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Jewelry Trends for 2019 – Here’s What’s Hot

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The Spring/Summer season is just around the corner and the fashion gurus have spoken. Here’s what the runways of New York, Milan, London and Paris have told us is going to be big in 2019 when it comes to jewelry.

You’ll be seeing these trends everywhere this year as everyone starts to jump on the bandwagon. And you know what they say –  in matters of fashion, swim with the tide.

If you’re looking to update your jewelry collection to suit the times, here’s what’s in for 2019.

Mismatched Layered Necklaces

Necklace layering has been in fashion for a long time and this isn’t going to change in 2019. However, this year it’s taking it to a whole new level. The aim is to mix up different necklace styles without matching them.

You can add pendants, chains and necklaces in various sizes and styles. Medallions, gemstones and unusual stones in general are the order of the day as well as necklaces with celestial or floral motifs.

This is a great way you get to create your own look and stand out in the crowd.

Statement Chain Necklaces

Girl with Statement Chain Necklaces

This year large chain necklaces are taking the spotlight. These big chunky statement necklaces are ideal for a bold look and come in a variety of styles. We particularly dig the choker style with a linked chain.   

Charming Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are very hot right now and are the perfect symbol of repelling evil that may persist around you! There are endless charms to choose from and you can pick something that really resonates with you.

Want to go travelling more in 2019? Pick out a travel charm. Need protection from the evil eye? Pick out a nazar boncuk charm. The list is endless and you can truly express yourself this year with all types of charms.

Bold Color

woman wearing bold color jewelry

Bold color is in, leaving the neutrals of yesteryear behind. Striking pinks, purples, greens, blues and yellows are making their way into jewelry designs as gemstones, enamel and even fabric. You can use color theory to good effect by picking out pieces that complement each other.

Enamel Jewelry

Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last season and all signs show that it’s going to be around for at least another season. The reason we love this trend so much is because it allows you to play with colors and fun designs.

Enamel isn’t the first jewelry material that most people tend to think of and brings with it a unique, avant-garde feel.

Oversized Hoops

Over sized Hoops

It seems almost everybody has a pair of classic hoops in their jewelry collections. After all, hoops tend to go well with any outfit, be it casual or formal.

But this season, rethink your hoop choices. They’re getting bigger and bolder, with large chunky hoops taking the spotlight. Chunky upside-down horseshoe shaped hoops are especially popular right now and were spotted on almost all the major runways.

So there you have it. The trends that are taking the jewelry world by storm right now. Which ones do you think you’ll be adding to your look?

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