Symbolism of Scarab Beetle Jewelry

Renowned as a symbol of regeneration, transformation, and protection in ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle has found its place in various cultures and times. In jewelry, the scarab is more than just a decorative motif; it symbolizes ancient beliefs and powerful messages.

Let’s explore the scarab’s rich history, its symbolism and its timeless appeal as a piece of adornment.

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What is a Scarab Beetle?

scarab beetle

Scarab beetles, especially the species Scarabaeus sacer, are a kind of dung beetle found mainly in Africa. These beetles roll balls of dung to feed, lay eggs, or impress potential mates. Young beetles grow inside these dung balls.

While many scarab beetles eat dung, others munch on rotting plants, fruits, or even other insects. In ecosystems, they help break down waste and return nutrients to the soil.

Origin and History of the Scarab Beetle Symbol

Gold Egyptian Scarab Necklace
Gold Egyptian Scarab Necklace. See it here.

The scarab beetle, deeply connected to ancient Egyptian culture, stands out as a significant ancient symbol. People often link this beetle with the sacred dung beetle because they both push balls of dung across the ground.

Ancient Egyptians saw this action and it brought to mind the sun god Ra moving the sun across the sky. So, the scarab came to symbolize regeneration, rebirth, and protection, capturing the sun’s daily cycle.

The ancient Egyptians wore scarab amulets, hoping for protection and luck. When burying their loved ones, they included these amulets to promise a safe journey to the afterlife. Many pharaohs had big scarab statues crafted, showcasing their divine power and link to the gods.

As trade and empires grew, the scarab symbol quickly spread to nearby cultures. Some cultures even tweaked it to fit their local beliefs. Even though the scarab isn’t as famous as it was during ancient Egyptian times, it still lives on. Today, artists, writers, and especially jewelers cherish it as a symbol of change and safety.

What Does the Scarab Beetle Symbolize Today?

Charming Scarab Beetle Necklace
Charming Scarab Beetle Necklace. See it here.

Today, the symbolism of the scarab beetle largely stems from its ancient Egyptian origins, and its meaning has been carried forward with some modern interpretations. Here’s what the it symbolizes in contemporary contexts:

Transformation and Rebirth

Today, many people draw inspiration from the scarab when facing major life changes or starting new paths. This symbol reminds us of our own power to change, grow, and embrace new beginnings, much like nature’s constant renewal.


The ancient Egyptians wore scarab amulets as protection against harm. Nowadays, people might wear or use scarab symbols as a form of spiritual protection or as a reminder of their inner strength.


The scarab beetle lays its eggs in a ball of dung, which it rolls along the ground. This behavior led the Egyptians to associate it with the cycle of the sun and its daily regeneration. It’s now seen as a symbol of persistently moving forward, against all odds.

Luck and Good Fortune

Many cultures treasure the scarab beetle as a powerful symbol of good luck. People often turn this symbol into jewelry or other items, hoping to receive its blessings and positive energy.

Those who wear scarab items believe the beetle not only decorates them but also protects them by attracting good luck. To everyone who sees or wears it, the scarab offers a promise of hope, prosperity, and good vibes.

Connection to the Past

For history enthusiasts, collectors, or those with an interest in ancient cultures, the scarab serves as a tangible link to ancient Egypt, its myths, and its grand civilization.

Life and Vitality

Ancient myths closely connect the scarab with the sun, seeing it as a key symbol of life. These old stories often highlight the scarab’s role in representing life’s cycles, warmth, and the act of creation.

Over time, people have taken inspiration from these tales, seeing the scarab as a sign of life and creativity. Today, many view the scarab as a strong symbol that inspires and links us to ancient knowledge.

Scarab Beetle Symbol in Jewelry

Gold beetle Necklace
Gold beetle Necklace. See it here.

In jewelry, designers often use the scarab beetle as a decorative pattern and a symbol with deep meaning. The ancient Egyptians first crafted the scarab into protective amulets. People wore them for luck, protection, and to symbolize transformation and rebirth.

You could commonly find these amulets on necklaces, rings, and bracelets. During the Middle Kingdom, people placed big scarab pendants over the hearts of the dead to protect them in the afterlife.

As time went on and Egyptian styles spread, the scarab popped up in many jewelry pieces during the Victorian and Art Deco periods. Some jewelry makers even used the shiny colors from beetle wings in their creations.

Today, many jewelers still use the scarab design, mixing old-world symbolism with modern styles. The result? Jewelry that looks great and carries a rich history.

Is Scarab Beetle Jewelry a Good Gift Idea?

Scarab Necklace 18k Gold
Vintage Egyptian Beetle Pendant Gold. See it here.

Jewelry with the scarab beetle symbol makes a standout gift. When you give scarab jewelry, you don’t just give a beautiful accessory; you also share a powerful symbol of perseverance and renewal.

This makes scarab jewelry a perfect gift for anyone going through major life changes, reaching milestones, or beginning new journeys. People who love history or Egyptian stories will also appreciate the scarab’s deep connection to ancient traditions.

Today’s jewelers combine the scarab’s meaningful symbolism with modern designs, creating pieces that look both classic and current. Whether you choose a necklace, ring, or bracelet, scarab jewelry impresses with its beauty and rich meaning, ensuring a gift that speaks both to the eyes and the heart.

Wrapping Up

The scarab beetle holds a strong place in symbolism, representing transformation and protection. Its deep roots in ancient cultures make it popular in jewelry design. People who wear scarab jewelry don’t just see it as an accessory; they value it as a symbol of ancient wisdom and good vibes.


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