Your Quick Guide to Mood Ring Color Meanings

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Mood rings are known for their quirky ability to change color based on your feelings. Most mood rings range in color from black to violet, with a range of colors in between.

Each of these colors is meant to represent a state of mind. Now, while mood rings aren’t that accurate, it’s still fun to analyze the colors. And it can make you aware of your feelings and mood, which is always good.

Keep reading to find out what the colors on your mood ring mean.

Mood Ring Color Meanings 

Mood ring with different colors
Mood ring changing colors by Proteales Mood Jewelry. See it here.

Remember that mood rings work as they react to changes in temperature. When your feelings are elevated, whether in excitement or anger, blood rushes to your extremities and your body heats up.

However, when your feelings are anxious, worried, or stressed, your body temperature tends to drop. You might start sweating or feeling clammy. The mood ring responds to this change and will reflect colors on the ‘negative’ end of the color scale.

The Confusing Thing About Mood Ring Colors

What makes understanding mood ring colors so frustrating is that each company tends to have its own color chart and meaning. Different retailers even have different names for their colors and none of them seem to agree on one thing!

For example, the listing included below says that its ring features the following beautiful colors: Cobalt Blue, Violet, Rose, Peach, Royal Blue, Indigo, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Forest Green, Lime, Sunflower Yellow, Honey Yellow, Sandy Brown, Dark Green, Midnight Black.

Yellow mood ring
Mood ring leaf adjustable band by Mood Babe Jewelry. See it here.

Nice! But how does that relate to the color chart?

This is why each retailer tends to give out their own mood ring color chart. In general though, while the meanings of the colors can shift slightly, they tend to be relatively similar.

Violet – You’re experiencing intense feelings. These could be happiness, excitement, and other strong feelings like love, passion, and romance.
Red – There are a variety of shades of red, but the general meaning is that you’re feeling excited, energetic or adventurous. However, you could also be very angry or very embarrassed, feelings which also heat you up.
Blue – This is a color that indicates feelings of relaxation and calmness. You’re at peace and in a good place, emotionally. This is you at your most rested.
Blue-Green – You’re relaxed but alert, with your inner emotions somewhat charged up.
Green – This is a neutral color. Your emotions are at rest and you’re not under stress.
Yellow – You’re restless, with your feelings mixed up. You don’t know what exactly is going on. You’re unsettled yet cool.
Amber – You feel like trying something new. You’re excited and a little unsettled. You could also be feeling lovable and cute.
Brown – You’re restless, stressed, or aggravated. You might be feeling some fear or worry and your mind is all over the place.
Gray – You’re anxious and unsettled. Something is worrying you and you feel strained. You’re a little preoccupied.
Black – This is the default color of the ring and the ring will show this color when it’s cold or broken. The color means that you’re worried, stressed, or overworked. You’re not in a good place emotionally and really need to take a bit of time out to relax.
Mixed – Sometimes mood rings will show a mix of colors, like blue and green, purple and amber, purple and violet, and orange, yellow and green for example. That’s totally fine. It might simply indicate that you’re feeling a few different things at once, which is quite normal.

Should I Believe My Mood Ring?

The mood ring is a fun piece of jewelry, but it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. While it can indicate temperature changes in your body, it doesn’t mean that it’s accurate. Other things can change the temperature too, like standing too close to the stove, holding ice in your hand, or a sunny day.

However, what the mood ring can do is make you try to analyze your feelings. If it’s black, you might try to analyze why. Is it because the day is cold or are you feeling stressed and overworked? This will make you more attuned to your feelings, and that’s always a good thing!

So why not go get your own mood ring and have fun with it?

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