Is Goldstone Really A Stone with Gold?

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Not a real gemstone but as beautiful as one, goldstone is a man-made substance that has been around for centuries. Most people get confused with goldstone, wondering if there’s gold in the stone or if it’s a real stone at all.

In this article, let’s take a look at one of the more fascinating ‘rocks’ created by humans. Here’s everything you need to know about goldstone.

What is Goldstone?

Goldstone is a man-made type of colored glass that has a glittering, smooth appearance. People often mistake this glass for a natural substance and is often seen as a semi-precious stone but goldstone contains neither gold nor stone.

So what exactly is it?

Today’s goldstone production can be traced back to 17th-century Venice, where a family called Miotti was the first to produce it. However, goldstone from Persia pre-dating the Italian invention by about 500 years exist and indicates that this was a material that was already in existence long before the 17th century.

When creating goldstone, manufacturers use silica, copper oxide, and other metals which are melted together under stringent conditions. The glass is manufactured in a low-oxygen, reducing atmosphere. When cooled, the materials form into a single solid mass. Generally, the best goldstone is found in the middle of the batch as there is a lot of variation within the batches. Most goldstone today come from China.

Goldstone is known by many names, including aventurine glass, gold star glass, monkstone, stellaria and monk’s gold. All these refer to the same thing.

Why Does Goldstone Glitter?

Red goldstone ring
Goldstone is known for its sharp, metallic glitter. See this here.

Many think that the glittering feature in goldstone comes from the copper inclusions used when creating the glass. However, this isn’t exactly correct. The cooling process of goldstone is what creates the copper crystals that then reflect off of each other to create not just the glittering but also the color of the stone.

Goldstone comes in a few distinct colors, with the most common being a brownish-reddish variety. The glass in this variety of goldstone is typically colorless, as the color comes from the copper crystals reflecting light.

For blue, purple, and green goldstone, other popular types, the color comes mainly from the glass. These varieties don’t contain copper but instead have different metals like cobalt or manganese (for blue and purple goldstone) and chromium oxide (for green goldstone) that create the colored glitter of the stones.

Types of Goldstone

We’ve already talked about the types of goldstone, but let’s go over them in brief:

1. Reddish-Brownish Goldstone

The variety contains copper inclusions. This is the most common type.    

2. Blue Goldstone

Instead of copper, cobalt is used in the mixture. The glass is colored blue and the above minerals provide the glittering effect.    

3. Purple Goldstone

Substitute cobalt with manganese and the result is purple goldstone. This has a beautiful starry-night appearance.    

4. Green Goldstone

Chromium gives goldstone its green hue. Green goldstone looks very similar to aventurine, a natural gemstone that has a similar glittering effect as goldstone.

Golden Jewelry and Uses

Goldstone is highly valued by designers because of its beauty and workability. It’s easily carved, faceted, and shaped into any design, making it a highly versatile material for jewelry.

Goldstone is typically in bead bracelets and necklaces or designed into natural, boho-style jewelry. However, when paired with high-quality settings, goldstone can look stunning and suit any occasion.

blue goldstone heart pendant
The versatility of goldstone makes it perfect for unique jewelry designs like this pendant.

While the versatile material goes well with silver-hued metals, gold-colored metals are ideal for the reddish-brown variety, as the two colors complement each other perfectly. For blue, purple, and green goldstone, silver colored metals contrast beautifully with the color, although gold brings out a sophisticated, vintage charm.

Many people who believe in the metaphysical properties of goldstone like to keep goldstone rough in their homes in strategic areas.

Because goldstone is very affordable, it’s an excellent material to add to your jewelry collection without breaking the bank.

Goldstone vs. Sunstone

Red ring
Goldstone or sunstone? Check if you were right here.

Sunstone is a gemstone that looks very similar to goldstone but happens to be a natural mineral. Sunstone, mined mainly from India, Canada, Madagascar, and the US, is a plagioclase feldspar that has aventurescence.

Aventurescence refers to the glitter that comes from within the stone, much like goldstone. It occurs due to various inclusions, and in the case of Oregon sunstone, occurs because of copper inclusions.

This similarity has caused a lot of confusion among buyers, who can tend to confuse the two. In reality, goldstone and sunstone are two very different substances.

This video shows the difference between sunstone and goldstone.

Does Goldstone Have Any Value?

So if goldstone is a glass, does it have any value at all? Goldstone is typically very affordable and you can find many goldstone jewelry at reasonable rates, often at two-digit prices. However, creating goldstone is a laborious process and not every piece of goldstone that comes out of the lab is suitable for the crafting of jewelry.

Goldstone drop earrings
Quality goldstone jewelry can fetch good prices. See this here.

High-quality goldstone pieces paired with quality settings can cost hundreds of dollars. There are many variables that impact the final price, including brand name, other materials used, and the age of the piece.

Much like synthetic diamonds, cubic zirconia, or moissanite, good quality goldstone does have relative value.

Meaning and Symbolism of Goldstone

When we think of crystal healing and the metaphysical properties of crystals, we tend to associate these with natural minerals. However, goldstone has acquired various symbolism and meaning over time and is now seen as a material with strong metaphysical properties.

Blue goldstone pendant
Blue goldstone, like this pendant, is believed to be soothing and relaxing.

Goldstone is believed to provide peace and relaxation, even in stressful times. It’s believed to be a stone that accentuates ambition and helps people to be determined and push for their goals. It helps you to remain energized and motivated. Blue goldstone is believed to be soothing and to help those under pressure or stress. Its color is especially valued as a stress reliever.

It’s believed that holding a goldstone makes a person attuned to their body’s needs and will feel it absorb their negative thoughts and feelings.

*Disclaimer: Jewelry Shopping Guide does not guarantee or validate any of the claims related to the metaphysical and alternative healing powers of this or any other gemstone. This information should in no way be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Where to Buy Goldstone Jewelry

If you’re looking to buy goldstone, we recommend starting your search on Etsy or Amazon. These platforms bring together a range of designers onto one platform, where you can find goldstone jewelry at a variety of prices and styles.

However, be careful of fraudulent sellers who may try to pass off goldstone as a real gemstone with inflated prices.

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