How to Buy Fluorite Jewelry

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Fluorite has always been a popular gemstone for jewelry collectors, famed for its endless array of rainbow colors. However, fluorite is more than just a collector’s gemstone. When mounted in beautiful jewelry, fluorite is a stunning gemstone.

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Fluorite is easy to find and is typically very affordable. It makes a great addition to any jewelry lover’s collection. For more on fluorite jewelry, keep reading as we outline what to look for when buying fluorite jewelry and how to protect your fluorite to keep it lasting through the years.

What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is one of the most common and well-known gemstones in the world. It is widely found around the globe, with notable deposits in Austria, China, Russia, the United States, Myanmar, and Germany. Various regions are known for containing specific types of fluorite, such as vivid-green fluorite in South Africa, bright blue fluorite from France, and fine fluorite crystals from Canada.

You may be wondering if there’s a connection between the words fluorescence and fluorite. Fluorescence was named after fluorite after fluorite’s tendency to glow under UV light was observed. The chemical element fluorine also takes its name from this intriguing gemstone.

The industrial and chemical varieties of the stone are known as fluorspar while the gem and mineral versions are called fluorite.

One special feature of fluorite is that under heat, it tends to glow. Green and bluish-green fluorite often exhibit this phenomenon.

Fluorite Color

Hand carved rainbow fluorite obelisk
Hand-carved rainbow fluorite obelisk by Crystland. See it here.

Tourmaline may be the rainbow gemstone but fluorite is often referred to as ‘the most colorful mineral in the world’. Fluorite comes in a wide range of colors, spanning clear, colorless fluorite to black, near-opaque stones. Few other gemstones can rival fluorite’s array of colors.

The quintessential fluorite color is purple although fluorite in its purest form is colorless. Various trace elements are what give fluorite its range of colors.

The beauty of fluorite is in its ranging hues. Some fluorite colors are vivid and intense while others can be pale and lifeless. Colorless, brown, black, and pink are some rare fluorite colors. Blue, yellow and red fluorite varieties are also quite rare.

While fluorite in general occurs in single colors, you may sometimes find gemstones with multiple color zoning or banded fluorite. These are beautiful when expertly cut with the patterns highlighted.

When choosing a fluorite color, base your decision on your budget and color preferences. In general, intensely colored fluorite is considered more valuable and is more sought after.

Understanding Fluorite Clarity

The best fluorite is free of flaws visible to the naked eye. This is generally typical of fluorite used in jewelry, but it’s always best to check the gem carefully to ensure that there aren’t any visible flaws or blemishes. Because fluorite is not an expensive gemstone, there is no reason to buy included, flawed stones. Make sure your fluorite passes your eye-clean test.

Fluorite has a vitreous luster which is heightened when polished and faceted. You may sometimes come across more translucent fluorite, but these are generally considered lower in value.

Choosing Fluorite Cut

Fluorite heart pendant necklace
Fluorite heart pendant necklace by Earths Minerals Inc. See it here.

Fluorite’s transparency and vitreous luster are perfect for faceting as this enhances the stone’s beautiful luster and sparkle. The gemstone can be cut into the most popular gemstone shapes, with the most common being round, oval, square, and cushion shapes. Jewelry designers often use rough and free-form fluorite to create beautiful and one-off jewelry.

However, due to fluorite’s softness and distinct cleavage, it can be a notoriously difficult stone to cut. Gemstone cutters have to take care when cutting fluorite as the stone can easily fracture or cleave at even small misteps.

Synthetic, Treated, and Imitation Fluorite

In general, the fluorite gemstones you see on the market are untreated and are in their natural form. However, sometimes fluorite is heat-treated and irradiated to enhance the colors of the stone. You may sometimes come across neon-like fluorites. These are often heat-treated to produce that effect.

There are synthetic varieties of fluorite on the market but these are not very common.

Fluorite Jewelry

Fluorite is not a very hard gemstone so it is not ideal for all types of jewelry. They are best suited for earrings, pendants, and brooches, which are in safer locations. However, fluorite rings and bracelets are not recommended as they can break if dealt a hard blow. The best settings for fluorite rings would be protective settings such as a bezel or halo, which afford a layer of protection between the stone and other objects.

Bezel set fluorite ring
Bezel set fluorite ring by Caprixus. See it here.

Although certain fluorite varieties can be valuable due to their rarity, in general, fluorite is a very affordable gemstone. Jewelry made using fluorite is usually easy on all budgets but note that when mounted in high-quality settings made of premium material, fluorite jewelry prices can be high.

Fluorite dice pendant necklace
Rainbow fluorite dice pendant necklace by DuoDuo Jewelry. See it here.

Because of fluorite’s many colors, there’s always bound to be a stone that suits your skin tone and that appeals to you.

Cleaning and Caring for Fluorite

Fluorite is a soft gemstone ranking at just 4 on the Mohs scale. It has also very distinct cleavage, due to the crystal structure of its composition and a brittle tenacity. As a result, fluorite is easily damaged, scratched, fractured, and chipped. However, with proper care, fluorite jewelry can last a very long time.

If your fluorite jewelry is dirty, the best way to clean it is to use a mild liquid soap and warm water. Use a soft cloth or brush if you need to take out dirt in hard-to-reach areas of the jewelry. Avoid anything abrasive when cleaning fluorite jewelry. Also, don’t put fluorite jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners as the vibrations are too strong for the gemstone and may do damage.

If engaging in any vigorous physical activities, such as swimming, running, gardening, and so on, take off your fluorite jewelry.  Avoid exposure to chemicals and detergents, including hairspray, cosmetics, or perfumes, and wipe it clean immediately if the stone comes into contact with such chemicals.

Always store fluorite jewelry separately in a jewelry box or pouch, away from other gemstones and metals. This will keep it safe from scratches by other gemstones.

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Fluorite Symbolism and Meaning

Fluorite lotus flower pendant
Fluorite lotus flower pendant by Throwin Stones. See it here.

Although fluorite is a lesser-known gemstone, it is believed to hold various powers and metaphysical properties. In the past, fluorite was thought to be able to heal various diseases, including kidney disease. Fluorite-infused water was drunk in the belief that it would dispel these diseases.

Today, many believe that fluorite is able to assist in calming the mind, creating a pleasant environment, and assisting students to focus and concentrate on their studies. It is thought to be ideal for those who are easily distracted. Simply having a fluorite crystal around will bring in these positive feelings and calming aura. It is thought to be able to heal mental blocks and negative feelings.

Fluorite is a purifying stone that can cleanse and heal you. It is also thought to be protecting stone, keeping you safe from hostile forces.

Different fluorite colors have different meanings attributed to them. Do your research before you buy if your fluorite is for metaphysical purposes.

*Disclaimer: Jewelry Shopping Guide does not guarantee or validate any of the claims related to the metaphysical and alternative healing powers of this or any other gemstone. This information should in no way be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Where to Buy Fluorite Jewelry

Fluorite is not a mainstream gemstone and it may be difficult to find it at local jewelers. However, if you take your search online, you’ll find that many retailers offer beautiful fluorite jewelry.

Etsy often features limited edition fluorite collections. You can check their varied range here which features fluorite pieces at a range of prices.

Amazon is also an excellent place to take your search as they have quite an extensive collection of fluorite crystals and fluorite jewelry. Check their collection out here.

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