13 Stunning Gemstone Eternity Rings

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An eternity ring is a metal band that features a number of stones surrounding the band. The band can either be completely surrounded or only half surrounded by the stones. This is a very popular ring setting and is a top choice, especially for wedding and anniversary rings.

When we say eternity rings, we tend to think of a diamond-encrusted metal band. But eternity rings don’t have to be restricted to diamonds only. There are many gemstones to choose from.  

Another reason that eternity rings are so popular is because of their symbolism. An eternity ring represents eternal love, completion, and equality, as the ring demonstrates a perfect circle with no beginning or end. The gemstone can add even more meaning to the ring.

While diamonds represent purity, strength, integrity, and innocence, each gemstone holds its own meaning. If this is important to you, you can opt for a gemstone eternity ring that resonates with you.

Here are our top favorite 15 eternity rings featuring stunning gemstones.

Sapphire Eternity Ring

blue sapphire eternity band
Baguette-cut blue sapphire ring. See it here.

Diamonds are often chosen for rings that are meant to be worn on a regular basis partly because of how durable and hard they are. Sapphires come pretty close too. Sapphires 9 on the Mohs scale, and are a durable, hard and tough choice for daily wear. They can be cut into a variety of shapes and come in a range of colors, although blue sapphires are the most popular. Sapphire is believed to represent wisdom, luck, and virtue. It also happens to be the birthstone of September and holds meaning for those born in this month.

Turquoise Eternity Ring

turquoise gemstone eternity rings
Turquoise and diamond eternity ring. See it here.

While not the toughest stone out there, turquoise is breathtakingly beautiful, especially when paired with yellow or rose gold metals. When set in an eternity ring, either by itself or alternating with diamonds, turquoise makes for an attention-grabbing look. What we love about turquoise is how smooth and opaque it is when cut en cabochon. When set together with diamonds, the contrast in these two gemstones creates a perfectly cohesive look that works well together.

Black Tourmaline Eternity Ring

black tourmaline eternity band
Black tourmaline ring. See it here.

Eternity rings are typically set with colorless stones, so using a stone like black tourmaline immediately garners attention to your ring. While tourmaline comes in a range of colors, black isn’t the most popular tourmaline choice for most people. However, when set in the right ring setting, black tourmaline makes for an intriguing eternity band.

Citrine Eternity Ring

Yellow citrine eternity ring
Art Deco citrine eternity ring. See it here.

Citrine is the quintessential yellow stone and is known for its positive, happy connotations because of its yellow hue. It makes for an excellent wedding or engagement ring choice for those who love a honey-golden colored stone.

Citrine is commonly set in white metals like white gold or platinum, but when placed in a yellow gold setting, the stone blends smoothly with the color of the metal, creating a harmonious, cohesive look. It’s an excellent stone for vintage designs.

Pearl Eternity Ring

Pearl full eternity ring
Full eternity pearl ring. See it here.
Pearl ring
Half eternity pearl ring. See it here.

Few people think of pearls when they think of eternity ring designs. But pearls make for an undeniably beautiful eternity ring. Pearls are very delicate and soft, making them a gemstone that requires extra protection. They represent purity, integrity, and loyalty and are thought to attract luck and good fortune.

While they are stunning, we have to admit that wearing a pearl eternity ring on a daily basis isn’t a good idea as the stones will get damaged over time, especially because rings are subject to a lot of exposure unlike other types of jewelry. Pearl eternity rings are perfect for occasion wear.

Opal Eternity Ring

full eternity opal ring
Opal full eternity ring. See it here.

Like pearls, opals too are quite soft gemstones and not ideal for everyday wear. However, they’re quite a magical stone with their unique opalescence effect and one that should be in everyone’s jewelry collection.

Opal’s symbolism matches perfectly with the symbolism of eternity rings, as they represent passion, love, and desire as well as loyalty and faithfulness. Giving an opal eternity ring as a gift to a lover is considered very romantic.

If you want an opal eternity ring that makes a statement, you can opt for one like this half-eternity band that is made of baguette-cut opals.

Morganite Eternity Ring

morganite eternity band
Bezel set morganite eternity ring. See it here.

Morganite is a popular stone for bridal rings, with a beautiful peachy-pink color. It suits all skin tones and has a feminine, delicate look to it even though it’s quite a tough and durable stone. Morganites represent beauty and divine love.

Morganites can be cut into all popular gemstone shapes and while not as brilliant as diamonds, they do have an understated sparkle. A morganite eternity ring gives a feminine look and looks exceptionally classic when paired with rose or yellow gold.

Peridot Eternity Ring

peridot gemstone eternity ring
A vintage-inspired peridot eternity ring. See it here.

Known for its signature lime green color, peridot only occurs in green. It’s the birthstone for August and symbolizes strength. A peridot eternity ring, therefore, represents strength and everlasting love. How fitting!

Peridot is a reasonably durable gemstone and is ideal for someone who loves the look of green gemstones. It is most fetching when set in yellow gold and looks stunning in vintage styles.

Moonstone Eternity Ring

Rustic moonstone eternity ring
Rustic moonstone eternity ring. See it here.

The very name moonstone evokes images of mystery, moonlight, and magic. The moonstone is a delicate-looking gemstone with a milky, opaque appearance. It’s believed to be a stone that holds nourishing, healing energy.

On a practical level, moonstone is quite soft and not suited for daily wear. However, as a special occasion ring, a moonstone eternity band is a beautiful choice.

Iolite Eternity Ring

iolite eternity band
Geometric iolite eternity ring. See it here.

Iolite is often as beautiful as sapphire or tanzanite but comes at a much lower cost than those blue stones. This isn’t because iolite is in any way inferior but only because it is much more abundant. Part of iolite’s beauty is in how its color often shifts from violet to blue when viewed from different angles. When worn in an eternity ring, this effect is clearly visible.

Iolite looks beautiful in any metal color, but we’re particular about yellow gold as the combination of violet-blue and yellow gold makes for a sophisticated and chic look.

Herkimer Diamond Eternity Ring

full eternity Herkimer ring
Herkimer diamond ring. See it here.

Most people haven’t heard of Herkimer diamonds and if this is you, don’t beat yourself up. This little known-gemstone is often colorless but can contain black carbon or rainbow inclusions. Herkimer diamonds symbolize purity, strength, and healing power. Like black tourmaline, Herkimer diamonds are a good choice, if you’re looking for a unique and rare black gemstone option.

Amethyst Eternity Ring

Amethyst gemstone eternity ring
Dainty Amethyst full eternity ring. See it here.

The most popular purple stone, amethysts used to be held in high regard and considered extremely valuable until large deposits of the mineral were found. While this may have brought the prices of the stone down, it doesn’t mean that the gemstone is any less beautiful.

Amethysts symbolize luxury, prestige, and good fortune. They are a considerably durable gemstone and look beautiful on any skin tone.

Black Diamond Eternity Ring

Black diamond gemstone eternity rings
Dainty black diamond stacking eternity ring. See it here.

While we all know about colorless diamond eternity rings, not many of us consider the black diamond counterparts. Black diamonds are an ideal stone for both men and women. While they have all the benefits of colorless diamonds, they are often less expensive.

Black diamonds are a statement stone and a little goes a long way. Whether you want a more traditional eternity ring style featuring black diamonds like this one or a more unique design like the one featured above, you can’t deny that black diamonds always make a statement.

Before You Buy

Well, there you have it! Our top 13 gemstone eternity ring styles. If purchasing a gemstone eternity ring as your wedding ring, ensure that you’ve taken the durability of the gemstone into consideration. As I mentioned above, a wedding ring is one that will be worn frequently, if not daily, and as such must contain materials that can withstand frequent exposure.

If you’re looking where to buy gemstone eternity rings, we recommend Etsy. Etsy is the place to go for unique, handmade, and stylish gemstone eternity band designs. You can find multiple independent jewelry boutiques on Etsy, each with its own assortment of eternity rings. Each Etsy shop has its own policies so it might take some time to review all their details ahead of making a purchase, but that’s usually time well spent.

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