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The Ultimate Guide to Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is one of the most famous variations of the obsidian rock. It’s a fascinating gemstone to look at and to use in jewelry, especially when it’s ...

The Ultimate Guide to Jasper Gemstone

Jasper, often referred to as the "supreme nurturer" in gemological circles, holds a prominent position in the world of semi-precious stones. With its earthy ...

A Complete Guide to Goshenite

Goshenite is a member of one of the most illustrious mineral families and the white version of stones like emeralds, morganite and aquamarine which all belong ...

Your Guide to Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone, found worldwide, mesmerizes with its dreamy blue to white glow, reminiscent of moonbeams. Its fragility calls for tender care, yet its distinct ...

What are South Sea Pearls and Should I Buy Them?

Often called the Rolls Royce of pearls, South Sea pearls are the most prestigious of all the pearl varieties. These stunning pearls also happen to be the ...

How to Tell If a Ruby is Real – Practical Tips and Tests

When buying a ruby, it’s important to know whether the stone is natural, synthetic, or imitation. Each of these offers pros and cons, but sometimes some ...

Your Complete Guide to Buying Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Mystic topaz is a mysterious, unique and fascinating gemstone that starts out as a regular topaz and then it undergoes various treatments that alter its look ...

How to Buy Opal Gemstone and Jewelry: A Complete Guide

Opals are different from most gemstones because they don't have a regular pattern inside. This special structure makes them shine in many colors. In some ...

Why Freshwater Pearls are a Great Choice: Pros & Cons

Not only are freshwater pearls wallet-friendly; they're also very trendy. With a variety of colors and shapes, they fit right into modern jewelry styles. ...

Buying Aquamarine Gemstone: Everything You Need to Know

Aquamarine is well-known for its blue color, so much so that the very word ‘aquamarine’ refers to its specific shade of blue. This March birthstone is a ...

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