Dazzle and Delight: 40th Birthday Jewelry Gifts to Make Her Sparkle!

They say life begins at forty and it’s no secret that the 40th birthday is a very special one. Any gift to a 40 year young lady should be meaningful and usable and should also hold value, class and elegance. What better gift that encompasses all of these traits than jewelry?

A nice well-chosen piece of jewelry shows sophistication, grace and most importantly, shows that you hold this special person in high esteem. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the process of buying the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one’s 40th, here’s a list of jewelry gift ideas that will make their fortieth birthday one to remember.

Ready? Let’s get right to it!

1. A Personalized Jewelry Gift

gold locket
Floral locket. See this piece here.

Personalized gifts are a really good option for someone’s fortieth birthday. They will remind the receiver of the fact that you know them very well, the memories you have made together and of course the giver. What could be better than to have a memory of a loved one always with you in the form of a physical object?

There are many ways of personalizing jewelry. A few ideas are having a picture locket that could have either a picture of the person’s family, something they like or even a picture of you two. A locket is a simple, vintage inspired way to customize a jewelry gift.

Necklaces can also have any phrase or word that you think might express your emotions and regard for them. They bring nostalgic feelings to the special person.

Or you can show humor by getting phrases like “Forty & Fabulous”. The same can be done with a bracelet as well. Personalized items add meaning to your gift. They’re one perfect 40th birthday gift for sure!

2. Charm Bracelets

zodiac charm bracelet brilliant earth
Gorgeous zodiac charm from Brilliant Earth. See more here.

Speaking of bracelets, they are also a wonderful gift that looks pretty and can be personalized. An engraved bracelet is an excellent way to include a special quote, saying or word that holds meaning for the receiver.

Another sweet idea is to go back to classic charm bracelets. What will make this special is if you get the charms designed yourself. Each of them could have different meanings or could signify different memories or aspects of your relationship. They could also simply be random things that they like such as their favorite animals or birds etc.

3. Express Affirmation

quote bracelet on a woman's wrist
Let Your Light Shine Bracelet. See this here.

One more idea for an incredible custom gift is to make sure to affirm your love and infinite support for them by gifting them jewelry pieces that have endearing or motivating words like “Forever” and “Love” and “Believe” or even the sign of infinity on them.

You can have this done on necklaces, bracelets or even rings. The words can be big and fancy or delicate and quiet, all depending on her personal style. It’s a simple gift but surely holds a lot of meaning.

4. Classic Watch

woman watch
A stylish everyday watch is always appreciated. See this watch here.

Watches are definitely a statement piece. They are for sure timeless. They are a very formal, elegant and suitable gift for someone’s 40th birthday. Such gifts are for all genders and go with every style and every age.

A watch is always a sophisticated and charming gift choice that, when chosen properly, is sure to delight. A watch never goes out of style, and will also give you a huge variety to choose from. It is the perfect gift in which you can incorporate the receiver’s style, yours, and even go for a special look.

It is also something that can be comfortably worn all the time. Gift a watch to remind them that forever is a long time, and you’ll stay with them till the end of it!

5. Exquisite Jewelry

pearl and amethyst dangle earrings
Stunning drop earrings. See these here.

Diamonds, pearls, silver, gold or whatever you think might be a personal favorite or preference of the person is the way to go. Women are never tired of fine jewelry, and their taste only gets finer with age. At the age of forty, there is a good chance that she has a big collection of jewelry already. Find her something that will stand out in her collection.

Whether dangle or studs, earrings are always an appreciated gift for a 40th birthday. You can gift a silver pendant or a pearl necklace. A diamond ring or even a watch that has diamonds embedded in it. Such gifts are everlasting and meaningful. Who doesn’t love showing off an extravagant jewelry piece?

6. Gemstone Rings

Tanzanite ring jewelry gift
A tanzanite ring is a classy, modern choice that will only increase in value as time goes by. See this here.

Gemstone rings act as statement pieces and the pop of color is very beautiful and can be worn with anything.

If you or the receiver is someone who appreciate birthstones, they will carry great worth for that person. You can gift them the birthstone according to their respective birth months. They are noticeable and attractive at first sight. 

For all people who believe in birthstones, this will be an excellent gift not only for its eye-catching beauty but also for the meaning that the specific birthstone will hold for them

7. Rose Gold Jewelry

rose gold pendant
Rose gold is modern and yet vintage inspired. See this necklace here.

If you are looking for a trendy gift, rose gold jewelry is all the rage these days. Copper is alloyed in pure gold to get its rare, beautiful color and it comes in innumerable dainty designs that are extremely pretty and popular. Rose gold jewelry is comparatively more affordable and still looks classy and in style.

Yes we know what you are wondering and no, these do not tarnish. A lot of people are actually opting for engagement rings and wedding rings to be of rose gold as well. This is because the designs look beautiful but instead of tarnishing as one would think, they actually develop a rich patina gradually with time. This usually takes some time and makes the jewelry even more valuable! Thus making it a smart buy as well as completing the essence of giving jewelry as a gift, which is the fact that it lasts.

8. Vintage Jewelry

ruby pendant vintage jewelry gift idea
Stunning vintage pendant. See this here.

A completely alternate and just as wonderful idea is vintage jewelry. A woman at the age of forty is sure to have a very refined taste in things. Jewelry will be no exception. Complete her style and express her worth by giving her a rare beautiful piece of vintage style jewelry. This will be even better if the receiver is a fashion or art enthusiast. And if not, the designs are still pretty enough to attract just about everyone. Jewelry inspired by bygone eras are sophisticated and enchanting.

vintage sapphire ring jewelry gift
Vintage sapphire ring. See this here.

Pieces that have big diamonds or stones are a good idea. Colored stone eternity rings, ruby pendants and zirconia jewelry are all fantastic pieces that scream old school chic and elegance at the same time. Furthermore, vintage jewelry is the perfect way to remind them that old does not mean out of style. On the contrary, it exhibits regality and finesse combined with history and the beauty of that history.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

If you’ve decided to buy her jewelry, then the above tips have hopefully given some inspiration to make the job easier. But we know it’s not easy to buy jewelry for someone else because there are several things to keep in mind. These are some of them:

  1. Consider Allergies: Make sure the jewelry is hypoallergenic, especially if she has sensitivities to metal. Pick hypoallergenic metals and avoid nickel, which is the real culprit when it comes to nickel allergies.
  2. Consider Her Style: If you’re not sure about her style or tastes, ask her friends or family members if they have any suggestions. They might have insight into her preferences.
  3. Consider Packaging: Quality refined packaging will elevate any gift. Don’t overlook the importance of presentation! Including a note or a card is a thoughtful touch to complete the gift.
  4. Check the Return Policy: Just in case the piece of jewelry doesn’t fit her size or meet her preferences, purchase from a retailer that has a good returns policy.

Wrapping Up

As she steps into the fabulous age of forty, the gift of jewelry is a remarkable way to commemorate this milestone. Here’s to celebrating her 40th with elegance, style, and sparkle to show her that she’s truly valued and treasured in your life!

Dani Rhys

Dani Rhys has worked as a writer and editor for over 15 years in the jewelry niche. She holds a Masters degree in Linguistics and Education. She has always been interested in expression through fashion and accessories, and her extensive experience in the field has made her a respected voice in jewelry trends and education. As the chief editor of Jewelry Shopping Guide, she not only leads the content strategy but also shares her insights through engaging articles. Her passion for storytelling is reflected in every piece she curates, exploring the intricate relationship between jewelry and personal identity.

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