9 Best Stores to Buy Engagement Rings in Hawaii Right Now

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring in Hawaii, the search for the perfect one becomes an unforgettable part of your love story. Hawaii offers a range of jewelers known for their craftsmanship and authenticity. We have picked out ten of the best stores to buy engagement rings in Hawaii, and why we think they’re the best in the business.  

1. Diamond Guy (Honolulu) 

pear and baguettes diamond engagement ring

Location: 1188 Bishop Street, Honolulu, HI 96813, United States 

Customer Reviews: 5 Stars 

Diamond Guy Hawaii truly captures the island vibe, setting a high standard in jewelry artistry. The experienced craftsmen are great at making unique pieces just for you. They have both custom designs and ready-made options that suit different styles. 

One of the standout features of Diamond Guy is their unwavering commitment to their clientele. Remarkably, they craft a custom ring in as little as 3 weeks, without letting quality slide. They’re also ahead of the curve with their collection of lab-grown diamonds, catering to the ethically conscious and budget-wise folks.  

Whether you’re keen on a personal consultation in Honolulu or browsing their collection online, they’re prepared for both. And with their experienced staff and intuitive website, the journey to your ideal jewelry piece is hassle-free. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: Diamond Guy.

2. Greenleaf Diamonds (Kihei) 

yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Location: 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr suite b26-a, Kihei, HI 96753 

Customer Reviews: 5 Stars 

When we first came across Greenleaf Diamonds, we were genuinely captivated by how they’ve woven the rich traditions of the island into their brand. Shopping for an engagement ring is a deeply personal journey, and it’s clear that Greenleaf understands this. Every piece of their jewelry resonates with authenticity and quality. 

What truly stood out to us was their commitment to excellence. Their online catalog boasts a stunning array of intricate designs, but it doesn’t just stop at pre-made selections. Greenleaf has this exceptional ability to create bespoke engagement rings, ensuring each piece is as unique as the love story it represents. 

If you’re in Kihei or anywhere across the Hawaiian islands and looking for an unforgettable shopping experience, Greenleaf Diamonds should be on your radar. Their blend of extensive design options and individualized attention makes them a premier destination.  

To book a consultation, check their website here: Greenleaf Diamonds

3. Kay Jewelers (Honolulu) 

round diamond pave engagement ring

Location: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Spc. 3525, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States 

Customer Reviews: 4.5 Stars 

With a history in the jewelry world that spans over a century, it’s no wonder that Kay Jewelers has built a stellar reputation. From timeless classics to modern statement pieces, their expansive collection truly offers something for everyone. 

Their on-site jewelers don’t just possess a wealth of knowledge; they genuinely care about guiding you through your jewelry journey. Shopping for a ring (or any piece of jewelry, really) can be daunting, but with their guidance, it felt more like an enjoyable exploration. 

Whether you need engraving to add that personal touch, resizing for a perfect fit, or even maintenance to keep your jewelry in top condition – Kay Jewelers has got you covered. If you’re on the hunt for a seamless blend of tradition, top-tier quality, and truly personalized service, this store is a must-visit.  

To book a consultation, check their website here: Kay Jewelers

4. JES Jewelry Co. (Honolulu) 

round cut diamond engagement ring and wedding band

Location: 745 Ke’eaumoku St # 101, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States 

Customer Reviews: 5 Stars 

Discovering JES Jewelry Co. was such a delightful surprise! As someone who deeply appreciates a blend of tradition and modern flair, I was captivated by how JES seamlessly fuses Hawaiian heritage with contemporary design elements. The fact that each piece is ‘locally handcrafted’ only adds to its allure. 

While browsing through their catalog, I was taken aback by the variety of engagement rings on offer. From the evergreen solitaire to designs that beautifully echo the Hawaiian spirit, there’s something to cater to every taste. But what genuinely won my heart was their custom services. They have this uncanny ability to bring any unique vision to life – perfect for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their jewelry. 

But it’s not just their designs that stand out. JES’s commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in each piece. And their team? Simply fantastic! Their focus on educating clients is such a refreshing approach. It made me feel so much more confident in my choices, knowing I had the backing of their knowledgeable insights. And let’s not forget the array of services they provide – complimentary resizing, appraisals, and maintenance, just to name a few. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: JES Jewelry Co.

5. The Diamond Specialists (Honolulu) 

round diamond twist engagement ring

Location: 1123 11th Ave., Ste. 405 Kaimuki Municipal Parking Lot, Honolulu, HI 96816, United States 

Customer Reviews: 4.4 Stars

I recently had the pleasure of exploring The Diamond Specialists in Honolulu and found that their reputation for precision and craftsmanship is well-deserved. While their online collection might not be vast, each piece speaks volumes about their artistry. It’s clear that when they say they make custom engagement rings, they really mean they craft perfection.  

But what left an indelible mark on me wasn’t just their exquisitely designed rings. It’s the plethora of customer-centric services they offer. I was impressed by how they breathe new life into old family stones, making them look brand new. If you’re ever curious about the value of your jewelry, they’re your go-to experts. Their professionalism shines through, and their pricing? Quite competitive. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: The Diamond Specialists 

6. Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings (Waimalu) 

semi mount round diamond engagement ring

Location: 1322 Kapiolani Blvd Suite A1, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States 

Customer Reviews: 5 Stars

When we visited Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings, we were genuinely impressed by their craftsmanship. Their jewelry, especially the engagement rings, stood out for their elegance and quality. We did observe that their online collection is limited, but the pieces presented are a good representation of their attention to detail. 

What we also appreciated is that their service isn’t limited to just selling jewelry. They offer practical services like resetting family gemstones and restoring older rings. Their jewelry evaluations also seemed thorough. If you’re considering a place that values both craftsmanship and customer service, Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings is worth checking out. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings. 

7. Luna Jewels (Honolulu) 

emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring

Location: 1221 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States 

Customer Reviews: 5 Stars 

While exploring Honolulu’s jewelry scene, we came across Luna Jewels. Their handcrafted designs, especially the engagement rings, caught our attention. Although their online selection is limited, it certainly does justice to the creativity and detail of their work. We found a range of rings, suitable for lovers of both classic and modern styles. 

Beyond the jewelry itself, we were appreciative of the personalized services they offer. It’s evident they’re about more than just selling. They offer custom designs, have the ability to reset family stones, and can refresh older rings. They’re professional, their pricing is transparent and their service is genuine. If you’re in Honolulu and value a mix of craftsmanship and care, we’d recommend checking out Luna Jewels. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: Luna Jewels. 

8. Solitaire Jewelers (Honolulu) 

solitaire diamond engagement ring in a jewelry box

Location: 1750 Kalākaua Ave STE 105, Honolulu, HI 96826, United States 

Customer Reviews: 4.8 Stars

Nestled in the city center, Solitaire Jewelers has got a good mix of both classic and current pieces, making it easy for everyday wear or those one-off events. We were especially drawn to their engagement rings – they feel like a nod to both quality craftsmanship and the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. 

We did take a look at their online collection, but seeing their pieces firsthand and speaking with their staff made a world of difference. What stood out was the thoughtful packaging and the attentive customer service.  

To book a consultation, check their website here: Solitaire Jewelers. 

9. The Wedding Ring Shop (Honolulu) 

carizza two tone diamond engagement ring

Location: 1181 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States 

Customer Reviews: 4.9 Stars

The Wedding Ring Shop specializes in timeless engagement rings, blending classic and contemporary designs for every memorable proposal. They hold customer experience in high regard and we found the store a refreshing change from the often impersonal retail landscape. They boast an extensive range, suitable for all budgets, ensuring every shopper finds their ideal ring. 

Their collaboration with big brands like Gabriel and Co. means their online collection is nothing short of impressive. Beyond the stunning designs, it was their bespoke services that truly won us over. Their offerings, from repairs to restorations, made our shopping journey feel complete. 

If you’re in LA and yearn for a blend of diverse options and heartfelt service, The Wedding Ring Shop should be your go-to. 

To book a consultation, check their website here: The Wedding Ring Shop. 

Wrapping Up  

Whether you’re drawn to the contemporary elegance of Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings or the personalized touch of JES Jewelry Co., Hawaii’s diverse selection caters to every preference. With the island’s spirit infusing each piece, these destinations ensure that the symbol of love you choose is as timeless as the paradise that surrounds it.

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