How to Choose Ametrine Jewelry – An Expert Guide

You may have heard of amethyst and citrine, but did you know there’s a stone called ametrine? Combining the beauty of the two famous gemstones after which it is named, ametrine is a bicolored gemstone that is very unique. When made into beautiful jewelry, it is eye catching and simpy stunning.

Despite all this, ametrine is an affordable gemstone and would suit any budget or style. Keep reading for everything you need to know about ametrine.

What is Ametrine?

Ametrine Ring
A combination of citrine and amethyst. See this here.

Ametrine, like amethyst and citrine, is a member of the quartz family. It gets its name from the combination of ame(thyst) and (ci)trine.

Ametrine is a unique gemstone, displaying both the distinct purple of amethyst and the yellow-golden hues of citrine. The only notable source of this bicolored gemstone is the Anahi Mine in Bolivia from which all the world’s ametrine production comes from. This is also why ametrine is the national stone of Bolivia and is sometimes called bolivanite.

To be considered ametrine, the gemstone must display both purple and yellow hues. Only a percentage of the rough that comes out of the Anahi Mine contains both colors and  is considered ametrine, while the rest is either amethyst, clear quartz or citrine, depending on the color.

Ametrine’s Unique Color Combination

Ametrine earrings
Transparent ametrine gemstone earrings with a 50-50 split in color. See these here

Ametrine is all about the color. It is the defining feature of this stone, and sets it apart from other varieties of quartz.

Each ametrine is unique in its color-zoning and the patterns that it exhibits. Ametrine’s color ranges from faint violet to intense purple and from pale yellow to a deep, golden brown.  

The most sought after ametrine stones are those that display an even split between the two colors, with a clear boundary between the two.

When choosing ametrine color, look out for stones that showcase medium to strong hues as these are considered the most valuable.

Ametrine Clarity

Ametrine is typically transparent with no visible inclusions. It has an attractive, vitreous luster when polished and faceted. This is typical of all quartz gemstones.

Choosing Ametrine Cut

The cut of the stone can bring out the colors to the best effect, which is why this is an important factor when evaluating ametrine. Ametrine is typically cut into faceted shapes, with step cuts such as emerald and Asscher being the most popular. Rectangular shapes are ideal for ametrine as they tend to show off the gemstone’s bicolor appearance to advantage.

Gem cutters often get creative with ametrine cuts and utilise the natural color zoning to bring out stunning patterns within the stone. While you’ll find that most ametrine used in jewelry contain standard cuts, every now and then you may come across a stunning fantasy cut ametrine.

What is the Value of Ametrine?

Natural Ametrine Pendant
Natural Ametrine pendant. See this here

Ametrine is a very rare gemstone. Although amethyst is commonly found, citrine is very rare and as a result ametrine, which contains citrine, is also rare. Even so, the gemstone remains quite affordable. Compared to other similar gemstones, ametrine is usually within the reach of most people’s budgets and when compared to other bicolored stones like alexandrite or watermelon tourmaline, ametrine is a steal.

Having said that, note that the quality of the jewelry setting, the materials used and the designers name and expertise all play a role in determining the ultimate price of ametrine jewelry.

Synthetic and Treated Ametrine

Amethyst is sometimes partially heat treated or irradiated to alter its color to resemble ametrine. Ametrine can also be fracture filled to enhance stability and clarity of the stone.

Synthetic ametrine is also available on the market but as natural ametrine is relatively affordable, synthetic versions are not in highly in demand. This may change as ametrine continues to become scarcer.

Your retailer should disclose the origin of the stone or if the stone has been treated in any way. Some retailers will specifically state that their ametrine comes from the Anahi Mine, labelling their ametrine as Anahi ametrine.

Ametrine in Jewelry

Ametrine Gemstone Panchdhatu
Ametrine ring. See this here.

Ametrine is quite durable with a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. It can be made into all types of jewelry, including high exposure pieces like rings and bracelets. Because of their unique patterns and color zoning, this is a gemstone that gives designers a lot of room for creativity. You’ll often find stunning one-off ametrine jewelry designs.

Another thing to note is that ametrine contains both warm and cool colors in a single stone. This means that the gemstone can complement any skin tone and looks beautiful on anyone. It harmoniously blends the difference into a single gemstone that is extremely versatile and flattering to wear.

Ametrine is best paired with either yellow or rose gold. The purple hues of the stone tend to contrast beautifully with the metal color while the yellow hues of the stone complement each other seamlessly. This makes for intriguing jewelry. Using diamonds in ametrine jewelry adds dazzle and sparkle to the piece, and elevates its quality and value to new levels.

Another question many ametrine lovers have is whether ametrine can be used in an engagement ring. Engagement rings need to be able to withstand daily exposure and rough wear.

Gold Ametrine Earrings
Ametrine earrings. See this here.

While ametrine is durable, we don’t recommend it for daily wear (more on why in the section below). However, if your heart is set on a unique ametrine engagement ring, make sure you choose a protective setting, such as bezel or halo. Over time, ametrine rings can lose their luster and appear dull and faded.

How to Clean and Care for Ametrine

Ametrine is a hard stone and as it has no cleavage, it is also very tough. However, it can be scratched over time and if subject to a hard blow, ametrine can fracture. It is also sensitive to sudden intense temperature changes, which can cause it to crack or break. Here are our top tips on how to clean and care for ametrine:

  • The best way to clean ametrine jewelry is to simply use a mild liquid soap and warm water. Keep harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners at bay and instead use either a soft cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush for a thorough clean.
  • You can use an ultrasonic cleaner for your ametrine jewelry but avoid this if the ametrine has been fracture treated or color enhanced. If you aren’t sure, then it’s safer to avoid the ultrasonic cleaner altogether.
  • Take off ametrine jewelry when engaging in vigorous activities, such as gardening, playing sports or swimming.
  • Keep ametrine jewelry away from chemicals and household detergents, including makeup and perfume, and wipe it clean immediately if the stone comes into contact with such chemicals.
  • When storing ametrine jewelry, place it in a separate dust-free bag or pouch, away from other gemstones and metals. Harder gemstones can scratch ametrine if placed together.
  • Ametrine is known to be photosensitive and can fade if exposed to strong light, especially direct sunlight. Avoid exposing your ametrine to strong sources of light.

Symbolism and Meaning of Ametrine

Ametrine Natural Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Ametrine is a dual stone. See this here.

Ametrine is seen as a stone that blends two energies, combining all the benefits of both amethyst and citrine in a single stone. It is a stone that brings mental clarity and vision, making it easy to manifest what you desire. It enhances your empathy and compatibility, making it easier for you to connect with others. It also fosters your creative imagination and enhances positive thoughts.

Ametrine is said to combine masculine energy of citrine with the feminine energy of amethyst, making it an excellent stone for balancing sexual energy and helping to heal issues related to romantic relationships.

In terms of physical health, ametrine is thought to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins and negative energy and to regenerate the body. It is said to heal depression, tiredness, migraines and diseases related to mental stress and anxiety among others.

Where to Buy Ametrine Jewelry

Taking your ametrine search online will give you a range of options to choose from. While ametrine is an affordable gemstone, vet the retailers and the quality of the stone carefully. If it is extremely cheap, it’s probably a fake. Always check the after-sales policies, evaluate the quality of the stone and check if it has been treated. If it is natural ametrine, it should be sourced from the Anahi mine.

We recommend the following platforms.

Etsy – Etsy has a wide range of ametrine jewelry, from authentic antiques to inexpensive dyed pieces jewelry. Do your due diligence, and ensure that the store is reputable. Check out our guide on how to shop on Etsy if you’d like some pointers.

Amazon – Amazon offers high-quality loose and already mounted ametrine jewelry. This gives you a wide range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Again, do your due diligence and check the authenticity of the piece and retailer. Check our guide on shopping for jewelry on Amazon here.

Wrapping Up

Combining the beauty and benefits of both amethyst and citrine, ametrine is a stone that stands out with its unique look. It makes for stylish jewelry and its rarity makes it highly valuable.

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