Dolphin Rings – Ideas and Designs for a Unique Ring

Wearing bridal jewelry that reflects who we are and what we’re passionate about is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world.  For example, if you or your partner loves dolphins, you can choose to showcase that in your wedding ring. Dolphin motifs have long been popular for wedding rings since there’s a lot of symbolism behind them and they can also be quite stunning.  

There’s a wide variety of dolphin wedding rings from minimal to elaborate designs, made of various metals. In this article, we’re going to explore the symbolism behind dolphin wedding rings and why this could be the perfect choice for you. 

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What Are Dolphin Wedding Rings? 

vintage diamond dolphin ring on a finger
Dolphin wedding ring by DecaturCoinN Jewelry. See it here.

Dolphin wedding rings are an interesting and unique alternative to other traditional wedding bands since they incorporate the beauty and symbolism of dolphins in their design. There are many reasons why people are drawn to this style. Here are a few reasons why you might prefer to choose a dolphin motif for your own wedding ring: 

  • You love dolphins and you may even be an avid collector of dolphin-themed items. 
  • You’re planning to have a beach or destination wedding and would like your ring to be memorable for the occasion. 
  • You are looking for something unique and fun. Your ring is an expression of who you are alone as well as part of a couple. 
  • You’re attracted to the beauty and symbolism of this aquatic mammal.  

Symbolism of Dolphins 

Sometimes people choose to wear a dolphin wedding ring because of what it signifies. Almost every part of your bridal ensemble and everything that has to do with your wedding has its own symbolism. For instance, a wedding band is a circle with no beginning or end that signifies a lifelong commitment. A white wedding dress is associated with purity as well as goodness and loyalty.  

Before you go ahead and choose a dolphin wedding ring for your big day, let’s take a look at the symbolism of dolphins and what these animals signify in various cultures around the world: 

1. Protection 

Throughout history, the dolphin has been a symbol of protection since it has featured in many stories in which drowning sailors were saved by the creature.  

In Native American culture, the dolphin is regarded as a protector of people at sea, dragging them back to the shoreline to save them from drowning or being eaten by sharks.  

Some people believe that these mammals were once humans who transformed themselves into dolphins so as to guard their tribe. Due to this reason, the dolphin is revered in these regions and killing them is forbidden.  

2. Resurrection 

Like butterflies, dolphins are also viewed as symbols of resurrection. According to ancient stories, they ferry the dead, making sure that the souls of the deceased safely make it to a peaceful afterlife. In Ancient Greece, dolphins were believed to be responsible for ferrying the dead to the Fortune Isles where they could reside in the afterlife with the mythological heroes.  

While resurrection may not seem relevant to marriage and relationships, it does represent something. A lifelong relationship can be challenging to maintain and some couples experience difficulties down the line.  

All relationships encounter rough patches, but whenever you look at the dolphin on your ring, you’ll be reminded of what it symbolizes: resurrection. It’s possible to resurrect a marriage that may be failing and make it stronger than ever.  

3. Peace and Harmony 

A symbol of peace and harmony, dolphins are extremely intelligent mammals that have the ability to trust their instincts without overthinking things. They generally live in peace with other aquatic creatures as well as with humans. Their gentle, trusting nature reminds us to see the good in everyone and try to live in peace with everything around us.  

4. Inner Strength and Self-Confidence 

Strong and fearless in the wild, dolphins never back down from a fight. When threatened by predators, they fight to the death instead of swimming away. Because of this, they’re known to represent self-confidence and inner strength. 

5. Cooperation 

Dolphins also symbolize cooperation since they’re capable of living in social groups and cooperating with other animals around them. They possess selflessness and cooperation which are qualities that many people try to achieve. They take care of each other, feeding the injured and gathering around the mothers and calves to protect them from predators.  

6. Good Luck, Fortune and Positivity 

Dolphins are considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures. There is a tale that tells of sailors who had spent months at sea and saw a school of dolphins swimming near their ship. They took it as a sign that land was near and since then, dolphins have been regarded as a symbol of good luck and positivity.  

In Chinese tradition, the dolphin is a sign that you’re making a difference in people’s lives and the path you’ve chosen is the right one. It’s a symbol of fortune, good luck and all positive things that will come your way.   

When looking at the list above, it’s easy to see why the dolphin is a prevalent symbol for a wedding or a marriage. Dolphins possess many qualities that most people wish to have and desire in a life partner. They also symbolize certain things that are necessary for a successful, life-long relationship such as protection, peace, cooperation, good luck and positivity.  

Dolphin Wedding and Engagement Ring Designs 

Now that you have an understanding about the symbolism of the dolphin, you may want to consider wearing a dolphin ring for your wedding. There are hundreds of beautiful and unique styles for you to choose from so here are some ideas we’ve put together that you might find inspiring.   

1. Modern Ring Designs 

One of the most popular ways to design a dolphin wedding ring is to add the dolphin to a traditional ring. For instance, many modern engagement rings have a large center stone which remains the focal point of the piece regardless of all its embellishments. You can have a dolphin added on either side of the stone, which will highlight it further or you can choose a ready-made ring like this one:  

dolphin engagement ring
Dolphin engagement ring by SS Jewels Inc. See it here.

2. Plain Wedding Bands  

If you’d rather have a simple, but colorful wedding band without a lot of extra bits and pieces, consider a ring with dolphin motifs printed or engraved in it. This band is a unisex piece which means both you and your groom will be able to wear it as a matching set.  

dolphin printed ring
Wedding band with dolphin inlay. See it here.

3. Unique and Fun Wedding Rings 

Not everyone wants rings with large center stones or plain wedding bands. Sometimes, a more unique and exciting ring is what fits a person’s core personality. If this is you, you might want to look outside the typical styles and go for a piece that will stand out.   

gold dolphin cocktail ring
Gold dolphin ring by the Diamond 2 Deal Store. See it here.

How to Choose a Dolphin Ring  

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a dolphin ring on your wedding day, there are some important things you might want to consider before you make your purchase:  

  • The Metal: The most popular metals for wedding and engagement rings are the precious metals – silver, gold and platinum. The metal you pick will affect the overall look of the ring. If you want a piece with a sleek and modern look, choose a silver-hued metal but if you’re going for a warmer, vintage feel, you can choose yellow or rose gold instead.  
  • The Setting: You can choose any setting you like for your dolphin ring, but make sure that the gemstone (if applicable) won’t run the risk of falling out. If you like, you can go for a plain band or a dolphin-shaped band that will look unique on its own, without the need for gemstones.  
  • The Dolphin Motif: You can have as many dolphins as you like on your ring, depending on how it’s designed. However, keep in mind that a big, bulky ring can be uncomfortable and snag easily.  
  • Ring Durability: For someone who leads an active and busy lifestyle, a simple dolphin ring with an inlay would be an ideal choice since larger or more elaborate pieces can get damaged easily and require a lot of care. 

Where to Buy Dolphin Wedding Rings 

Finding the perfect dolphin wedding ring can be challenging, especially in your local brick-and-mortar jewelry store. Physical stores usually have limited stock and they tend to carry typical designs and not the exception. If they don’t have dolphin rings in stock, they might offer to do a custom order, but that will cost extra money and take additional time. 

When you are looking for a unique or niche piece of jewelry, your best bet is to shop online, where you can find almost anything. Two of the best places to find dolphin rings are Etsy and Amazon. Both offer a range of unique dolphin engagement and wedding rings at various prices, so you’re sure to find something you like.  

why choose a dolphin ring

Wrapping Up  

When it comes to finding the ideal dolphin ring for your wedding or engagement, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort. However, even the most beautiful dolphin ring can look out of date down the line, as fashion changes. You can always change your wedding ring down the track, but if you want something classic, it’s best to go for traditional options.  

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