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Your Guide to Buying Plus Sized Jewelry – Top 5 Tips

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Accessories are like the icing on a cake – if done right, they elevate your look to the next level. While we all have our personal style, sometimes finding the right jewelry to suit our bodies can be a challenge. This is because we come in a range of body sizes and jewelry does not always reflect this.

Often, there’s simply a one-size-fits-all approach to jewelry, which, when you think about it, really doesn’t make sense. Finding jewelry for a larger body size can prove difficult and this is an underserved category.

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Rings may be too tight, a bracelet may not fit comfortably, a choker might not fit the way you want it to, and even a long necklace may not stop at the right spot.

Sounds familiar?

With the long-overdue shift towards more body positive jewelry and clothing, jewelers are starting to pay attention to the fact that they need to factor in different body sizes when creating jewelry, just like they do with clothing. The good news? This means that there are more options than ever before for us plus-sized ladies!

So without further ado, here are our top tips on buying the perfect plus sized jewelry that will make you stand out and shine!

  1. A Statement is the Way to Go

For plus sized ladies, wearing tiny bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings may not be the best way to go. These sorts of pieces tend to be difficult to see and won’t really stand out on your body. But a well-chosen, high quality statement piece brings balance, harmony and overall cohesiveness to your look.

What is a statement piece? An accessory that makes a statement and is often large, colorful and extravagant. Think gemstones, elaborate designs and stand out sizes.

Plus size woman wearing statement necklace

How to wear statement necklace

Statement necklaces with a single hue stands out and yet has a minimalist aesthetic.

When it comes to statement pieces, think size and color. If you want to stick to a more minimalist aesthetic, you can opt for a statement piece that showcases a single hue. For a more vibrant, fun vibe, opt for statement pieces with colored gemstones and varying metal colors.

Here are some pointers for choosing your statement pieces:

Statement necklaces can comprise of a simple, good-sized chain with a stand-out pendant. Alternatively, pick a more complicated design like a bib-style necklace.

turquoise cocktail

antique ring

Cocktail rings are large rings that stand out on your fingers. These can be fun, full of color or simply a large metal ring. There are a lot of vintage designs that look stunning in large ring sizes. The choice is yours.

gemstone cuff

Golden cuff bracelet

stacking bracelets

Statement bracelets can be large metal cuffs, stacked bracelets or metal bangles. If going with a cuff, choose a comfortable width that suits the size of your hand. For bangles and bracelets, stacking several pieces adds that statement look and gives the width that you require.

Pair of earrings

Statement earrings can comprise of a pair of stunning large earrings (mismatched or otherwise) or a single one to draw attention to an assymetrical look. While tiny studs can disappear against a plus sized form, statement earrings add that pop of color and confidence to any outfit.

A word of caution when choosing statement pieces.

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You want to choose statement pieces that speak class and quality. Some statement pieces can tend to look cheap or disposable, and this is where you have to vet the quality of the materials used and the style of the piece to pick one that is just right for you.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

While we do recommend statement pieces, it’s vital that you choose those pieces carefully and wear them tastefully.

If you’re the sort of person who wants to wear all your favorite pieces at ones, go for it! However, it can make your appearance too busy and clash with your outfit.

We recommend choosing one main piece and then working around that, adding pieces to complement that.

Also, not every piece of jewelry will flatter your appearance. A large choker may make you appear short and accentuate the thickness of your neck.

Always look for pieces to bring out your best features. For example, if your arms are on the larger side, maybe skip the cuff and go for large earrings to balance the look. Make a judgement call when choosing the right piece for you.

  1. Too Long or Too Short? What’s the Right Necklace Length?

Necklace length is a critical factor to consider when choosing the right necklace for you and most times, people tend to overlook this.

The result?

You may end up with a piece that falls in the wrong place or is just too tight to look flattering.

To pick the right length, think about your height, neck and your body size. The right necklace length complements this and adds length and the right proportion to your look.

Pearl necklace length

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Here’s how to choose the right necklace length:


  • A choker necklace or a princess length necklace are modern and chic looking, and look great with just about anything. However, they can make your neck appear shorter and thicker, and can be unflattering for larger ladies.
  • Matinee (22-24 inches) is a necklace length straddling the border between formal and casual. This length looks great on any body size and is a very versatile length.
  • An opera length necklace is usually over 30+ inches in length. To make the opera necklace work, choose the right length for your body shape and size. For larger ladies, a too short opera necklace short can make you appear shorter. It’s best to opt for a necklace over 36 inches in length which will add length to your figure.


A great option is to create a multi-strand necklace, otherwise known as layering. This takes away the issue of length by adding in several necklaces of varying lengths. You can choose to go as loud as you wish, opting for 2 or more necklaces as you prefer.

Remember that these are just guidelines and the best way to decide for sure is to try the necklace on and see how it looks on you.

  1. Opt for Adjustables (but Stick to High Quality)

Adjustable jewelry is great for anyone, as they can accompany you throughout your life regardless of your size. Adjustable cuffs, rings and necklaces that allow you to change their length are all great options.

adjustable ring for plus size women

Choose quality when picking adjustables

However, they can also scream low-quality. If the piece doesn’t adjust well or molds for the perfect fit around your finger or wrist, it will sag and spin around. Pick pieces that are made of premium materials and are well crafted. While these may cost you more, they’ll last for a longer period of time and they will look great.

  1. Check Your Buying Options

Unlike just a few years ago, there are so many options to buy plus sized jewelry these days. Many retailers have begun showcasing unique collections featuring stunning pieces for all sizes.

For fine diamond and pearl jewelry, many sites allow you to build-your-own jewelry. This is especially relevant for rings and bracelets. Check if the retailer provides this option and get creative with the sizes.

When choosing your retailer, check the quality of their pieces and the materials they use. If shopping online, check the after sales policies to ensure that you can return the pieces without issue.

A final word…

At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you are comfortable with the jewelry that you buy. If you aren’t, those pieces will end up unworn and unloved. Pick pieces that you adore and can’t wait to wear. And if you love how they look on you, that really is all that matters.

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