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Ruby Mardi Review – What You Need to Know

Located in the heart of Montreal, Ruby Mardi is a jewelry store that celebrates the joy and romance of unique and high-quality handmade jewelry. Showcasing ...

Luxury Diamonds Review – Should I Buy My Jewellery Here?

A family-owned and operated private jewelry company, Luxury Diamonds has been in the diamond industry in Vancouver, Canada, for more than 20 years. ...

16 Types of Crosses In Jewelry (And Their Meanings)

Wearing cross jewelry is one way that many believers choose to remind themselves of their faith, while also indicating to others what their faith means to ...

Crest Jewellers Review – Pros, Cons, and Why Shop Here

Vancouver-based Crest Jewellers has provided custom jewelry design and repair services for many clients since 1981. The company is family-owned and operated ...

History of Every Diamond Cut – How And When Were They Developed?

The diamond industry is a world of many wonders as well as lots of misconceptions. When quizzed, for example, most people would say that diamonds have been ...

What is Gothic Jewelry? – Everything You Have to Know

While it has taken after different influences, the gothic style is deeply rooted in the unique architectural designs that rose to popularity during the Middle ...

Goth and Emo Fashion Styles—What Are the Differences?

The emo and goth fashion styles can appear to outsiders as a disorienting mash-up of loud music and all-black attire. Even though emo emerged from the roots ...

Cardinal Gemstones – Everything You Need to Know

The term Cardinal Stones is quite antiquated, even though all “Cardinal stones’ are still considered precious or semi-precious and sell for thousands of ...

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