Wedding Band
Men’s Wedding Band Width: What You Need to Know

When buying a ring, color, metal, budget, finish, and such factors are often what is decided on first. However, the wedding band width is a vital ...

4mm vs. 6mm Men’s Wedding Bands: Which Is Better?

With all the things you have to arrange and decide for your wedding preparations, choosing the width of your ring probably isn’t number one on your list of ...

Why Choose a Hammered Wedding Band (Pros, Cons, & Tips)

Your wedding band finish is an important decision, as it impacts the entire look of the ring. Of the many types of finishes available to choose from, hammered ...

6 Wedding Ring Finishes: Pros, Cons, and Differences

While traditionally wedding rings tended to be highly polished bands without too much detail, today there are several options to choose from.   ...

25 Unique Wedding Bands for Her (And Why)

Throughout history, traditional wedding bands were extremely popular and chosen by many women. However, today, more and more brides are leaning towards unique ...

Wedding Band as an Engagement Ring – Why Do It?

Proposing with a wedding band instead of an engagement ring isn’t a faux pas, contrary to what some people may think. In essence, both rings are a ...

30 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Designed to last for a lifetime, wedding bands should also match your personality and fashion style. A wedding ring is a symbol of promise and marriage, and ...

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