Rivière Necklace: Everything You Have to Know

If you love diamonds, then a rivière necklace will be right up your alley! This classic necklace design has been around for centuries, and is as popular as ...

Lariat Necklaces: A Complete Style Guide with Tips

There are many types of necklaces, but one of the most stylish and sophisticated is the lariat necklace. Sometimes called the lasso or Y necklace (because ...

Timeless Elegance: The Transformative History of Necklaces

From ancient times to modern days, necklaces have journeyed from basic to intricate. Every culture has embraced them, evolving their styles from raw, natural ...

28 Most Popular Types of Necklaces – From Then to Now

Necklaces have been around from as early as 4200 BC. The different styles released over the years reflect the evolution of culture and civilization. What ...

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