How to Wear a Statement Necklace with Style

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What do you consider to be a statement necklace? Is it the size of the necklace that gives it the status of “statement” or is it the vibrancy of the colors used? We generally equate statement jewelry in relation to costume jewelry, chunky, oversized, or maximalist tastes.

However, this stereotype is a little misleading.

Really, a statement necklace is a necklace that when worn is the key feature of your outfit because it’s very noticeable. You wouldn’t tend to layer this necklace with others as its look is high impact and eye-catching rather than understated and pared back.

So how do you wear a statement necklace and how do you spot changing trends for this key piece of jewelry? Let’s break down everything you need to know about rocking a statement necklace.

Statement Necklaces and the Time of Year

Colorful statement necklace for festive occasions. See it here.

The time of year can give you a great indication of the type of statement you can go for. In summer, colorful jeweled pieces and bright vibrant colors can look stunning. Turquoise and apatite stones are always popular for summer statement necklaces and can be layer over pretty summer dresses.

In the wintertime, a statement necklace is more glitz and sparkle, ideal for if you’re wearing one to a winter or Christmas party. We tend to wear darker colors in the winter, especially if the daytime is shorter, and a crystal or sparkly necklace can elevate a simple dressmaking your outfit ready for the evening. 

Statement Necklaces and the Office

large silver necklace on woman
Perfect statement necklace for work or formal situations. See it here.

A common belief is that statement jewelry is difficult to wear to the office. Bright colors can stand out and make a big impression but they can also look gaudy or over the top, so how do you pick a necklace that will land you neatly in the middle of these?

If you’re choosing a statement necklace for work, stick to one color. Whether that’s the metal or the color of the embellishment is up to you. The necklace will still be eye-catching and noticeable but will look cleaner if the one color is a contrast to your outfit or a perfect color match.

Pair a bright necklace with a crisp white shirt or a simple black dress to keep all the drama on your necklace. If you fancy wearing something more detailed, then choose a necklace that has no extra embellishment and is all metal. This type of necklace will look smarter and neater with a colorful work dress.

If your workplace has a casual dress code or you prefer to keep your statement jewelry for the weekend, a colorful statement necklace can elevate a simple tee and jeans combo. You can also break the rules and mix your colorful outfit with a more colorful necklace.

Length of Your Statement Necklace

An important way to completely change your outfit and jewelry is to change the length of your necklace. You can also use your statement necklace to change the appearance of your silhouette. Remember a statement necklace is only an eye-catching necklace so it can be any length you like. Here are the top necklace lengths:

Short Choker Statement Necklace

girl wearing gold choker necklace
Stylish choker necklace. See it here.

In the last few years, choker necklaces have taken the jewelry world by storm. They are the perfect update of a statement necklace as they are sure to turn heads and get you noticed.

Choker necklaces are already considered a bit of a statement necklace in their own right so when it comes to choosing one think about how thick you want the necklace to be. Ideally, if you’re thinking statement, then thicker would be more dramatic.

Smaller and thinner ones tend to look better when layered with other necklaces and this defeats the point of a statement necklace. If you really want to go all out with a choker statement necklace then go big and glitzy with crystals or lace rather than a thin choker. 

Bib Statement Necklace

large bib necklace on dummy
Stylish bib statement necklace. See it here.

The bib is the most iconic of the statement necklaces. It’s the necklace you probably pictured when you read the title of this article and will suit every body shape. It’s possible you may already own a necklace like this.

There is no rule for this type of necklace. Costume-style jewelry is more common as the materials are lighter and necklaces can be bigger without the additional cost if they were made from fine/precious materials. A bib necklace usually has a chain fastening with a feature at the front such as crystals, threads and beads. 

You can easily find a bib statement necklace to suit your taste whether you like a certain color or material. They look great with high and lower necklines and are perfect if you want to throw on one show stopping piece of jewelry. 

Long Pendant Statement Necklace

necklace with large droplet pendant
Minimalist droplet pendant. See it here.

The long pendant is also easily worn by people of all sizes and shapes. The trick is knowing which length will suit you. Ideally, the necklace would go over your chest so that the pendant rests above your belly button but under your bust. If you’re taller or have a fuller bust you’ll want a slightly longer necklace. The proportions will look right and the pendant will rest at the right height on your body.

The same is vice versa if you’re a petite person, a shorter length necklace will place the pendant in the relatively same place and the proportions will look spot on. If you get the necklace length right, you can wear any it with any neckline or pendant and always look elegant and sophisticated. A final tip is to check that the pendant doesn’t swing too much as this will draw attention in the wrong way.

Matching Earrings with a Statement Necklace

girl with statement necklace and earrings
Statement necklace with matching earrings. See it here.

The best way to think about what earrings to wear with a statement necklace is if this is the most attention grabbing piece of jewelry you want to wear, you don’t want to overcrowd it with other pieces of jewelry that might divert attention away from it.

Earrings are the most challenging piece to accessorize with your statement necklace as they are so close together when you wear them. If you’re wearing a statement necklace it is possible to get away with wearing one statement cocktail ring or perhaps a cuff. Large earrings or long dangling ones can be overkill and should generally be avoided.

Stud earrings, on the other hand, are an ideal choice to pair with a statement necklace. Choosing a neutral pair, such as plain metal, will help highlight the necklace and if you want to wear something a bit jazzier, go for a pair which will match the colors of your statement necklace.

Statement Necklaces with a Black Dress

girl with black dress and statement necklace

Changing your jewelry is one of the fastest ways to update a little black dress. You can jump on a new trend simply by changing your necklace rather than buying a new dress.

Think about pairing your black dress with a statement necklace just as you would pair your earrings to a statement necklace. A dress with heavy embellishment or a pattern will detract from your necklace and make your outfit appear very busy. In this case, a necklace that is sculptural and less colorful will suit best. For a plain black dress, however, a colorful statement necklace will be the best choice.

One of the best ways to wear a black dress with a statement necklace is to match other subtle details. For example, art deco style jewelry will look perfectly matched with a flapper dress rather a sixties shift dress.

Are Statement Necklaces Out of Style?

black woman with bronze copper statement necklace

So the big question:

Are statement necklaces fashionable or will I look dated wearing one?

Well, the last few years have seen the decline of more chunky and oversized pieces of jewelry. This is especially the case for statement necklaces as large earrings are more on trend at the moment.

Layering has been such a big trend. When you buy smaller or dainty jewelry you need to buy more individual pieces to achieve the same look as one statement necklace. Some people feel that layering lots of necklaces creates a more unique look as it’s unlikely someone will have exactly the same combination of necklaces as you.

However, this is no reason to chuck out your statement necklace! As with all trends, it’s the way they change over time. The statement necklace that was “in vogue” a few decades ago will come back round again and be in different guises. If smaller, shorter necklaces have been in fashion then it goes without saying that larger or longer ones will follow next as they are a contrast to what’s been worn and appear fresher.

The appeal of the statement necklace is that it’s just one necklace and wearing one can give you the same feeling that a pair of high heels can. They are instantly confidence boosting and effortlessly easy to wear. As they are so easy to style they won’t be going anywhere from our jewelry boxes any time soon!

In Brief

Statement necklaces are going nowhere. They come in a different guises every decade but remain a constant staple in your jewelry box. Wear a statement necklace to update your outfit easily to the latest trends or enhance your outfit with some extra eye catching adornments. 

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