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If you find that your necklace is too short, a necklace extender might be just the thing you need. A necklace extender gives you the flexibility of playing around with different lengths for your necklace, meaning that you can get the exact length you want.

Necklace extenders can range from 1 to 3 inches or more, depending on the style of the necklace. They can range in style and design, but the most common option is the plain chain extender featuring a series of interlocked circles with a spring ring or lobster clasp at the end.

Plain necklace extender
By Marcia H Designs. Check Price Here.

Some necklace extenders can be customized to be part of the necklace design, with more interesting clasps or embellishments added to it. You could have beads, hearts or charms at the end of the extender to give it personality and make it more than just an extender.

Necklace extender with heart
By Funksion Jewellery. Check Price Here.

So how do you use a necklace extender?

Often, it comes already attached to your necklace to give you the versatility of length. If, however, you’ve bought a necklace and find it’s too short, you can separately buy a necklace extender to suit the metal color and style of your necklace and simply attach it with the clasp.

It’s important to pick a necklace extender that blends in with the necklace itself for the best look. If the necklace doesn’t suit the style of the necklace itself, it’ll stand out and look like an afterthought. If going for yellow gold, check the specific karatage to get the most similar color. For example, a 22k gold chain will have a very different yellow to a 9k gold chain.

When buying a necklace, many retailers often offer a necklace extender as an upsell or as an optional inclusion, depending on the type of materials the necklace is made of.

If it’s made of precious metals, then the extender will come at an additional cost. If the necklace is inexpensive costume jewelry, you won’t have to pay much or anything at all.

Pro Tip When Giving a Necklace Gift

If you’re buying a necklace as a gift and aren’t sure about the length, an extender can be the best option.

Try to have the extender fitted to be both shorter and longer than the estimated length you’re after. So, for example, if you’re looking to buy a 20-inch necklace as a gift, with a 3-inch extender, go for a 19-inch necklace plus extender. This way, the person receiving the gift can go shorter or longer as required.

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