Butterfly Jewelry: Why Choose this Inspiring Motif

Butterflies are one of the most popularly used designs used in jewelry. They’re seen as a feminine design and are typically worn by women. While the butterfly may seem like a simple creature, it carries profound symbolism and meaning. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at butterfly jewelry and what they symbolize. We’ve also included some beautiful butterfly jewelry designs you might like to add to your collection.  

Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism   

Due to their metamorphosis, butterflies aptly symbolize transformation and spiritual change on all levels of life. Most often, humans are considered to be akin to caterpillars who have no idea about their future but listen to their instincts and allow themselves to transform into a butterfly.  

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butterfly engagement ring
Butterfly engagement ring. See it here. 

Just as the caterpillars struggle and fight to break out of their chrysalis shell and turn into beautiful butterflies, we also fight our situations for a better future and struggle to get across all the barriers to become our best selves. This is only possible by accepting change in our lives. 

Butterflies also symbolize hope, bravery, and rebirth. A butterfly only encourages you to be confident and transform into your best self.  

Butterflies also symbolize freedom always flying free.  

It calls upon each of us to let go of any old cycle that we are stuck in and find our true inner selves. It encourages us to spread our wings and find our place in the world and in our own lives. 

Many cultures and religions, including Christianity, associates the butterfly with the soul, seen as trapped within the body, but which gains freedom in a new life. It signifies the journey of life with its endless twists and turns along with the many changes. 

In mythology, a butterfly is associated with royalty and magic due to their ability to camouflage itself when required. It is also related to the life cycles of all living beings as well as the concept of reincarnation. 

1. Protection from Evil 

Some believe that butterfly jewelry has magical powers that protect its wearers not only from evil spirits but also from all negativities and is useful for those in difficult phases of life. It is said that it gives courage and confidence to those who wear them. It also keeps away bad dreams from a person’s life. 

Butterflies are sometimes seen as guardians that protect and guide their wearer from all harm and reminds us that although you cannot control everything that happens in life, you can always choose how you react to it. 

2. Change and Transformation 

Butterfly jewelry is a symbol of a new life and a gentle reminder to us that transformation and change are inevitable parts of life and only by being accepting of this can we move towards and achieve all our new goals and dreams.  

This type of jewelry is especially popular amongst those who have undergone certain major changes in life including those getting married, moving away from home, who let go of an addiction, and so on. These pieces of jewelry also serve as a symbol of hope in uncertain or bleak situations and are also used by those in mourning to remind themselves of their loved ones as their legacy. 

This jewelry is also a firm reminder that we need to be resilient and adaptable to our environment like the butterflies with their intricate and delicate yet strong wings. It also shows us the power of community and the need to stay connected and help each other. It also encourages us to share the joys and sorrows of others. 

3. Hope and Strength  

butterfly earrings
Butterfly earrings with mother of pearl. See them here.

Just as the short lives of the butterflies, all things in life are transient and ephemeral, they must be enjoyed while they last. While we may be worried about what the future holds or regretful of the past, this necklace will always serve as a reminder to enjoy the present moment while we can. 

For those who have overcome adversity and only emerged stronger than before, a butterfly necklace is a reminder and symbol of that strength and of the hard work that paid off. It is also encouraged that if you are struggling through hardship, you will only be stronger and more beautiful at your new beginning. 

In Celtic culture, butterflies are thought to be fantastic guides in making good decisions when life presents someone with a second chance and is thought to be the metaphor for hope.  

4. Love and Passion 

butterfly pendant
Diamond and emerald butterfly pendant. See it here. 

In Asian countries, butterflies are often a symbol of love. A Chinese legend tells the story of a young man who chased a butterfly into a garden and encountered his soulmate. In Japan, butterflies represent marital bliss. Several countries also have the custom of releasing butterflies at weddings to wish the newlywed couple, all happiness and love in their married life ahead. 

The butterfly symbol is often used in engagement rings and wedding rings as they show the loving relationship and the commitment between a married couple. In Chinese culture, two butterflies are said to be a symbol of love when they are flying together. 

5. Good Luck and Blessings 

origami butterfly earrings
Origami butterfly earrings. See them here. 

Pieces of jewelry with butterflies are said to bring luck to their wearer, rejuvenating you and providing you with courage and a peaceful state of mind.  

Those who wear butterfly jewelry are also known to be adaptable to change and like to move forward in life.  

Butterflies also represent a long life in China, making them a popular choice as jewelry. 

Butterfly Jewelry as a Gift 

butterfly bracelet

1. Friends or family in a transitional phase.  

Jewelry with butterflies on them is a great gift idea for family or friends, especially for those who are in the transitioning phase in their lives or are going through a significant life-changing event. 

2. Someone going on a new journey.  

When someone close to you is going on a new journey, a beautiful gesture to support them and wish them a happy and safe trip is by giving them butterfly jewelry. It is also reminiscent of the transformational experiences they will go through in all their travels.  

3. A gift for a newborn.  

Jewelry featuring butterflies when gifted to newborns means that they will lead a long and wealthy life. Butterflies act as spirit animals of children ensuring that they are protected throughout their lives. This also symbolizes the transformation of a child or a youngster into an adult. 

4. To close friends. 

It is said that when butterfly jewelry is gifted to your friends as a token of friendship or of your love, it ensures that they will overcome their obstacles and open their hearts to your friendship.

5. Symbol of passion and love. 

Butterfly in wedding jewelry is a beautiful symbol of a passionate connection between the newlyweds and holds a close resemblance to the new life awaiting the couple after marriage. 

Jewelry with butterflies is also a great gift for lovers as it symbolizes the love and affection between the couple. It is also gifted to show your lover that they are your soulmate. Women especially enjoy necklaces with butterfly pendants or chokers as they represent love, renewal, freedom, and transformation between the different stages in life. 

6. To someone in mourning 

Butterfly jewelry when gifted to someone in mourning also holds deep meaning and helps them cope with all the suffering and their loss. It acts as a reminder that death is not the end and is a natural part of life. It also symbolizes that the person who passed away will not be forgotten and they have just begun another journey within the endless fountain of life. 

Butterfly jewelry makes great gifts for those going through difficulties in life as butterflies give hope and encourage looking forward to all the wonderful things in life yet to come. 

Meanings of Different Butterfly Colors  

butterfly wing studs
Butterfly wing studs. See them here.

Butterflies usually have one or more colors, and each color has its own meaning. Here’s what they mean:  

  • Black: Associated with death and endings, including the death of a relationship or a job, for instance.   
  • White: Regarded as positive omens of prosperity and good luck.  
  • Brown: Believed to be the spirits of the dead.  
  • Orange: A message or symbol of love.  
  • Green: A symbol of prosperity, joy, hope, and love. They are a positive sign that the dead are in heaven.  
  • Red: A sign that love, life and happiness continue even after death.  
  • Purple: These are rare and usually symbolize healing.  
  • Yellow: Symbol of hope and the promise of new life.  

Best Butterfly Jewelry Pieces  

We’ve come up with a list of the best butterfly jewelry pieces for you to choose from so you can add a little butterfly symbolism to your life.  

1. Family Tree Butterfly Birthstone Necklace 

family tree butterfly birthstone necklace
Family Tree Butterfly Birthstone Necklace. See it here.

A birthstone necklace is a great gift for anyone, whether it’s for your mother, grandmother, or even for yourself. This particular piece is a unique spin on the classic birthstone necklace since it doesn’t feature real birthstones. Instead, it features paper butterflies, each in the color of the specific birth month. It’s a beautiful, colorful piece of jewelry, perfect for someone who loves boho or hippie-style pieces.  

2. Monarch Butterfly Wing Necklace  

monarch butterfly wing necklace on a stone
Monarch Butterfly Wing Necklace. See it here.

Here’s another gorgeous take on a butterfly-inspired necklace. Despite its colorful look, the necklace doesn’t look over the top and the beautiful colors of the Monarch butterfly wing are easy to match with any outfit. It’s the perfect choice for nature lovers.  

3. Multicolored Butterfly Wing Hook Earrings 

multicolored butterfly wing hook earrings
Multicolored Butterfly Wing Hook Earrings. See it here.

These butterfly wing hook earrings are the ideal choice for bringing out your fun, quirky, and creative side at any party. They look stylish and the crystals on the wings give off an extra sparkle that’s sure to wow any crowd.  

4. Butterfly Cross Pendant  

blue butterfly cross pendant
Sterling Silver Butterfly Cross Pendant. See it here.

This gorgeous sterling silver pendant features blue sapphires and the contrast between the two results in a stunning piece of jewelry. While the cross remains the centerpiece, but the petite blue butterflies make it stand out even more.  

5. Pierced Owl Butterfly Barbell 

pink butterfly barbell
Pierced Owl Butterfly Industrial Barbell. See it here.

Earrings aren’t the only jewelry pieces you can wear on your ears. Instead of going for the classic earring styles, consider a stylish butterfly barbell like this one which will give you a unique and attractive look. The tiny pink crystals give off a playful vibe while the steel barbell itself shows your confidence and independence. This is perfect if you have an industrial piercing.  

6. Gold Earrings Cuff for Women 

gold earrings cuff
Gold Earrings Cuff for Women. See it here.

Here’s another unique alternative to the typical earring styles. If you’re looking to boost your creativity when it comes to dressing up your ears, you might love a gold earrings cuff like this one. The gold works so well with sparkling cubic zirconia that it takes your entire ensemble to a whole new level.  

7. Infinity Butterfly Necklace  

sterling silver butterfly necklace
Infinity Butterfly Pendant with Austria Crystals. See it here.

This beautiful infinity butterfly pendant features Austrian crystals and two butterflies in flight. It’s a gorgeous and eye-catching piece that you can wear for a party or an evening out, but it’s also suitable for daily wear. The butterflies symbolize the pursuit of freedom and love which is infinite in the journey of life.  

Butterflies In History and Mythology 

minimalist butterfly ring
Minimalist butterfly ring. See it here.

In most cultures, butterflies are associated with the human soul. This came about from the Greek term for butterfly i.e., ‘psyche’ which also means soul. In Roman mythology, there is even a legend of a love story between the god, Cupid and a human woman named Psyche where they overcame several obstacles.

In Europe, the butterfly symbol became popular in mourning jewelry around the 19th century when it was believed to represent the soul, human growth, and death. In Germany, butterflies were said to be the souls of children, and killing white butterflies was in fact forbidden. Christian beliefs associate the butterfly with resurrection and also with spiritual transformation. 

Aztecs believed butterflies to be the souls of the dead and believed to have the power to communicate with the souls of the departed and their ancestors. The Hopi people of America also believed that any wish whispered at a butterfly would come true and they even performed ceremonies called the Butterfly Dance for good health, long life, and for rain. 

Wrapping Up 

With their two to three weeks’ brief lifespan, butterflies are a reminder to all of us that life is precious, and we should live to the fullest at every given moment.  

Signifying values such as hope, freedom, life, rebirth, and so on, the butterfly is a symbol that is not only beautiful in itself, but also extremely meaningful to those who own them as pieces of jewelry.  

These representations of perfect symmetry in nature are more than just a design on the jewelry but are a form of expression and a reminder to all that it stands for. 

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