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Herkimer Diamond Jewelry – Everything You Need to Know

A unique, rare and little-known gemstone, Herkimer diamonds are a delightful stone to add to your collection. But although this gemstone has a diamond-like ...

28 Most Popular Types of Necklaces – From Then to Now

Necklaces have been around from as early as 4200 BC. The different styles released over the years reflect the evolution of culture and civilization. What ...

Black Diamonds – Everything You Need to Know

When we say the word diamond, what pops into mind is the colorless sparkling transparent stones that we are all so used to seeing. So, the words black ...

Radiant Diamond Cut – Everything You Need to Know

The radiant cut is among the most popular fancy cuts available. Unique, modern and chic, the radiant cut exudes class and brilliance. It is one of only two ...

8 Tips to Choose the Best Oval Cut Diamond

There’s been a lot of buzz around the oval cut lately and it’s fast becoming one of the popular diamond shapes for engagement rings. Oval diamonds look ...

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