissanite, lab-created diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. They aim to deliver high-quality, ethically sourced jewelry at fair prices.

While not exclusively selling moissanite, Lily Arkwright offers a broad selection of moissanite jewelry. Their collection includes various pre-designed engagement rings and bridal sets, and they also provide custom ring design services. The company collaborates with Charles and Colvard, the original moissanite producers, and Lumoie moissanite, ensuring British craftsmanship and exquisite designs at competitive prices.

The brand has secured a loyal customer base, reflected in their consistent 5-star ratings. They prioritize exceptional customer service and strive for complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Check their website here: Lily Arkwright

6. Gemvara

gemvara home page

Gemvara stands out not just for its moissanite collection, but for a comprehensive range of engagement rings and jewelry. Their moissanite options, offering various shapes and sizes, deserve attention.

At Gemvara, customers can tailor their search by stone carat size, dimensions, shape, cut, and price. Choices extend to the ring’s metal, style, setting, and personalization options like engraving. Their collections include Vintage, Minimalist, Art Deco, Geometric, Knot, Heart, Celtic, and Mother’s styles, among others.

While Gemvara’s website might not showcase as many features as others, such as 360-degree HD views, it still provides ample photographs and detailed information for buyers. They ensure a shopper-friendly experience with a 45-day return policy, a one-year warranty, free resizing, shipping, and engraving.

Check their website here: Gemvara

7. Cullen Jewelry (Previously Cullen Moissanite)

oval moissanite ring on the ring finger

Cullen Jewellery, located in Melbourne, Australia, focuses on moissanite rings and loose stones, delivering high-quality products. They run a local shop and supply moissanite rings throughout Australia, but their online store also offers a great selection for those looking to purchase remotely.

Customers at Cullen Jewellery can create custom rings or select from a wide array of pre-designed options. The website showcases rings in various shapes and sizes through detailed pages and HD photos. You can pick from multiple carat sizes and distinct cuts.

The rings are available in various types of gold and metals, with designs including solitaire, halo, side stone, 3-stone, pave, and channel settings.

Cullen Jewellery provides free shipping and resizing. For custom designs, they create a detailed 3D digital model for a preview before crafting the actual ring.

Check their website here: Cullen Jewelry

Wrapping Up

There are other great moissanite ring and jewelry vendors out there as well and, hopefully, with the continuing rise of moissanite’s popularity we’ll have even more great places to purchase from. If you’re looking for a traditional diamond, then check out our article detailing the pros and cons of the top engagement ring retailers online.

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