11 Planetary Symbols and How They’re Used in Jewelry

Planetary symbols have intrigued humanity for ages. They represent the celestial bodies in our solar system and are more than just designs; they’re gateways to understanding ancient beliefs and cosmic forces. From the swift Mercury to the mighty Jupiter, each symbol carries with it tales of mythology, science, and astrological influence.  

Let’s explore the meaning behind these symbols and decode the stories behind them.  

1. ☉ – Sun

Sterling silver Sun symbol
Sterling Silver Sun Symbol. See it here.

The ☉ symbol stands for the Sun and is one of the most well-known planetary symbols. It has a circle with a dot in the middle, showing unity and wholeness. In astrology, the Sun tells us about our core personality, our true self, and our energy. It represents life, leadership, and power.  

When you check an astrological chart, you’ll find the Sun’s position showing your zodiac or ‘Sun sign’. Many old cultures, like the Egyptians and Romans, saw the Sun as a powerful god. They believed it gave life and stood for authority. Even today, we see the Sun symbol as a bright sign of our true self and the energy we have inside. 

2. ☽ – Moon 

Crescent Moon Necklace
Crescent Moon Necklace. See it here.

Representing the moon, the ☽ symbol is easily identified by its crescent shape. We see the Moon as a reflection of our feelings, reactions, and core instincts. On the astrological chart, where the Moon sits tells us about our emotional responses.  

Historically, cultures around the world valued the Moon, associating it with patterns, transformation, and feminine energy. They often portrayed it as a powerful goddess. People used the Moon’s phases to shape ancient calendars and guide farming. Now, we still see the ☽ symbol as a deep symbol of our emotional journeys, life’s ever-changing nature, and our inner light. 

3. ☿ – Mercury 

Mercury Planet Symbol Necklace
Mercury Planet Symbol Necklace. See it here.

Representing Mercury, the ☿ symbol showcases a circle with a small cross and crescent on top. Mercury moves fastest in our solar system and rules over communication, intellect, and travel in astrology. It connects our inner feelings with what we say and do.  

Mercury’s spot on the astrological chart tells you about how someone thinks and communicates. In stories, Mercury (known as Hermes to the Greeks) was the gods’ messenger, highlighting its link to communication.  

People often talk about Mercury’s retrograde motion, where it looks like it’s moving backward, because they believe it messes up communications. Today, we see the ☿ symbol as a sign of sharp thinking, flexibility, and our urge to share and understand. 

4.– Venus 

Venus Symbol Necklace
Venus Symbol Necklace. See it here.

People commonly recognize the ♀ symbol as the Venus symbol, and they use it to symbolize the female gender. This symbol originates from ancient astrological and alchemical symbols representing the planet Venus and its metal, copper.  

The design shows a circle with a small cross below it. In astrology and Roman mythology, Venus stands as the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, linking the symbol with femininity. 

Interestingly, both the Venus symbol and its counterpart, the Mars symbol (for males), have found acceptance and adaptation within the feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. Today, it consistently represents various facets of female identity through history and in modern culture. 

5. ♂ – Mars 

Mars Symbol Huggie Hoops
Mars Symbol Huggie Hoops. See it here.

Known as the symbol of the male gender, the Mars symbol, which looks like this (♂), comes from ancient astrological and alchemical signs. These signs represent the planet Mars and its metal, iron.  

The symbol shows a circle with an upward arrow, looking like a shield and spear – tools linked to Mars, the Roman god of war. While it has deep astrological roots, many gender equality and LGBTQ+ movements have adopted the Mars symbol alongside the Venus symbol.  

In the modern world, this symbol universally represents masculinity and holds a place as a cultural icon in many areas. 

6. ♃ – Jupiter 

Jupiter Alchemy Sign
Jupiter Alchemy Sign Necklace. See it here.

The ♃ symbol comes from ancient astrology and represents the planet Jupiter and its associated metal, tin. Its design, a crescent linked to a cross, ties back to Jupiter, the top Roman god known for authority and leadership.  

In astrology, people see Jupiter as a sign of growth, wealth, and good fortune. While it plays a key role in the cosmos, some also use the Jupiter symbol in alchemy and other special fields.  

Today, even if it’s not as famous as the Venus or Mars symbols, many in astrology and alchemy still value it. 

7. ♄ – Saturn 

Delicate Solid Gold Saturn Necklace
Delicate Solid Gold Saturn Necklace. See it here.

People know the ♄ symbol as representing Saturn in both astrology and ancient alchemy. It stands for the planet Saturn and the metal lead. The design, looking like a scythe or sickle, reminds us of the tool used by the Roman god Saturn who had ties to time, harvest, and life’s cycles.  

Saturn is a symbol of discipline, responsibility, and order. Many see it as a taskmaster that brings life’s challenges and lessons. Though not everyone might recognize it as easily as other planet symbols, astrologers and alchemists highly value it for its themes of maturity and grounding. 

8. ♅ – Uranus 

Silver Uranus Necklace
Silver Uranus Necklace. See it here.

Unlike old planets connected to myths, astronomers first spotted Uranus in 1781, labeling it a “modern” planet. The symbol of Uranus has a circle with a crossed dome and a downward arrow, blending parts of the Mars and Sun symbols.  

This design hints at Uranus’s knack for shaking things up and introducing new ideas. In astrological terms, Uranus stands for new thinking, breaking rules, and unexpected events. It rules the zodiac sign Aquarius, linking it to progressive thoughts.  

Even though it’s a newer player in astrology compared to ancient planets, Uranus holds key insights into societal changes and personal revelations. 

9. ♆ – Neptune 

Neptune trident Necklace
Neptune trident Necklace. See it here.

The ♆ symbol stands for Neptune, the furthest classical planet from the Sun in astrological traditions. Discovered in 1846, it’s a “modern” planet in astrology.  

The symbol, resembling a trident, reflects the tool of the Roman sea god Neptune, representing the depths of the unconscious and the vastness of the oceans. In astrology, Neptune symbolizes dreams, illusions, intuition, and spirituality. It rules Pisces, a sign known for its sensitivity and deep emotional currents.  

Neptune’s influence often relates to inspiration, imagination, and sometimes deception or confusion, guiding people towards self-analysis and a deeper understanding of their inner worlds. 

10. ♇ – Pluto 

Modern Pluto Symbol Necklace
Modern Pluto Symbol Necklace. See it here.

The ♇ symbol represents Pluto in astrology. It’s the tiniest and farthest classical planet, discovered in 1930. However, a debate surrounds Pluto’s planet status, leading astronomers to label it a “dwarf planet” in 2006.  

The design, a circle above a crescent and cross, hints at Pluto’s mysterious and changing nature. In astrological terms, Pluto means change, new beginnings, power, and growth. Scorpio, known for its deep emotions and secrets, falls under Pluto’s rule.  

Pluto often pushes people towards significant changes and deeper self-understanding, usually through challenges and big realizations. 

11. Earth 

Planet Earth Astrological Symbol
Planet Earth Astrological Symbol Necklace. See it here.

Unlike most planetary symbols tied to myths, the symbol of Earth is simple and geometric, highlighting Earth’s central place in our lives. The design looks like a globe with lines, pointing to the four main directions.  

In astrology, Earth brings balance and stability among the energies of other planets. It stands for what’s practical, solid, and real in our lives. Even though it doesn’t rule a zodiac sign like other planets, Earth reminds us of our bond with the physical world and the planet’s amazing features. 

Planetary Symbols in Jewelry 

For years, jewelry makers have added planetary symbols to their designs, blending beauty with deep meaning. Many pick these symbols to show off their zodiac sign or because they love the old stories of astrological traditions. 

When you see someone with a bracelet, necklace, or ring featuring a planetary symbol, it’s like a badge of their personality. It could show off their dreams, character, or even the qualities of the planet itself. 

For instance, someone might wear a Venus pendant to shout out their love for beauty and romance. Or, they might go for a Saturn ring as a nod to discipline and the flow of time. 

To make these pieces stand out, designers mix in gemstones, metals, or materials linked to the planet. Like, they might use iron for a Mars symbol or add a moonstone to a Moon pendant. 

With more people diving into astrology these days, there’s a big buzz around such jewelry. Everyone’s on the lookout for that special piece that feels just right for them – something that’s both stylish and speaks to their soul. 

Does Planetary Symbol Jewelry Make a Good Gift? 

Sterling Silver Planet Symbols Charm
Sterling Silver Planet Symbols Charm. See it here.

Planetary symbol jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for many occasions. When you choose such a piece, you add a personal touch to your gift. You can pick a symbol that matches the receiver’s zodiac sign or reflects their personal traits. This choice shows the receiver that you truly understand and value them.  

Each symbol also carries a rich history, filled with tales of ancient astrology and cosmic meanings. If you pair it with gemstones or metals traditionally linked to that specific planet, the gift becomes even more thoughtful.  

People who love astrology or enjoy wearing symbolic jewelry are sure to treasure a planetary-symbol-themed piece of jewelry. It can blend beauty with deep meaning, creating a lasting memory.  

So, for birthdays, anniversaries, or even a spontaneous gift, planetary symbol jewelry stands out as both beautiful and meaningful. 

Wrapping Up  

Planetary symbols have transformed from ancient cosmic emblems into popular modern jewelry pieces. They combine deep astrological meaning with today’s style effortlessly. Perfect as personal tokens or universal gifts, these pieces always stand out as cherished items in any jewelry collection. 

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