Wishbone Rings (a.k.a. Chevron Rings) Buying Guide

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The wishbone has long been a symbol of good luck in Western society and is a popular symbol in jewelry, especially in pendants and rings.

Wishbone rings, also called chevron rings, refer to a band with a V-shape point, that makes for a very versatile jewelry choice. It’s frequently chosen as a meaningful wedding band or simply as a stacking ring.

If you’re considering a wishbone ring, let’s take a look at its meaning and the design options available to you.

History of Wishbone Rings

The tradition of snapping the wishbone, or furcula, as a symbol of luck, goes back many centuries. No one knows exactly when it originated but it’s believed that it comes from the ancient belief that birds, especially geese, could divine the weather.

In any case, around the 1700s, the wishbone custom became popular. Also called a merrythought, the wishbone would be held and snapped apart by two people while making a wish.

If the wishbone snapped cleanly in half, both wishes would come true. If not, the person with the lucky break (the longer side with the v-point of the furcula) would have their wish come true and would be dealt good luck.

The wishbone’s association with good luck and hope and its versatile shape made it perfect for use in jewelry. Wishbone rings became especially popular during the Victorian era when people gravitated towards fashionable, symbolic jewelry.

The wishbone ring continues to be popular and had a major resurgence in style in the last several years as a stacking ring. Wishbone rings are still seen as a good luck charm. 

Wishbone Ring Styles

The wishbone ring with its classic V-shape comes in many designs and styles.

1. Diamond Wishbone Rings

diamond wishbone ring
Diamond eternity wishbone ring. See it here.

One of the most sought-after wishbone ring styles, the wishbone diamond ring is perfect as a wedding band. It’s not only stylish but it also happens to be very functional.

The V-shape of the wishbone ring means that it tends to fit well next to an engagement ring, making space for the center gemstone that you find on most engagement rings. A typical wedding band can compete with the engagement ring, and the two rings can scratch each other. What’s more, it can feel very uncomfortable and the rings are often both a little askew.

However, the wishbone shape keeps your engagement ring from getting scratched by the wedding ring and it also tends to feel more comfortable.

Platinum wishbone-shaped eternity ring
Platinum wishbone-shaped eternity ring. See it here.

Wishbone diamond eternity rings are a favorite wedding band option because of their symbolism and sparkle. An eternity ring features diamonds (or other gemstones) going all around the circumference of the band. You can also get a half-eternity where only half the band is encrusted with diamonds.

Wishbone diamond eternity rings are highly symbolic. In fact, you’ll have three layers of meaning to peel through:

  • Wishbone – represents luck, hope, and love
  • Diamond – represents integrity, durability, strength, and love
  • Eternity band – represents everlasting love, equality, and completion

So, for someone looking for a meaningful wedding band, you can’t beat a diamond wishbone ring. In terms of ring settings, the most popular for the diamond wishbone ring style are:

  • Channel setting – Here the diamonds are set into a groove in the wedding band. This can go all around the band or halfway around. This setting provides security for the diamonds and holds them in place safely.
  • Pave setting – Here the diamonds are encrusted onto the band, held in place by tiny prongs or metal beads. This is one of the most brilliant and eye-catching wishbone diamond ring options.
  • Micropave setting – This is the same concept as pave setting wedding bands, but the main difference is that the diamonds used here are tiny, miniscule diamond melees. This works to create a smooth, ‘pavement’ appearance on the surface of the band.

2. Just Metal Wishbone Rings

Minimalist wishbone rings
Minimalist wishbone ring. See it here.

Wishbone rings made just with metal are minimalistic and simple. They’re perfect as stacking rings or even as minimalist wedding rings. The thickness of the metal can make all the difference though, because the wider the ring, the more noticeable and statement-like it becomes. These rings are perfect as an above-knuckle ring too and are very versatile in terms of style.

3. Gemstone Wishbone Rings

Vintage sapphire wishbone rings
Vintage sapphire wishbone ring. See it here.

Another popular way to wear wishbone rings is to pair the design with gemstones. Gemstones can add a touch of color to the ring and also add more meaning.

For example, choosing your birthstone adds an extra touch of symbolism to the meaning of hope and luck in the wishbone shape.

How to Wear a Wishbone Ring

Most people think that wishbone rings need to be worn in a certain direction, either pointing up or down, as they think that this can change the meaning of the ring.

Unlike a Claddagh ring, which has a whole different meaning based on which way you wear it, wishbone rings can be worn in any direction.

However, if you’re wearing a wishbone wedding ring, it makes sense to wear it pointing downwards, towards your wrist. Why? Because traditionally, the wedding ring goes on first, and then the engagement ring. To accommodate the engagement ring, you’d need the wishbone ring to be pointing downwards.

Where to Buy a Wishbone Ring

You can find V-shaped rings at most retailers that sell wedding rings like James Allen or Blue Nile. However, designs may be limited so check around for more options. If you’re looking for an antique or vintage wishbone ring, there are bound to be a lot of options on estate jewelry retail sites, as well as online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

We recommend searching on Etsy and Amazon for a wide variety of styles and budgets and to get a feel for what’s out there. Always double-check the after-sales policies and customer reviews prior to purchase.

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