What is the Yin Yang Symbol in Jewelry?

One of the oldest symbols around, the yin yang symbol dates back to ancient China. While not many people understand the symbol and its meaning, it’s been a popular jewelry symbol and can be seen featured in beautiful pendants, charms and earrings.

Yin yang jewelry was a huge hit in the 90s, and with celebrities like designer Alexa Chung and super blogger Andrea Vandall wearing yin yang jewelry, it’s brought the symbol into the spotlight again.

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The yin yang symbol has been very popular for tattoos, as well, with celebrities like Megan Fox and Paris Jackson having themselves inked with it.

So what exactly is this symbol? And should you wear it? We answer all the questions you might have about the ancient yin yang symbol.

Yin Yang Pendant
Yin Yang necklace. See it here.

Yin Yang – The Fundamentals of the Symbol

The yin yang symbol contains a circle made up of two swirling halves, one dark and the other light.

Each side has a dot of the opposite color. Yin refers to the dark half of the symbol and yang refers to the light swirl.

While black and white are the most commonly used colors for yin and yang, any dark and light colors can be substituted in their place.

The Meaning of Yin Yang Symbol

The philosophy behind the yin yang symbol is simple and yet complex. On the surface, it appears as though the symbol represents opposite concepts, such as good and evil or male and female and this is true to some extent.

But there’s much more to this simple design than meets the eye.

yin yang meaning graphic

The yin and yang aren’t opposites. Instead, they are concepts that work harmoniously together, relative to each other. One cannot exist without the other and the dot in each side represents that everything contains the seed of its opposite.


Let’s explore this concept.

  • Yang – This represents the masculine side. It represents light, positivity, dominance, heat and movement, among other things.
  • Yin – This side represents femininity. Some of the concepts Yin symbolizes are darkness, passivity, stillness, coldness and submission.

Is one good and the other bad?

No and neither are the sides separate from each other. As the little circles on each side represent, both dark and light halves carry the seed of the opposite within themselves.

One side cannot exist without the other, and both are needed for a harmonious balance.

We appreciate heat because there is cold. We notice stillness because there is movement. Both elements are required for there to be perfect balance. And when one is out of whack, disaster can follow.

This relates to everything, from the natural world, to health to relationships. There are opposing forces always at work, but these are intertwined.

Best Yin Yang Jewelry Ideas

Yin Yang Charm Necklace
Yin Yang Charm Necklace. Check price here.

Yin yang is a unisex symbol and can suit a variety of jewelry styles and designs. The yin yang symbol is popular in pendants, as it has perfect balance and excellent proportions. When hanging down your neck, the symbol is eye-catching and stylish.

You’ll find yin yang pendants at a range of prices, some made of lower quality materials and available for a few dollars, while others like this stunning 14k yellow gold diamond pendant can cost thousands of dollars.

Some yin yang pendants are reversible like this 14k white gold pendant and others can be taken apart like this example here, perfect for best friends or couples to signify a relationship of harmonious duality.

diamond yin yang earrings
A versatile symbol for earrings. See these here.

The yin yang symbol is also great for stud or dangle earrings. While you won’t see them yourself, unless you look in the mirror, earrings are very visible and attention-getting, especially when you showcase a stylish symbol like this.

yin yang bracelet unisex
Yin yang is a unisex symbol and suits anyone. See this here.

Yin yang is beautiful in charms and can easily blend into a charm bracelet. This is a more subtle way to showcase the symbol, without having all the attention on it.

Whether you choose to wear it in a casual style or a more formal, expensive design, this versatile symbol can easily blend in to complete your attire.

Where to Buy Yin Yan Jewelry

You might find it hard to come across yin yang jewelry at your local store, so taking your search online is the best way to see all the options available to you. Popular designers like Alexa Chung feature ying yang jewelry collections.

But if that’s beyond your budget, check out Etsy and Amazon.

You can easily compare prices, quality, materials, craftsmanship and designs across vendors and choose the best option for you.

Here’s why we recommend these two platforms:

  • Etsy

For unique, handmade and artisan styles, Etsy has a lot to offer. You can find multiple independent boutiques here offering a wide range of yin yang jewelry.

You’ll even find antique and estate pieces that cost thousands of dollars as well as modern, stylish pieces at affordable prices.

Each Etsy shop has its own polices so it might take some time to review all their details ahead of making a purchase, but that’s usually time well-spent.

  • Amazon

Amazon brings together different jewelry vendors who offer their products here. Again, there’s a wide range of yin yang jewelry, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Use the site’s extensive rating and review sections to gauge the quality of each product. We’re sure you’ll find some amazing yin yang jewelry pieces here.

Yin Yang and Religion – Should I Wear this Symbol?

The yin yang symbolism is rooted in the Chinese religion and philosophy known as Taoism, a.k.a. Daoism and is also used in Confucianism. However, it isn’t seen as a religious symbol.

Unlike the symbol of the cross for Christians or the crescent moon for Islam, the symbol of yin yang is more universal and isn’t closely tied to a religion. It’s a philosophy that is universally applicable.

Yin yang is a meaningful symbol that anyone can wear and looks amazing in jewelry. Many find that the symbolism of duality can integrate into their religious philosophies as well, but this depends on you.

Some Christians may feel that the symbol isn’t godly and doesn’t bring a person closer to the Christian beliefs. Christians may also argue that God doesn’t have any darkness, and therefore the yin yang symbol is misleading to a Christian.

At the end of the day, it’s your call.

If the symbol speaks to you and you can relate to it, wear it. If you have doubts, speak to a religious leader of your faith about it and ask them for guidance.

Wrapping Up

An ancient symbol emphasizing harmony and duality in everything, the concepts of the yin yang are universal and relatable. It has something to teach and remind everyone. Yin yang jewelry is beautiful and minimalistic, and suitable for every type of jewelry.


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