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Can medical alert jewelry be fashionable?

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Can medical alert jewelry be fashionable?

I remember once telling someone that I have anaphylaxis and that when I had an attack, I would faint from low-blood pressure. The person was aghast and asked if I wore a medical alert bracelet in case of emergencies. She highly recommended it and said that it would do the talking when I couldn’t.

At the time, I didn’t like the idea of wearing any medical alert jewelry. I felt uncomfortable at the idea of labeling myself an anaphylactic and proclaiming to the whole world that I had this condition! Until I went online and checked out the options available. I was surprised at the range of styles and uses of medical alert jewelry available on the market! These weren’t ugly tags that labelled me as a sick person, as I had mistakenly believed. These were fashionable jewelry pieces, the kind I would normally wear.

You might be like that too, unwilling to join the ranks of medical alert jewelry wearers. But in this blog post, I’m going to outline how getting yourself a fashionable medical ID might be your best jewelry choice yet!

Medical alert jewelry can be fashionable

Gone are the days when wearing medical alert jewelry was something you had to grudgingly do, when they used to be boring and unimaginative. If you like classy pieces of jewelry (and who doesn’t!) then your medical ID can definitely fall into this category. You can choose pieces to suit all aspects of your life – active, formal and dressy events and casual everyday wear.Fashionable medical ID

Loving this brown leather medical alert bracelet with a gold-leafed natural chalcedony stone? Check it out here for a casual and stylish look.

Gold scuff medical ID

For a formal look or a dressy event, slip on these gold cuffs to add glamor and style!

Medical ID silicon bracelet

These simple silicon bands are perfect for the outdoors and for the sporty at heart. Great for all ages, they come with an extra silicone band!

Medical ID slip on silver

This silver-colored easily adjusted slip-on bracelet is modern and trendy adding just that right amount of chic to your outfit.

Medical ID cuff

Add a pop of color to your life with this gold Moroccan cuff that will brighten up your day and showcase your style!

Choose from a variety of styles and uses

We don’t all see eye-to-eye on fashion and jewelry. It makes sense then that there should be a variety of options available for our medical alert jewelry as well. There are many styles available online making it easy for you to choose exactly what you’re after. You can choose from quiet, classic pieces to louder, more statement pieces depending on your personality and style. If you don’t like bracelets, you can choose from anklets (ankle bracelets) and tag medical ID

These stylish dog tags are any guy’s or girl’s best friend! 

Rose gold medical ID pendant


This rose gold heart pendant works on bracelets and necklaces as it can be hooked onto either. It works like a charm!

basketball pendant medical ID

Want something to showcase your interests? Lauren’s Hope has a range of novelty pendants such as basketball, princesses, soccer and superheroes! Browse  for your favorite!



Make a collection with interchangeable ID bracelets

Many online vendors give you the opportunity of purchasing a medical ID tag which, like a charm, can be removed and attached to medical alert bracelets. This means that you don’t have to buy a number of custom engraved bracelets. Instead, you can have a collection of bracelets that can fit your ID tag. The bracelets usually come with a lobster clasp so you can easily remove or add the tag. This will save you money and give you more style options.beautiful medical ID bracelet

This amazing interchangeable bracelet boasts freshwater pearls, moonstones, quartz and faceted crystals! Get it here.Rose gold medical ID bracelet

How about this interchangeable ‘hope’ rose gold bracelet for a quieter look? It is ideal for a stacking bracelet too.

Choose from a range of materials

You can find medical alert jewelry in a variety of materials and metals. Silicone, leather, paracord and nylon are some common materials. More durable than these would be metal options, such as  sterling silver, white, yellow or rose gold, platinum and nickel. Again, it depends on your lifestyle and style.leather medical ID bracelet

Into suede? Check out this teal and silver colored bracelet that would look great on any skin tone!


Rose gold medical ID bracelet

If rose gold is your thing, you’re in luck! Lauren’s Hope has a wide range to choose from.

medical ID gold bracelet

For a classic look, this yellow gold interchangeable bracelet will really stand out.


paracord medical ID

For a durable, confident and active look, this paracord bracelet is ideal.

Different designs for everyone

Like I mentioned above, a one-style fits all doesn’t work when it comes to fashion. This is why most medical alert jewelry providers take into account the stylistic needs of women, men, children and teenagers as well.

Browse their collections for your ideal medical ID.


One final thing. Make sure that your medical jewelry is comfortable. After all, you will be wearing it on a daily basis. Have fun shopping for your new piece of jewelry, probably the most useful piece of jewelry you will ever own!



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