List of Good Luck Gemstones (A Handy Guide)

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We all could do with a little more luck, especially when we are facing challenges in life. The good news is that there are a lot of good luck charms that can help us attract positive vibes. For example, some gemstones are believed to bring in good fortune by releasing positive vibrations that can increase your luck. To give you a better picture, here is a list of good luck gemstones that you can use to pull positive energy into your life.

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Jade choker necklace
Jade choker necklace by LAmini Jewelry. See it here.

Jade is associated with abundance and good fortune. In fact, this gemstone is used in a lot of good luck charms in Feng Shui because of its ability to attract money. Additionally, it’s said that it can also bring luck into your life and protect you against disasters and misfortunes. Lastly, it can also promote harmony and balance. As such, it can help clear your thoughts, so you can make important decisions, especially in terms of investing or using your money.


Hexagon garnet ring
Garnet ring by Anemone Jewelry. See it here.

Garnet is also known as the Stone of Health because it helps you let go of behaviors that are not serving you well. Additionally, this gemstone can also transmute your body’s negative energy and turn it into a positive state.

Aside from health, garnet is also associated with luck, especially in a person’s career. In fact, this gemstone is often worn as a talisman because it can attract good fortune and drive away misfortunes. You can also place this crystal in your office to help you advance in your career. Remember, garnet is an energizing stone that can promote courage, confidence, charisma, creativity, and strength. Plus, it can also help improve your work relationships.


Carnelian necklace
Carnelian necklace by Delezhen. See it here.

Carnelian is associated with prosperity, success, and productivity, and it is often worn by world leaders as a good luck charm, including Napoleon who wore a watch made of this lucky gemstone.

Carnelian is also known as the Stone of Motivation because it is believed to promote courage and confidence, awaken your hidden talents, and spark your creativity. Aside from that, this gemstone is both an energy booster and stabilizer. Although it can increase energy, it does it joyfully and calmly. To be specific, it provides a feeling of warmth, security, and protection. All in all, carnelian is thought to provide the endurance, courage, and motivation needed to create great leaders.


Genuine moldavite pendant
Moldavite pendant necklace by Infinite Spiral. See it here.

Moldavite is considered a stone for the new age because of its unique composition. To explain further, this gemstone has extra-terrestrial beginnings. When you combine its source with our planet’s vibrational energies, the result is a powerful range of spiritual and healing frequencies. For this reason, this gemstone is commonly used as a talisman for protection and good fortune.

In Feng Shui, moldavite works with wood energy. As a result, it can provide abundance, especially in health, money, and happiness. Plus, it can also attract positive energy that can calm your troubled mind and help you solve your financial problems. Lastly, this crystal can provide safety when you’re traveling. So, if you always go on business trips, this gemstone is an ideal choice.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's eye bracelet
Tiger’s eye bracelet by Pixie Dust Beads. See it here.

With its brown and gold hues, tiger’s eye can be made into an accessory that will surely elevate your look. Aside from that, this gemstone can also attract wealth and good fortune, making it an ideal stone for entrepreneurs.

Known as the Stone of Courage, the tiger’s eye will help you find success and monetary gains by giving you some insights on how to turn opportunities into realities. Additionally, it can help you protect your resources and make good financial decisions. Finally, it can grant you the courage and fearlessness of the tiger by promoting your physical strength, vitality, emotional strength, and willpower.


Rough Peridot pendant
Rough peridot pendant by Rubie Jewls. See it here.

Also known as The Money Stone, peridot will not only bring luck into your life but attract wealth and prosperity as well. The reason is due to its bright green shade. Keep in mind that green is the color of abundance in Feng Shui. As such, it can help you find better career opportunities and bigger monetary gains.

Aside from attracting luck and abundance, peridot can also clear the blockages in your heart chakra. Through this, it can help you attract happiness into your life. Additionally, it can also help you make wise decisions by promoting calmness and intuitiveness.

Overall, peridot will not only bring the energy of compassion and kindness. It can also attract abundance into your life by teaching you to follow your heart and true calling.


Amazonite crystal necklace
Amazonite crystal necklace by Artiby. See it here.

Amazonite features a mixture of blue and white and is associated with luck, money, and success. In fact, this gemstone is also known as the Gambler’s Stone because it brings luck in competitions and games of chance.

Aside from that, amazonite can also remove blockages in your throat and heart chakra. Remember, when these energy blocks are cleared, you will feel more confident and courageous. Through this, you can manifest your dreams easily. Also, this gemstone can promote a positive or hopeful outlook in life, giving you the courage to enter a new venture. So, if you’re planning to start a business, this stone can give you the necessary push.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz ring
Rose quartz ring by Anemone Unique. See it here.

Rose quartz is a pinkish gemstone associated with Venus, the goddess of love. As such, it can bring luck in love and relationships. So, if you want to improve your relationships, heal a broken heart, or attract love, this stone is for you.

Aside from attracting luck in your love life, rose quartz can also bring warmth and happiness. The reason is that it can remove energy blockages in your heart chakra. As a result, it allows you to let go of your negative emotions, such as resentment and fear. Additionally, this gemstone can make you feel more compassionate and loving. Remember, if you face the world with love and compassion, everything will flow with ease.


Malachite earrings
Malachite earrings by SPIRALICA. See them here.

Malachite has striking black and green patterns and is believed to release an enormous amount of vibrations. Because of these characteristics, it is believed to attract luck. To be specific, it can bring success and protect the wearer from misfortunes, like a shady business transaction. Additionally, it can help you achieve fame and fortune by drawing in the right people in your life.

Malachite is associated with the throat and heart chakra. As such, it can bring truthfulness and inner peace. Plus, it can offer you the courage and confidence you need to take risks and achieve your goals. Unfortunately, this gemstone can also attract negative energy because of the huge amount of vibrations it emits. For this reason, you have to be careful and clear with your intentions when using this stone.


Labradorite pendants
Labradorite pendants by Evelyn Creations Store. See them here.

Labradorite is also known as the Stone of Magic because it can help transform a person’s life by boosting their creativity and confidence. Also, this gemstone emits positive vibrations that bring synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune.

Aside from those benefits, labradorite can also bring clarity, helping you make decisions that result in lucky outcomes. Additionally, it can also open your intuition, connecting you to the universe. Through this, you’ll be able to let go of your fears and realize that anything is possible. All in all, a labradorite is ideal for those who need motivation because they are feeling stuck in their life.


Citrine ring
Rustic citrine ring by Ring Crush. See it here.

Citrine is also known as the Lucky Merchant’s Stone because of its golden color, which signifies gold. Because of its meaning, this gemstone is believed to attract wealth and financial success. Additionally, it is one of the best stones you can use for manifesting, especially if you want to be successful in your business venture. The reason is due to its positive energy that attracts the right people you need to achieve your goals.

Aside from prosperity and wealth, citrine also releases uplifting energy that brings warmth, vitality, and joy. Plus, this energy can make you feel more confident, inspired, and creative. Keep in mind that if you radiate positive feelings, you can attract good things in life.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine moon necklace
Green aventurine moon necklace by Equinox Crystal. See it here.

The name aventurine was derived from the Latin word Aventura, which means chance. Because of its meaning, it is not surprising that a lot of gamblers use this stone to win a lottery or any game of chance. In addition, it is also believed to attract wealth and help stabilize your financial situation. As such, entrepreneurs can use this stone if they want to boost their finances.

Green aventurine is also known as the Stone of Opportunity because it can bring a lot of opportunities for success. Finally, this gemstone can balance your mind, body, and soul, making you feel calm and confident. For this reason, it can also help you make wise decisions.

Wrapping Up

As presented, these good luck gemstones will not only attract wealth, prosperity, and good fortune; most of these stones can also help clear negativity and energy blockages, making you feel courageous, confident, calm, and happy. Always remember that radiating positive feeling and having a hopeful outlook in life are the best ways to attract luck and good fortune into your life.

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