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Gold Dipped Roses – A Golden Twist to the Classic Flower

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One of the worst things about receiving a bunch of beautiful roses is knowing that in a few days, those roses are going to end up in the bin. What if there was a way to preserve a rose forever, without detracting from its beauty, elegance and value?

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This is where gold dipped roses come in, an innovative idea that allows you to preserve roses in a truly unique way. Gold dipped roses, also known as forever roses, are ideal gift ideas, especially for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries and birthday.

And the best part?

They last forever.

In this article, we’ll cover all the questions you may have about gold dipped roses.

How is a gold dipped rose created?

As the name implies, a gold dipped rose is a real living flower that has been dipped in a gold solution. There are many different ways that this is done, with several companies well-known for their own patented, top-secret processes.

Yellow gold dipped rose

A 24K gold dipped natural rose. See it on Etsy.

Generally, the method is time consuming and laborious, involving a live rose that is first encased in durable lacquer, electroformed and then finally plated in real gold. Some companies state that their process takes up to 3 months to complete a single rose.

Here’s a video that shows parts of the process of how gold dipped roses are made.

Is the 24K gold rose real?

This is a question that many of our readers ask us, and the answer to this is yes. Both the flower and the 24K gold is real. However, the quality of the end product varies depending on the designer or company you choose it from.

For example, some companies coat the flowers in tin and then spray them with a very thin, low quality gold plating. The best quality flowers are plated with high quality 24K gold, which give the flowers a gorgeous color and more values.

Before you get too excited about the gold content in 24K gold dipped roses, we suggest reading our article on gold plating. The gold content used in gold plating is so little that it doesn’t have that much value.

How much do gold dipped roses cost?

The prices vary for gold dipped roses, with the average rose costing about $70 to $400 dollars. The quality of craftsmanship and materials used has a direct bearing on the cost. For example, a 9K gold dipped rose will cost much less than a 24K one. The thickness of the gold plating is also important, as the thicker it is the more expensive due to the higher gold content.

Meaning of Gold Dipped Roses

Roses are given between lovers to symbolize love, passion and romance. However, giving a gold dipped rose is a symbol of lasting love. This is a rose that will never die and will always remain to remind you of the special moment you received them.

Because this is a valuable and long-lasting gift, it’s a great gift for a steady relationship or when you feel that the relationship is going somewhere. It’s like gifting jewelry, special and meaningful.

Variations to the Gold Dipped Rose

There are many variations to the gold dipped rose. Some people may prefer a different color or would like to see more of the actual flower. Here are three main variations:

  1. Silver Dipped Rose

silver dipped rose

A sterling silver dipped rose by Daniela Lopresti on Etsy

Sterling silver roses are relatively more affordable than their gold counterparts. They have a beautiful toned-down color and blend beautifully into any room décor. Sterling silver dipped roses are a great alternative if you find gold roses too bright or loud.

  1. Platinum Dipped Roses

Like sterling silver roses, platinum dipped roses are also silver-hued and sophisticated. Platinum is a highly valuable metal, much rarer and more durable than gold and silver.

Platinum symbolizes love, purity, rarity and strength. It’s a popular choice for male and female wedding and engagement rings. Gifting a platinum dipped rose is a symbol of everlasting love and strength in the relationship.

  1. Gold Trimmed Rose

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Stunning detail on gold lacquer rose by Living Gold Co on Etsy.

Gold trimmed roses are real roses that have been preserved in lacquer. Then, instead of plating the entire flower with gold, they are carefully and artistically trimmed with gold. This method keeps the original colors and appearance of the rose, with all the detail intact such as the veins and petals of the flower.

The best part about these roses is the preservation of detail and how the flower appears realistic and yet artificial at the same time. It’s a great alternative to the pure metal plated roses. These gold trimmed roses come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that suits your taste. You can also opt for silver trimmed roses if gold isn’t to your taste.

  1. Gold Dipped Orchids

What if roses just aren’t your thing? Then you can opt for a different type of flower. Some collections feature rose trimmed orchids, like the one below. These are stunning in their detail and color combinations. What’s more, they’re a bit off the beaten track too and are ideal especially if you’re loved one likes receiving something different.

gold dipped orchids

Exquisite gold trimmed orchids. See it here.

Orchids represent love, beauty, strength and luxury. They are perfect as gifts on special occasions and make a great alternative to roses.

Where to Buy Gold Dipped Roses

There are many companies that offer gold dipped roses but we recommend taking your search to Amazon or Etsy for the best deals. Most of the top companies sell their products via these two platforms, allowing you to easily compare and contrast the prices and quality prior to purchase. You will also be able to find many other alternatives to the gold dipped rose.

As with all things, you get what you pay for. The lower the price, usually the lower the quality.

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