How to Wear a Body Chain and Look Fabulous

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Body chains are one of the newest jewelry options on the market today and are becoming regular accessories for evening engagements, parties, clubs… anytime you just want to look cool. A body chain is styled to be both delicate and noticeable and to accessorize any outfit when it is added to the mix. 

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It is the type of jewelry item can take an outfit from blah to wow in a snap.

Now that body chains have become common accessories, you might be thinking whether or not they are the right jewelry accessory for you. 

Read on to find out more about this unique and beautiful jewelry item.

What is a Body Chain?

Body chain on girl
Stylish body chain. Find it here.

Body chains are just that – an accessory made of metal worn on your body. Unlike a necklace or a bracelet that has a defined space, body chains can be worn across your chest, on your back, around your hips… the options are endless.

A body chain can be any weight, be made of many different materials and can be shaped in various ways.

The most common style goes across the front of the body, crisscrossing in several layers.

There are other body chains that are very delicate and that have a simple drape style from a central V at the neck.  These are designed to be gorgeous both front and back.  Chains like this can also be styled to wear under your clothes and might be shaped in a bra style that pops out beneath a wide-necked shirt or a blazer jacket. 

Body chains can even be made to drape over your thigh or hang down along your arm to your wrist. The vast variety of styles out there means that you can find one that matches literally any outfit or any personal style.

Who Wears Body Chains?

There’s no denying that a body chain looks sexy and stylish. So, who can wear one? If properly styled, a body chain can match any style of clothing and be worn by anyone of any age. 

They are made from so many different materials and in so many styles that anyone can find a body chain that they feel fits them and their style perfectly.

Body chains were originally rolled out onto the fashion scene to be worn with jumpsuits and swimsuits (hence the association with sexiness) but are now being worn with shorts and t-shirts, sundresses and to the office. They are even being worn over swimsuits for some added bling, or under jackets and shirts for a pop of glitter and bling.

If you like the idea of adding a bit of pizzazz to your jewelry look, then why not consider a body chain?

Beautiful girl wearing body chain

When to Wear a Body Chain

If you like what you have seen when you are shopping for body chains, you probably have a ton of outfits that could be accessorized with a body chain. But consider the occasion to which you’re planning to wear one.

Typically, body chains look great for formal or evening engagements, parties and the club. But if you’re thinking about wearing a body chain to work or say, a funeral, consider how appropriate it might be and weather it matches the expected dress code.

Some workplaces might not accept different or showy accessories, as they can be distracting or even unprofessional. For these occasions, pick a piece that is discreet or delicate, like this gorgeously simple body chain.

The thing with body chains is that they’re worn to make a statement, to stand out or to show style. Pick the right occasion where you can really flaunt your favorite body chain.

Types of Body Chains

Body chains come in many shapes and sizes.

  • Choker Style: This fun, flirty chain is a choker style necklace with a twist. It has fun styling, employing stars in the front and a simple chain style in the back.  This is the kind of style that pairs well with a halter top, a tube top or a swim suit.  It feels racy but classy at the same time.
  • Delicate and Drapey: This delicate, simple, classy style pairs well with swimsuits and clothes. The classic chain styling also pairs well with jeans or shorts.  This is a sporty, simple design that would match many outfits and is suitable for dresses, jeans, a pantsuit, or any kind of outfit.
  • Elegant and Sparkly: This beautiful, drapey string of pearls is mostly an over the shoulder style that is just as beautiful in front as it is in back. This is nice enough to be worn with a gown or a fancy dress, but could also pair well with the right top and jeans. This style proves that body chains can be both elegant and dramatic enough for black tie while also being practical and useful enough to worn every day.
  • Gothic and Dramatic: This style is more dramatic in back than in front. The front is a simple chain and ring style and the dramatic back styling mimics a human spine. This is a fun divergence from the usual delicate chain styling and is the perfect fit for an open-back dress, shirt or even a catsuit. Even if punk or alt styling is not your thing, this body chain is still elegant and beautiful enough to pair well with a tank top and shorts.
  • Bra Style: This clever style takes a note from former lingerie focused designs and helps fill in a dress or shirt that has a wide neck or a deep décolletage. These chains tend to be delicate and sparkly but can also be heavier and more reminiscent of actual clothing.  This is a beautiful high-fashion way to wear a body chain that has even been seen on the red carpet.
  • Thigh High Style: This style proves the versatility of a body chain. Departing from the necklace or collar styles that are the most commonly seen, this style is designed to wrap around your thigh. It adds a clever pop of sparkle and shine to shorts, dresses or even a swimsuit. There is something about wearing this type of jewelry that shows a bit of daring that still feels delicate and feminine.

Are Body Chains Classy?

Body chains were first popular as alt-culture fashion and have also sometimes been linked to the lingerie industry.  For some people, they have become associated with their formal fashion incarnation from the past.

Today, this view on body chains is changing. They’re more than a sexy type of lingerie and more a way to add some fun and glam to your outfit. They’re being worn by a who’s who of famous stars, like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce. 

As a Coachella must have, the body chain jewelry industry knows that not only should a body chain be unique but it should also be of good quality and have fashion-forward styling.

What to Wear a Body Chain With

Body chains pair well with lots of styles of clothing but right now they are being worn most frequently with dresses.

Girl and body chain
Pair a body chain with a low-cut top or dress for this stylish look. Buy this one here.

If you want to look amazing in an open back dresses or a sun dress, a body chain can add that little bit of sparkle that you need.  A simple sun dress can go from basic to stunning simply with the addition of a body chain. 

Body chains with sparkle, gemstones and attention pieces can really dress up even a simple sheath dress or a basic skirt and top.

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If you have a low-cut dress that you’re going to wear to a party or dinner out, adding a drapey body chain can take your look from pretty to stunning in one step.

Pros and Cons of Body Chains

Let’s tally up the pros and cons of body chains to see if they’re the right choice for you.


  • They are beautiful
  • They dress up any outfit
  • They are a great way to add drama and style to even the most basic outfit
  • They are daring without being overdone
  • They are easy to use
  • Fun and unique
  • They accentuate your figure
  • You can wear them under your clothes, over a swimsuit, or with anything!


  • They can get tangled
  • They can be hard to get into without help
  • Sizing can be variable which can make ordering a chain hard sometimes
  • Some styles are not a good fit for all body types
  • Bra styles can be hard to fit without ordering a custom chain
  • Heavy chains can be uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time

Fashion accessories can say so much about your personal style.  Why be confined to basic bracelets, necklaces and earrings? 

There is a world of options available that are as unique as you are.  If you are tired of basic jewelry and want to make a unique statement, body chains are the perfect way for you to express yourself.

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