Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Your Daith Piercing

The Daith piercing is currently one of the biggest trends when it comes to ear piercings. Unique and stylish, the daith is immediately eye-catching and a great way to express your personality. And with so many ways to dress up a daith piercing, choosing the right piece of jewelry can be challenging.

Let’s take a look at the best jewelry for daith piercings and whether this piercing is the right one for you.

What is a Daith Piercing?

daith piercing guide
The location of a daith piercing.
14K gold daith piercing
Gorgeous 14K gold daith piercing. See it on Etsy.

A daith piercing is a special ear piercing that goes through a part of the ear’s cartilage called the crus of the helix. It’s located right above where you’d find the ear canal. Because it’s in a hidden part of the ear, it’s a bit tricky to get.

Some people get this piercing for its looks, while others believe it can help with migraine pain, even though there’s no strong scientific proof for that. If a professional does it, you can wear many types of jewelry with it, from basic hoops to fancier pieces. This makes it a popular choice for expressing personal style.

Origin and History of Daith Piercings

The daith piercing has gained popularity throughout history, but its roots in body art aren’t ancient. Erik Dakota, a famous piercer, introduced the term “daith” from the Hebrew word meaning “knowledge.” In the 1980s, Dakota did the first daith piercing.

The unique spot of this piercing, close to the ear’s inner cartilage, adds to its charm. Many people also believe it helps with migraine relief.

Over the years, new jewelry designs have made the daith piercing even more popular. People can now pick designs that match their style. Today, this piercing shows how body art keeps changing and how it mixes with health and fashion ideas.

What’s the Best Jewelry for the Daith Piercing?

For daith piercings, you’ve got quite a few jewelry options to choose from. Whether you want a quiet, less obvious piece of daith jewelry or something sparkling and eye-catching, there’s something for every style.

1. Daith Piercing Hoops

daith captive bead rings
Captive bead rings for daith piercings. See them here.

Hoops are a versatile and easy-to-wear type of daith jewelry and are also probably the most common type of jewelry chosen for daith piercings. They come in a variety of designs, with captive bead rings, segmented rings, and seamless rings being some popular options. Captive or fixed bead rings are commonly chosen for fresh daith piercings as they are easy to clean, sit comfortably in your ear and cause less discomfort in general.

Hoops suit this type of piercing and many experts recommend going for hoop jewelry especially while the daith piercing is still in the healing process.

2. Daith Piercing Clicker Rings

daith piercing clicker jewelry
daith piercing clicker open
Daith piercing clicker ring. See it here.
solid gold daith clicker ring
Stunning solid gold daith clicker ring. See it here.

Clicker rings are commonly used for daith jewelry and can also be used in septum piercings. These are either perfectly round or semi-round. Usually, the metal of the hinged section which goes through the piercing is of a smaller gauge, while the outer, decorative section is larger and contains stones and other embellishments.

Daith clickers are a favorite choice for many who get their ears pierced and its versatility allows for many design options. You can opt to have diamonds and gemstones in your ring, to add color and sophistication. Plain metal clicker rings like this one, are also a beautiful choice as the metal designs can be detailed and unique.

However, clickers aren’t always recommended for a fresh piercing. They can be quite heavy, depending on the design, and there can also be a lot of movement with this type of daith jewelry, which can cause discomfort especially when you’re trying to sleep. Clickers are usually quite decorative, and this can be difficult to clean, especially during the initial months of healing and if not cleaned well, the risk of infection increases.

You could opt for a thinner gauge clicker for a fresh piercing but as always, your piercer will be able to help you out with the right option.

3. Daith Heart Shaped Rings

heart ring with butterfly daith Piercing
Heart closure ring for daith piercings. See it here.
daith piercing heart jewelry

Heart-shaped daith jewelry is a very beautiful choice and looks great on any ear. It tends to mimic the curve of the ear, which is part of its appeal. Heart-shaped daith jewelry is often chosen by piercers for new piercings as it is easy to clean and wear.

As the design doesn’t have hinges and is seamless, this type of daith jewelry is smooth and has fewer nooks that can collect bacteria.

4. Daith Barbell Jewelry

Barbells come in a few different designs, such as circular barbells, curved barbells, and straight barbells.

Crystal Circular Barbell
Crystal titanium circular barbell. See it here.
Butterfly curved barbell earring
Butterfly curved barbell earrings. See them here.
black straight barbell
Surgical Steel Straight Barbells. See them here.

Barbells are a great option once your daith piercing has completely healed but aren’t recommended for fresh piercings. This is because this type of jewelry can tend to snag on clothes and sheets which can aggravate the piercing and prolong the healing time. Experts recommend starting out with ring jewelry and then switching over to a barbell if you want.

Barbells are a stunning choice and look great in a daith piercing. While they can be harder to clean, tend to put more pressure on a piercing, and also tend to move back and forth, they’re simply beautiful and most people’s top choice for daith jewelry.

What are the Best Metals for Daith Piercing Jewelry?

Choosing the right metal for daith piercing jewelry is important for easy healing and avoiding allergic reactions. Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS) is commonly used because it’s both affordable and skin-friendly. Titanium is lightweight and great for people who are sensitive to metals.

Niobium is similar to titanium but slightly heavier, and it doesn’t tarnish. If you like gold, pick solid gold in 14k or 18k, avoiding plated versions as they might expose underlying metals. Platinum is a fancy choice that’s strong and rarely causes allergies.

Stay away from anything with nickel, as it often irritates the skin. Always chat with a piercer to find out the best metal for your skin.

Check out this article for a list of safe metals for piercings.

Daith Piercing Pain – Can I Handle It?

rook piercing pain meter

Because pain is quite subjective, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much the daith piercing is going to hurt you. However, it is known to be one of the more painful types of ear piercings.

This type of piercing can cause discomfort and pain to most people, and as the tissue in this area is quite dense and thick, getting the needle through can take a bit longer, resulting in more pain while you’re in the piercer’s chair.

You’ll feel an intense, sharp sting during the procedure as the needle goes through the inner cartilage of your ear. There’s typically a painful ache for a couple of hours afterward and the pain can last for up to a week.

A large part of the daith piercing pain experience also depends on your attitude and how you approach the piercing. According to one Quora user:

“My daith piercing was more painful than my helix piercings were, but I think it was partially because I psyched myself out beforehand. I almost decided not to go through with it, but I’m so so glad I ended up getting it as it’s my favorite piercing.”

So, going in for your daith piercing with a positive and strong mental attitude is highly likely to help you deal with the pain and aftermath of the piercing.

Having said that, there are some recipients who say that they felt zero pain while under the piercer’s needle, so again, whether you feel pain or not from your daith piercing is quite subjective.

Daith Piercing After Care

Daith Ear Piercing Hinged Clicker
Daith Ear Piercing Hinged Clicker. See them here.

The daith piercing takes a very long time to heal, sometimes taking as long as 12 months for the ear to completely recover. This is quite typical of cartilage piercings.

In addition, daith piercings require a lot of after care as infections are common.

You need to take care of your new piercing, especially during the initial month, cleaning it according to your piercer’s directions. It’s best not to sleep on the piercings for the first couple of months to avoid aggravating them.

Can a Daith Piercing Heal Migraines?

In recent years, the claim that a daith piercing can reduce migraines has captured many people’s attention, leading to debates among piercing fans and doctors alike. This belief originates from the piercing’s position near an acupuncture point linked to pain relief.

Some people who have received the daith piercing say they experience fewer and less intense migraines, crediting the piercing for this improvement. However, current scientific research doesn’t strongly support these claims. No conclusive medical studies show the piercing as a reliable migraine treatment.

While some people might experience relief, those thinking about getting a daith piercing to combat migraines should speak with a healthcare expert and not consider the piercing a surefire cure.

Where to Buy Daith Jewelry

If you’re buying daith jewelry online, we recommend starting your search on Etsy and Amazon. With the endless range of designs and prices, you’re sure to find your favorite daith pieces here.

1. Etsy

If you are looking for a handmade or unique option, Etsy is probably the one place you shouldn’t skip. You can find multiple independent jewelry boutiques on Etsy, each with its own assortment of daith jewelry. Each Etsy shop has its own policies so it might take some time to review all their details ahead of making a purchase, but that’s usually time well spent.

2. Amazon

As it is one of the biggest online retailers worldwide, it’s not surprising that you can find all kinds of daith jewelry on Amazon. Many different jewelry vendors offer their products via Amazon and you can use the site’s extensive rating and review sections to gauge the quality of each product. We’re sure you’ll find some amazing daith pieces here.

With all the daith jewelry options available, it can be hard to restrict yourself when shopping online! So why not splurge and treat yourself?

Wrapping Up

Daith piercings mix style with possible health benefits, catching the interest of both piercing fans and doctors. They look great, but you should be careful about health claims. Always look into things and talk to experts. Whether you like its look or the possible health perks, daith piercings show how fashion and health can come together.

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