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4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring – A Practical Guide

Looking for the perfect engagement ring is a big decision, and opting for a 4 carat diamond is even more significant. With its undeniable beauty, a 4 carat ...

Princess Cut Diamond Buying Guide – All You Need to Know

The princess cut is relatively new in the world of diamond cuts. It was first introduced around the 1960s, but it was only in 1979 that it received its name ...

Loose vs. Mounted Diamond – Here’s What to Know

When you’re thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring, there is one consideration that most people tend to overlook. Should you purchase a loose ...

What Are East-West (Horizontal) Engagement Ring? 9 Stunning Styles

We’re used to seeing things a certain way, and the slightest tweak can make us sit up and take notice. Such is the case when gemstones are set sideways - a ...

How to Choose a Diamond – A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are after a diamond engagement ring, you might agree with us that the hardest part about buying an engagement ring is choosing the diamond. Whether ...

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