Best Jewelry for Rook Piercing: A Complete Guide

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The rook ear piercing is seeing a huge surge in popularity and is currently trending as one of the favorite ear piercing types.  

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Cool, stylish and eye-catching, the rook piercing is perfect if you want a subtle yet overt statement. It’s kind of a contradiction in that it’s in a hidden part of your ear, but yet is immediately noticeable. It’s an area of the ear that most people tend to ignore until it’s dressed up with a piercing and suddenly it takes all attention!

There are many ways to dress up a rook piercing, beyond the typical stud and hoop so let’s take a look at the best rook piercing jewelry options.

What is a Rook Piercing?

Where is rook piercing
Location of rook piercing.
rook piercing jewelry
Rook piercing hoop earring by Modern Jewelry Boutique. See it here.

The rook piercing is located on the upper part of your inside ear, where the big fold of the cartilage is found. It’s above your tragus and in the anti-helix section. The piercing passes from the underside of the ridge to the upper part, going through the folded cartilage.

The rook piercing is quite a complex procedure, compared to most other types of ear piercings. It requires great skill on the part of the piercer which is why it’s really important to find a trusted and licensed piercer with a great track record to do it for you.

If you’re wondering where the name rook comes from, it’s said to be the nickname of Eric Dakota, a popular professional piercer who originated and popularized this particular piercing back in the early 1990s.

Best Jewelry for Rook Piercing

There are so many options for rook piercing jewelry so let’s get right into it!

1. Rook Piercing Barbell Jewelry

Barbells embellish both the top and bottom parts of the piercing. There are three main types of barbells, going from straight to circular.

Surgical stainless steel straight barbell rook piercing jewelry
Surgical stainless steel straight barbell by Forbidden Body Jewelry. See it here
Rook Curved Barbell Earring
Rook curved barbell earrings by Twilight London. See them here.
Jewelled Horseshoe Circular Barbell
Jewelled Horseshoe Circular Barbell by Dusty Jewelz. See it here.

Barbells are a good idea for rook piercings because they move freely and can be cleaned easily. This aids in the healing process and keeps the piercing free from infection. Barbells are also quite versatile and can be embellished with gemstones and diamonds to add color and sparkle. The location of the rook piercing complements the shape of the barbells, making them a match made in heaven.

However, barbells can get snagged in things like clothes and sheets and can put more pressure on your rook piercing. Also, putting them on and taking them off can be difficult due to the threading mechanism which can take time and be quite tricky. Regardless of this, most people opt for barbells when they get a rook piercing.

2. Hoops and Captive Bead Rings

Captive bead rings
Stainless steel captive bead rings by Forbidden Body Jewelry. See them here.
Black spike captive bead rings
Captive bead hoop earrings by Oufer Jewelry. See them here.

Hoops are recommended by experts for fresh piercings because they don’t snag on things and are easy to clean. They move freely and are comfortable to wear, putting less pressure on the piercing.

Hoops are versatile and come in a range of designs, including captive bead rings, seamless hoops, and segmented hoops.  Captive bead rings also called fixed bead rings, are a favorite choice for fresh rook piercings.

3. Heart Shaped Rook Jewelry

heart shaped rook piercing jewelry
Heart rook earring by Body Clickers. See it here.

Heart-shaped jewelry is perfect for rook piercings, as it nestles in the ear, mimicking the curve of the outer edge of the ear. This type of rook jewelry is seamless and doesn’t have any hinges or threads, which makes it easier to keep clean and to put on and take off.

These come in minimalist styles as well as decorated designs featuring gemstones and charms.

Rook Piercing Metals

Always choose a hypoallergenic, bio-compatible metal for piercings, especially for fresh piercings and if you have metal sensitivities. Precious metals like gold are a good choice, but if they have low purity levels, the alloy could contain allergens that could cause issues.

Some of the best options are also the most affordable. These include:

  • Titanium
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Nobium
  • 14K or 18K yellow gold

Avoid these metals as they can cause irritation, discoloration, and reactions:

  • Silver and sterling silver
  • Plastic or nylon
  • Metals such as rolled gold, gold vermeil, and plating
  • Brass, copper, and bronze

To learn more about these metals and what makes them hypoallergenic or not, check out our quick guide here.

Rook Piercing Pain – How Much Does It Hurt?

The rook piercing is quite painful for most people and is comparable to daith and tragus piercings. Because of the thickness of the cartilage, it often is more about pressure than pain, which can be quite uncomfortable.

rook piercing pain meter

Most people find the pain during the healing period quite high for the rook piercing but remember that pain is subjective as everyone’s pain tolerance differs.

As one Quora user put it:

“I’ve heard that rook piercings were one of the most painful piercings but I personally didn’t find it too bad. I got my rook pierced a few weeks ago and I would rate the pain level to be about a 3 or 4 out of 10 – imagine the pain of getting a flu shot but with a thicker needle. The pain is also more of a “pressure” or the feeling of something pressing/clamping down on your ear rather than a sharp piercing pain.” 

So, to reiterate, it all depends. Just keep an open mind and don’t psyche yourself out too much before the piercing.

Rook Piercing Aftercare

Keeping your rook piercing clean is paramount to ensuring that it heals well and doesn’t get infected. Like all cartilage piercings, the rook takes a long time to heal so allow between 6 months to a year for complete recovery. Cartilage piercings are also susceptible to infections which is why aftercare is so important.

During this time, ensure that the piercing is cleaned with anti-microbial soap like this one and saline wound wash to keep the bacteria away. Follow your piercer’s instructions accurately, especially in the first few weeks of the piercing, avoid sleeping on the ear, and take care when engaging in activities like exercise or sport as you have a higher chance of knocking the ear.

Don’t change rook piercing jewelry for at least the first 6-8 months of the piercing to avoid complications.

Can Rook Piercings Help with Headaches?

Many people get the rook piercing simply to help with persistent headaches. Because the rook piercing is a pressure point, it works like an acupuncture treatment and is believed to assist with alleviating headaches. The scientific jury is still out on this and there’s no general consensus reached on this.

Rook Piercing – Not for Everyone

Not everyone is able to get the rook piercing, as it depends on the formation of your ear. If the fold of your ear is very small, the rate of rejection tends to be higher. Check with your piercer if your ear can take the rook, and if not, you could opt for something like the daith piercing which is still cooked and very similar to the rook.

Where to Buy Rook Jewelry

Most shops specializing in body piercing jewelry will have a host of rook jewelry on offer. We suggest searching online to get an idea of the type of jewelry available.


If you are looking for a handmade or unique option, Etsy is probably the one place you shouldn’t skip. There’s a range of creative rook jewelry designs on offer here, varying in price and style to suit all shoppers.


Most specialist body piercing shops offer their jewelry via Amazon, making it a great one-stop solution for your rook piercing needs. Do your due diligence and vet the seller but we’re sure you’ll find some amazing rook jewelry pieces here.

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