11 Awesome Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

One of the main considerations that most people have when packing their jewelry for their trip away is how to keep it all organized without getting tangled and lost.

There’s nothing worse than finding your beautiful pieces all jumbled up into a tight mess of metal or not being able to find an earring. The horror!

Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top ten hacks for stress-free travel with jewelry, ranging from pill boxes to more stylish travel jewelry organizers.

1. Use a Pill Box

pill boxes from monday to saturday
7-Day pill box. See these here.

This is one of our favorites! The seven-day pill boxes with individual compartments, are perfect for organizing your jewelry. Not only are they affordable, but they also allow you to plan what jewelry you’re going to wear each day. While they don’t hold large costume pieces, they’re perfect for dainty items and will keep each piece safe and sound. They also don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

2. Tangle-Free with Straws

necklace in straw to Prevent Tangled Necklaces

Knotted necklaces are a pain to untangle and takes forever to do! This can also damage your necklaces and destroy the shape of their links.

To keep your necklaces knot-free, simply slide the chain through a plastic drinking straw and then clasp the ends together. It really doesn’t get easier than this.

Ideal for your smaller delicate chains, throw them anywhere in your luggage and dare them to tangle! 

3. Button them Up

button as earring holder when traveling
button as earrings holder for packing jewelry

This smart little trick will keep your earrings together and you won’t have to worry about missing a piece. Whether it’s your dangle earrings or simple studs, find a button lying around and you’re set to go!

4. Little Pouches

jewelry travelling pouch

A little drawstring pouch is perfect for keeping your jewelry protected from damage and scratches while remaining lightweight and taking up minimal space in your bag. Get a couple of pouches to hold your different pieces safely.

5. Roll-Up Travel Organizer

jewelry organizer
Stylish roll-up travel jewelry organizer. See this here.

A roll up travel jewelry organizer is perfect for traveling but is also ideal as a general jewelry organizer if you have a small collection.

Travel jewelry organizers are lightweight and designed to save space. Because they’re made of fabric and are flexible, they can fit easily into your bag. They can usually hold a lot of jewelry as well.

As there are many sizes available, choose one based on how much jewelry you normally take with you. You can normally find one for under 20 dollars.

6. Mini Travel Jewelry Box

pink jewelry box with jewelry
Travel jewelry box. See this here.

A mini travel jewelry box is classy and chic, storing your items safely. It will also make it easy for you to find what you’re after very quickly and keep your travel collection organized throughout. Choose a box that is lightweight and isn’t too bulky.

Some large jewelry boxes are sold together with a matching travel box. This is a good option to consider if you’re planning on buying a jewelry box for your collection.

7. Eyeglass Case

jewelry in eyeglass case for safe packing
jewelry fit in eyeglass case when packing jewelry

Most people have a rarely used eyeglass case lying around, doing nothing. An eyeglass case is ideal for keeping your jewelry safe because it is hard on the outside and fabric-lined on the inside, just like a jewelry box. They are perfect for holding a small collection of items and fit easily into your handbag.

8. Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags, or sandwich bags, from your kitchen are perfect to organize your jewelry quickly and easily. You can see what you have in each packet easily and you can pack items separately. What’s more, it’s lightweight and takes next to no space in your luggage.

9. Safety Pins

safety pin as jewelry holder when traveling

Safety pins are a woman’s best friend at critical moments of wardrobe malfunction. Now they can also help you keep your jewelry organized when you travel.

Use this for hoop earrings, rings and delicate bracelets together. It’s best to have a pin per pair to make it easy to take out the pair you need.

10. Small Snack Containers

snack container for jewelry packing
jewelry in snack container for traveling with jewelry

Why get too fancy about it? We’ve all got small snack containers lying about in the kitchen somewhere. Simply choose a container to suit the size of your collection, pop everything in and you’re done. Not a dime spent!

11. Roll-up Towel

jewelry on towel to pack your jewelry
rolling jewelry in towel for packing jewelry
jewelry rolled in towel for traveling

Make your own roll-up jewelry organizer by laying a smallish towel on a flat surface, placing your items carefully on the towel and then rolling up the towel, like you would a sushi roll.

Use rubber bands or hair ties to hold the roll in place. When opening it up, you’ll find all your pieces waiting for you in place. This is awesome because it also keeps your items dust, scratch, and impact free.

Pick Your Pieces

couple standing holding hands tourists

Before you rush off to pack your jewelry, here’s a final word…. Well, a final few paragraphs, to be precise.

Because a holiday should be stress-free, it’s best to leave any pieces of jewelry that have financial or emotional significance at home. For example, it’s always a good idea to leave an engagement or wedding ring at home if you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors on your trip. There’s nothing more disheartening than, say, learning that your beautiful flashy diamond was knocked out of its mounting. The rule of thumb is to only take pieces you wouldn’t mind losing or damaging.

Also take a selection of essential jewelry items that will go with any outfit you’ve brought with you, rather than packing your entire jewelry collection. Select basic neutral pieces such as stud earrings, elegant chain and pendant, hoop earrings and charm bracelets, because these tend to suit any outfit and occasion. Bring along a couple of statement pieces for those times you plan to dress up and dazzle. And most importantly, don’t take too much!

If you’re traveling in the summer, you’re jewelry is potentially going to be exposed to a lot of perspiration, chlorine in swimming pools, salty ocean water, chemicals in perfumes and makeup as well as sunscreen. This is a lot for jewelry to take and your pieces may react to these impacts negatively.

Try to clean your jewelry at the end of the day and put them away carefully. Avoid swimming with jewelry on and take care to wipe the pieces if they get exposed to chemicals in any form.

Wrapping Up

Traveling is amazing, but trying to look nice while traveling takes a bit more work. Hopefully, the above tips help you keep your jewelry organized as you venture forth into adventure in style!

Dani Rhys

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