Children’s Jewelry – How It’s Changing and Evolving

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Adorable, modish pieces of jewelry may be what is driving the children’s jewelry market today. In the next one year, the market will evolve certainly and for good. But what kind of changes would sweep the market in the coming years?

The Changing Children’s Jewelry Market

Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat Children Earrings
Dr. Seuss cat in the hat children earrings. See them here.

Certainly, the crowd will shift from simple ID bracelets, brooches, and studs towards funkier and more creative options.

Purchasing preferences are changing even in the children’s jewelry section with technology driving the rise of more options for kids today. Whether it’s jewelry for every season or infant jewelry, options have crossed borders and have become more globalized.

This way, parents are naturally more inclined and attracted to newer, more colorful shapes and sizes and are also not scared in trying out different global concepts when helping their children choose jewelry.

Additionally, it’s just not Google but even social media that is helping to expand brand awareness. Of course, parents too are becoming more experimental when it comes to giving their children a chance to try out their tastes.

With that said, let’s catch up on the trends that are likely to be prevalent in the next one year in the children’s jewelry section.

1. Seasonal trends

disney snowflake crystal bracelet
Disney Frozen snowflake inspired bracelet. See it here.

While each season drives the need to dress differently, jewelry too gets changed seasonally. Usually when it comes to children jewelry, lighter and simpler patterns are tried in autumns and winters whereas slightly heavier and more colorful options are chosen in the summers and monsoon months.

The trend that is going to reign in the next season in the children’s jewelry category would revolve around what’s popular in that particular season. We’ve noticed a shift during winter towards items such as:

  • a snowflake obsidian
  • jewelry designs resembling snowflakes,
  • Tinker Bell inspired jewelry pieces,
  • bright colored autumn leaves
  • a “GOT (Game of Thrones), Winter is coming” themed jewelry for the winter months.

In summer, preferences shift to flawless enamel finish on more colorful and flashy jewelry pieces for children.

2. Trends centered around films

Every other sci-fi movie comes up with its own range of jewelry. Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones and even The Witcher have their line of jewelry. It’s natural to be inclined towards jewelry that feature your favorite characters or are worn by those characters in movies. Jewelry for children often revolve around their favorite characters nowadays and would continue to do so in the next one year’s time.

3. Bookish trends

the book thief charm necklace
The book thief charm necklace. See it here.

Books also bring out people’s imaginations more than anything. In this world of e-books, Siri and Alexa, there’s a trend to choosing jewelry pieces that children have heard in stories told by Alexa. According to some jewelry outlets, kids today prefer their favorite characters in rose gold or white gold-plated pieces. Many international characters have become famous in children’s jewelry section through books.

The Book Thief bangle, the Lorax necklace, the Hunger Games brooch and necklace and so many more come in bright colors and shapes. Additionally, jewelers today have made children’s jewelry more-safe-to-wear items thus, they are being procured more and more these days.

4. Trendy traditional jewelry

Traditional infant jewelry has also become trendier with time. Usually, jewelry for infants is selected by parents, but as soon as they grow up, children often want to pick their own jewelry. With this, the shift towards trendier jewelry increases.

Wrapping up

The world around children was limited earlier but with the growth of the internet, it won’t be wrong to say children too are going global.

Globally children from almost every nook and corner are now connected to their peers and friends through social media, e-mails, messaging and video calling platforms. The same impact is visible in their selection of jewelry too.

Some are attracted to African tribal jewelry whereas some are more attracted to designs influenced by the Norse, Greek, or Celtic civilizations. It’s not surprising if to see children wearing a variety of jewelry styles. Expect to see these trends occupying the children’s jewelry market in the next one year.

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