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Best Subscription Boxes and Gifts for Men

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Buying the perfect gift for a special man in your life can be difficult because there just seem to be much fewer options for men’s gifts than there are for women’s. This is why surprise gift boxes or subscription boxes make great gifts because they add some spice and excitement to gift-giving for men.

Companies like CrateJoy sell you premade care boxes filled with treats and gifts that can spice up any event. You can even get yourself a subscription, so you’re giving several gifts over time instead of just one.

With that, we have listed 21 clothing subscription boxes and gifts for men that are sure to be a hit, ranging in price and style. We’re talking from experience, so let’s dive right into it!

  1. Gentleman’s Box

Men subscription box content

Price: $29.00/mo 

What’s in It: Items based on lifestyle, technology, and fashion. This includes watches, cologne, leather dopp kits, tiers, socks and the like.

The Gentleman’s box aims to do just that – help him be the most gentlemanly that he can be. The contents of this box center around themes ranging from lifestyle, fashion and tech, with options to choose between a classic and a premium set. This package is especially recommended for those who are new to the suit and tie game and for men who are starting a wardrobe change. Both a surprise and a mystery, this makes for a great gift for your man. Better yet, you can get him a quarterly or monthly subscription, so he can have something fancy to look forward to from time to time.

  1. Spiffster Tie Club

Tie in men subscription box

Price: $8.25/mo

What’s in It: Premium well-crafted neckties made with high-quality fabrics 

For formality’s sake – or if your man’s been working on looking a little extra fancy for meetings, dinners and theatre nights, get him a package of premium well-crafted neckties made with high-quality fabrics.

Handmade, classy and delivered right to the door, the Spiffster Tie Club aims to give your man a spiffy image of a gentleman. This subscription includes a variety of ties, from the traditional to the skinny as well as bowties, with a few sock designs sent at random. These make for great gifts and surprise boxes that will take your A-game to the wardrobe.

  1. Jetsole

Men subscription box content

Price: $59.17/mo

What’s in It: Sneakers, hoodies, jeans, shirts, sweaters and many more clothing pieces from designer and established brands

You won’t need to break the bank to get your man the street and leisure wear that will keep him on point. With this package prepared by Jetsole, you can avail of sneakers, hoodies, jeans, shirts, sweaters and many more clothing pieces from designer and established brands, saving you up to 40% in the process.

No more wasting time at the outlets. Save time, save money and style up your man with premium products that will surely bring the best out of him. Casual wear has never been this exciting, and surprises – never quite this hyped up. You may even get him a quarterly or monthly subscription if he’s starting to love the look. 

  1. Basic MAN

Socks and t shirt in men subscription box

Price: $16.67/mo

What’s in It: Inner shirts, boxers, briefs and socks

It’s back to the basics, but with more class and quality. That means you get to have better sets of inner shirts, boxers, briefs and socks delivered right to your doorstep. This box from Basic MAN includes all of these things, made with high-quality, odor-resistant, and anti-microbial materials like heavy-combed fabric.

This is what every man needs, so it’s a more of a hit than a miss when you’re planning to give this as a gift. You might as well go all out and get him a subscription, so he gets his essentials in a monthly care package.

  1. The Styled Man Box

Best men subscription box

Price: $9.75/mo

What’s in It: A variety of stuff like lapel pins, pocket squares, sunglasses, wallets, cuff links and grooming products

For the love of your life, get only the latest and the best. These personalized fashion finds are ideal gifts to men as they are the counterpart for women’s accessory package. The contents of the Styled Man Box include a variety of necessary and luxurious items like lapel pins, pocket squares, sunglasses, wallets, cuff links and grooming products – all curated to make him look put-together.

Every special man deserves a care package like this, so send a box over to your man. You might even have him subscribed, so he gets a kick from all his fancy knick knacks every month. 

  1. Forma Supply Co.

Best T-shirt for men subscription box

Price: $33.33/mo

What’s in It: Premium shirts from Forma Supply Co.

Form follows function, so support your man’s goal to better productivity by keeping his form balanced and simple with these shirts from Forma Supply Co. These premium tees come in a well-curated package delivered straight to your doorstep, so you won’t have to waste time picking out which shirts to buy.

Basic, comfortable, and practical, the contents of this box aims to keep everything at a sustainable level, so your man can focus his mind on what really matters. If this works for him, you can get him a quarterly subscription and get a set of tee shirts every 3 months.

  1. King x Portland

Price: $13.75/mo

What’s in It: Socks of eye-catching and bold designs and top-grade fabric.

It’s the little things that count, and it could be one small detail that could make or break your entire outfit. That’s why when it comes to sock territory, we have so much love for the products of King x Portland. Their accessory box comes with socks of eye-catching bold designs and top-grade fabric, with a handwritten note just for you – making it a pleasant surprise for your man.

Get one of the best dress socks available on the market by availing of this package as a gift for him or through a monthly or quarterly subscription. Never skimp on the basics – invest in high-quality products that King x Portland can deliver.

  1. ca

Price: $74.99 CAD/mo (only ships in Canada)

What’s in It: A well-curated set of luxury street clothing, apparel pieces and accessories from brands including Alpha Industries, Vitaly Design, David Kollar Clothing, and many more

Look great and feel great with comfort and swagger rolled into a single box prepared for you by the KitGrid. These customized and tailored clothes come in an appealing color scheme that is easy on the eyes and can effortlessly suit any guy.

With three package options to choose from, namely basic, essential to premium, you can avail of a well-curated set of luxury street clothing, apparel pieces and accessories from brands including Alpha Industries, Vitaly Design, David Kollar Clothing, and many more. So get your man something fresh and unique by availing of a pre-packaged care box from the KitGrid.

  1. Modern Men

Price: $23.00/mo

What’s in It: Each box containing 4-8 hand-picked and unique fashion accessories

A little bit of elegance can go a long way, especially when you’re donning the classic accessory pieces from Modern Men. Delivered right to your doorstep, these high-quality pieces are hand-picked, curated, and aesthetically pleasing, giving you a good deal for every package you receive.

Make a modern man out of him by getting him these accessories that can easily complete his entire look without much of a fuss. Consider this package as a daily go-to accessory box, which he will surely enjoy if you decide to get him a monthly subscription at a very reasonable price.

  1. Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club

Price: $19.00/mo

What’s in It: Limited edition tee shirts with custom designs and prints from actual breweries all over the world

Gotta love beer! We’re also sure your man loves it too, and this package’s curators are well aware of it too. That is why they made limited edition tee shirts with custom designs and prints from actual breweries all over the world. So yes, the contents are considered collector’s items exclusively made for a club of craft beer enthusiasts.

A box like this makes for an ideal gift for all male family members who love to chug. So if you think this is an interesting investment, get a subscription and be part of the Brewski Shirt Club.

  1. Comma Vintage

Price: $45.00/mo

What’s in It: Apparels sourced from prominent brands like Nike, Champion, Levi’s, Pendleton and L.L. Bean and great accessory pieces to go with them

We all like to take a step back from time to time, even with our wardrobe collection. It’s probably because of the fact that fashion just gets recycled into a loop of styles and color schemes, and this is why Comma Vintage came up with such a package.

This is very much ideal for your guy if he prefers a subdued palette for his clothing, with some hint of bold vibrance, and a few patterns here and there to add a little fun. This apparel is also sourced from prominent brands like Nike, Champion, Levi’s, Pendleton and L.L. Bean. The box also includes a few accessory pieces to seal the deal for your man’s get-up. This package is ideal for any male old souls you know.

  1. Surf Shop Box

Men surfing subscription box

Price: $99.00/box

What’s in It: 2-3 branded surf apparel and accessories

A love for the great outdoors and majestic shores shouldn’t be resigned to your vacation time. If your man is one of those active people who adore the waves, the sand and the sun, then we highly suggest you get him this package. Surf Shop curated a box especially for surfers, with contents that are tailored to suit his style preferences.

Getting a subscription like this for him will undoubtedly save you up to 50% from retail prices and give you more time to work on other things. With this box, you man can keep his chill while staying in style, and that’s a guarantee. Note that it’s on the higher end of the prices spectrum compared to some other boxes here.

  1. Great Gear Store

Price: $10.42/mo

What’s in It: Themed mystery box with licensed tees and apparel

Marvel, DC or Star Wars? Pick a team or choose a universe, whichever you prefer, because that will serve as the theme of the package that will be sent directly to your doorstep. There are multiple designs and prints made available under every theme, so this will be so much fun for your man to rummage through once he receives his box.

The contents include the officially licensed tees and apparel from the mentioned fandoms, and you get to receive a surprise for each box you buy. Just input your guy’s shirt size, and you can rely on the fast shipping of the product. For sure, your man will truly appreciate the thought you put into the things he is interested in.

  1. Triwizard Club

Price: $14.00/mo

What’s in It: Shirts from the Harry Potter franchise and a lifetime discount after purchasing from the Great Gear Store

Look ahead, Potterheads. We’ve found a care package that will bring out the geeky Hogwarts kid in anyone, even your dear partner.

With the theme focusing on one of the most dangerous events in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you get to receive the official shirt from the franchise in each box – more if you get a monthly or a quarterly subscription. You also get a lifetime discount on our website the moment you purchase anything from The Great Gear Store. Your Potterhead darling will love these pieces, and so will you.

  1. Oddblox

Men subscription box content

Price: $14.39/mo

What’s in It: Shirts with prints designed from independent visual artists with over 100 different designs

If you noticed, we included quite a number of tee shirt subscriptions for men in this list, and that’s because we can’t just say no to a good shirt. It’s a staple for all clothing, and your man would surely be eager to start new beginnings with a new set of creatively design shirts from the Oddblox package.

With prints made of art from independent visual artists, and a diverse choice from over 100 different designs, you know meeting someone with the same shirt as you would be rare. This is suitable for men who like to tap into their artistic center every now and again.

  1. Anime Tee Shirt Club

Price: $17.99/mo

What’s in It: Licensed anime apparel and shirts

The market for this package is the Eastern counterpart for all the Western comics and superhero films, and we’re sure a lot of guys are into that. Now that you’re both starting a new lift together, a great way of getting to know each other is by learning more about what your partner is interested in, and Anime is a vast topic for discovery.

Get your man a box containing customized Anime shirts from his favourite shows. A better idea would be to get him a monthly subscription, so you can surprise him with licensed anime apparel to remind him of the simple joys in life.

  1. Men’s Accessories Box

Price: $28.00/mo

What’s in It: 4 to 6 accessory pieces for every custom-made package

As if we hadn’t had enough accessories to suggest as a gift for your man, we’re offering you another set from the Men Accessories Box. Well-curated to complete and complement your outfit, this can make for a great gift when he’s trying to work his way with his fashion choices. This can be one way to guide him to a more aesthetically pleasing route.

With a retail value that’s way higher than the price you’re paying for, you get 4 to 6 accessory pieces with every custom-made package. Also take not that no two boxes are the same, so there’s a lot of thought put into this gift before it reaches your doorstep. 

  1. Realsic

Price: $8.33/mo

What’s in It: Premium combed cotton socks with quirky designs

Lean towards your guy’s quirky artistic side by getting him a fresh pair of socks as a gift. These products from Realsic inject a bit of fun and energy to a subdued business outfit, and if your guy is easy-going with an upbeat disposition, this will be a wonderful form of self-expression.

At such an affordable price, you can set up a subscription and receive a new unique pair of socks that you can’t get from any store. This package can bring so much levity to your home as it arrives every month, and you’ll both have something to look forward to.

  1. HatBox

Hat box foe men subscription monthly box

Price: $9.49/mo

What’s in It: A variety of hats and caps like camos, basketballs, visors, snapbacks, and many more.

Hats off to new beginnings, but do so also because we’re offering you a great deal with this package to include a variety of hats to suit all preferences. Each box from the Hatbox contains one fresh new hat, and you can get caps like camos, basketballs, visors, snapbacks, and many more. If your man loves the outdoors and are especially fond with hats, this can make for a great gift.

For an inexpensive price, you can get him a single gift, or if he’s particularly happy with what he gets, you can opt for a monthly subscription, so you can have a little gift sent his way every now and again.

  1. MeUndies

Price: $14.00/mo

What’s in It: 1-2 pairs of sustainable crafted comfy undies

There’s no point in skimping when it comes to underwear, and with MeUndies, your needs for comfort and ease are basically covered. This investment pays off as you coast through your day to day, feeling secured that you’re wearing high-quality hypoallergenic premier material on the private areas of your body.

You can start each day, week, or season with a fresh pair of sustainably crafted and soft underwear that you and your partner will surely love. With a monthly description, 1-2 pairs of comfy undies will be delivered directly to your home, and this way, you can dress your best from the bottom up all year long – thanks to MeUndies. 

  1. WatchKings

Price: $72.50/mo

What’s in It: Wristwatch from Atlanta boutiques

Oh, would you look at the time – we think we need to finish up this list with one of the best and most premier accessories that a man could wear: a wristwatch. Be on time and know when to take your time with this luxury package from WatchKings that includes a delicately crafted timepiece made from Atlanta boutiques.

Indeed, this box will be a bit pricier than the other options, but this is truly an investment. You might not even need any accessory once you don an elegant looking timepiece, and that is the practicality this package aims to impart.

To conclude this list, we have shown you what has worked as great gift sets for us and our loved ones. However, among the mentioned 21 clothing subscription boxes and gifts for men, what would ultimately deem best will be determined by how much you know him. So, to wrap things up, we hope this list helps you out by at least giving you an idea of what you can give your man now, and eventually in the future.

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