Choosing a Men’s Wedding Ring – A Quick and Handy Guide

Today’s man has a lot more options to choose from when it comes to buying his wedding ring. Now there are over ten types of metals to choose from, various ...

What Does 925 On Gold Jewelry Mean? – A Quick Guide

Hallmarks on jewelry are important because they provide information about the metal type and also indicate that the metal is likely authentic. 925 is a ...

10 Best Types of Necklace Chains (Pros and Cons)

Thinking about buying a necklace chain but not quite sure which one suits? We feel you! It can be quite difficult as there is a plethora of choices out there ...

The Underrated Beauty of Pewter Jewelry

Pewter, although frequently overlooked, ranks as the fourth most popular metal in the global jewelry market. More than just tin, pewter stands out as an ...

Gold Plated vs. Gold Filled – What’s The Difference?

Gold is and likely always will be the most iconic precious metal used in jewelry. It’s also quite expensive for many people’s budgets, unfortunately, which is ...

Nickel Jewelry: Why You Should Avoid It

Nickel jewelry often lies at the heart of a heated debate due to its ability to trigger allergic reactions. Many have experienced the discomfort of skin ...

All That Glitters: Is 24K Gold Jewelry Worth the Investment?

For centuries, pure gold has held humanity's fascination with its radiant allure and lasting worth. However, if you're selecting metal for fine jewelry, ...

How to Choose a Heart Cut Diamond – 9 Essential Tips

The heart has always been a symbol of love, passion and romance. Couple that with the diamond and you have a stone that is romantic, symbolic and easily ...

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