12 Celtic Knots for Jewelry and the Meanings Behind Them

Celtic knots are known for their detailed designs and endless patterns. These designs, which started with the ancient Celts, are like loops that don’t have a clear beginning or end, symbolizing endless life and how everything is connected. More than just decoration, they tell stories from Celtic history and carry deep meanings about life and spirituality.  

While most of these are genuine ancient symbols, there are many modern symbols that use the ancient Celtic knot style. You will find these in jewelry and artwork. While they’re beautiful and pay homage to the Celtic heritage, they’re not exactly ancient Celtic symbols. The list above primarily features genuine Celtic symbols, unless otherwise specified. Let’s explore the world of Celtic knots, learn about where they came from, what they mean, and why they are still loved today. 

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1. Triquetra (Trinity Knot)  

triquetra stud earring on the woman's ear
Triquetra knot stud earrings. See them here.

The Triquetra is a famous Celtic knot known for its three connected shapes, showing how three separate parts can form one unit. In Christian beliefs, it has a special meaning, representing the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But its significance isn’t limited to just Christianity.  

This design is also linked to older, more universal ideas. Some people see it as a sign of life’s continuous cycle, moving from birth to life to death and starting over. It can also represent the natural world, with the three parts standing for earth, water, and sky. 

The Triquetra is a versatile symbol that has captivated people’s imaginations, transcending boundaries and capturing the essence of unity and continuity. 

2. Dara Knot 

gold dara knot pendant necklace
Dara knot pendant necklace. See it here.

A symbol from Celtic history, the Dara Knot is inspired by the strong and wise oak tree. In fact, the name “Dara” comes from “doire,” the Gaelic word for “oak.” This knot looks like the oak’s roots, and we know that the Celts revered the oak tree because it stood for strength, destiny, wisdom, and leadership.  

When you look at the Dara Knot’s design, it’s like looking at the tangled roots of an oak tree. It reminds us of our bond with nature and the deep parts of ourselves. The knot also tells us about personal growth, being strong, and how everything is linked together.  

Many people love the Dara Knot’s design because it makes them feel strong and connected to the world. It’s like a lucky charm that gives them confidence and a sense of belonging as they go through life. 

3. Shield Knot 

celtic shield knot necklace
Celtic shield knot necklace. See it here.

The Shield Knot is an old symbol that many people, especially the Celts, have used for centuries. With its four corners linked together, it acts like a protective badge against bad vibes or danger. 

In the past, the Celts placed this knot in their homes, on their battle gear, or even wore it like a special charm to protect them from harmful spirits and to stay safe during difficult times. When you look at its design, with lines crisscrossing to make a square or a more detailed shape, it resembles a strong wall or shield. 

As time went by, this knot started to mean even more. It began to stand for the balance and steadiness we get from nature’s four main directions: north, south, east, and west. Today, it serves as a powerful reminder of protection, history, and coming together. 

4. Celtic Cross 

holding a celtic cross necklace
Celtic Cross Necklace. See it here.

An old symbol with deep ties to culture and religion, the Celtic Cross is special because of the ring that connects its arms. May believe it started with the early Celts and then became a big part of Christian Ireland.  

Though its true start is a mix of stories and facts, some say the circle is like the sun from older, pagan beliefs. Others think it stands for eternity and the unending love of Christ.  

When you travel in Ireland and Scotland, you’ll see stone Celtic Crosses as symbols of faith. Today, the Celtic Cross isn’t just a religious symbol. It’s also a way of showing pride in Celtic history and roots. 

5. Celtic Love Knot 

love knot earrings in gold
Celtic love knot earrings. See it here.

The Celtic Love Knot, often known as the “Endless Knot” or “Eternity Knot”, holds a special place in Celtic tradition. With its interlacing lines that have no start or finish, it symbolizes everlasting love and unity. This beautiful knot stands for two lives intertwined in a never-ending loop, representing the deep bond and eternal connection between lovers, families, or friends.  

Beyond romantic love, the Celtic Love Knot also speaks of loyalty, friendship, and the enduring nature of any true relationship. Over the years, its design has become a favorite for jewelry, especially for rings, necklaces, and bracelets, making it a cherished gift for anniversaries, weddings, and special occasions.  

6. Eternity Knot 

silver eternity knot bracelet
Eternity knot bracelet. See it here.

The Eternity Knot is a special design that means forever or always and looks like loops that go on and on without any start or end. This makes people think of things that last forever, like true love or the circle of life.  

For the Celts, it’s a sign of how everything in life is connected, from love to growing up and starting again. Today, many use the Eternity Knot in necklaces, rings, tattoos, and more to show everlasting love or friendship.  

When you see it, it’s like a promise that some bonds never break and love doesn’t end. It’s a reminder of the beauty of things that last and the idea that connections, both with people and the world around us, are bigger than just the here and now. 

7. Celtic Spiral Knot 

silver triple spiral ring
Triple spiral ring. See it here.

Made up of one or more spirals, often intertwined, the Celtic Spiral Knot is all about growth, expansion, and the mysteries of life. The spiral can remind us of the sun, the sea, and the cosmos, with its continuous turning and twisting.  

The Celts viewed life as cycles, like the seasons or human life stages: birth, growth, and rebirth, and the Celtic Spiral Knot captures this idea beautifully. Each turn in the design could represent a new phase or chapter, showing that life is always moving and changing.  

The spiral shape can mean the idea of returning to the same point but with a new understanding or perspective. Today, this knot is a favorite for many, symbolizing personal growth, life’s journey, and the eternal spirit of learning and evolving. 

8. Celtic Heart Knot 

silver celtic heart knot necklace
Celtic heart knot necklace. See it here.

Crafted as a heart shape made from a continuous, unbroken line, the Celtic Heart Knot seamlessly blends the deep-rooted traditions of the Celts with the universal symbol of love. It represents an unbreakable bond and the intertwining of two souls or hearts.  

The looping design, without a start or finish, mirrors the timeless nature of love and the idea that it can endure, unchanging, through all circumstances. Historically, the Celts held a profound belief in the interconnectedness of life and relationships, and this knot perfectly captures that sentiment.  

Today, the Celtic Heart Knot is popular in jewelry, tattoos, and artwork, often given as a gift to express enduring love and commitment. 

9. Celtic Dragon Knot  

celtic dragon knot pendant necklace
Celtic dragon knot pendant necklace. See it here.

In Celtic lore, dragons are powerful beings associated with the energy of life and with the Earth. They’re seen as wise guardians and powerful symbols. So, when they’re added to a Celtic knot design, it creates a powerful symbol.  

The Celtic dragon knot features a stylized outline of a dragon with the concepts of a Celtic knot. This includes using one endless line that loops, with no beginning or end, representing eternity, the repeating patterns of life, and the interconnectedness of all things. Variations of the dragon knot is used in tattoos and art as a reminder of wisdom, strength, and the ongoing circle of life. 

10. The Fourfold Knot (Quaternary Knot)  

gold quaternary celtic knot necklace
Fourfold knot necklace. See it here.

The Fourfold Knot is an important design in Celtic culture. It’s a detailed design featuring four parts that are all connected. This focus on the number 4 highlights the Celt’s beliefs associated with this number. The number four held several associations with Celtic beliefs. There are several interpretations of the fourfold knot.  

  • The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. 
  • The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. 
  • The Four Directions: North, South, East, and West. 
  • The Four Celtic Festivals: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasadh. 
  • Life Stages: Birth, Youth, Adulthood, and Death. 
  • The interconnected and looped design represents endlessness, the cyclical nature of life, and interconnectedness. The Fourfold Knot is a symbol of balance, togetherness, and unity. When you look at it, you can see a sense of order and harmony. This Celtic knot can be seen in old art pieces, historical sites, and even in today’s art.  

11. Sailor’s Knot 

silver sailor's celtic knot ring
Sailor’s knot ring. See it here.

The Sailor’s Knot, sometimes called the “Lover’s Knot,” has strong ties to the sea.  Made by joining two ropes together, sailors made this knot on long trips to remember their families waiting for them. The knot’s design shows the tight relationship between a sailor and their family, highlighting love, togetherness, and lasting bonds.  

This knot is tough and reliable, much like the promise a sailor makes to return home. Its strength shows how powerful love can be, even when faced with time apart and many challenges. Nowadays, the Sailor’s Knot is considered a symbol of deep love and dedication. It’s commonly seen in jewelry or home decorations, reminding everyone of the strong bond it represents. 

12. Solomon’s Knot 

silver celtic solomon's knot ring
Solomon’s knot ring. See it here.

Solomon’s Knot is a special kind of design that looks like two loops joined together, and some say it was named after King Solomon. As it’s one continuous loop without a clear start or end, many think of it as a symbol of never-ending life and love. Some even believe it can keep away bad luck or harm.  

Solomon’s Knot has been used in many artworks, buildings, and crafts like cloth and lace designs. It’s a popular design because it looks beautiful and has a deep meaning. It remains a highly popular knot that serves as a reminder of togetherness, life’s ongoing journey, and the strong bonds between people and higher powers.

Wrapping Up  

Celtic knots are beautiful designs with roots that go back centuries. These knots aren’t just beautiful designs but highly symbolic images representing interconnectedness, unity, and eternity.  


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