15 Simple Pearl Necklace to Flaunt with Style

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While large, eye-catching pearl jewelry definitely has its place, more often than not, simple pearl necklaces tend to match with a wider variety of outfits and occasions. Simple pearl necklaces are those designs that are dainty, stylish, and subtly alluring. Here we’ve selected 15 of our favorite simple pearl designs to inspire you in your search for the perfect piece.  

Simple Pearl Necklace Ideas 

1. Comes in Threes

Triple pearl necklace
Triple pearl necklace by Gilded Sapphire Studio. See it here.

Good things come in threes, or so they say. This necklace is classic and simple, pairing three shimmering pearls with either a gold or silver chain. This is a crowd favorite for formal events but transforms just as well for casual events.

2. Boho Chic Pearl Pendant Necklace

Boho pearl pendant
Boho pearl pendant by Magpie Madness Jewelry. See it here.

A beautiful soft silvery grey pearl carefully wrapped with a wire setting for a bohemian, hippie vibe makes for the perfect accessory to a casual event. The antiqued silver plated chain or stainless steel cable chain holds the pearl.

3. Gold Pearl Necklace

Gold pearl necklace
Gold pearl necklace by Glorria Sense. See it here.

Does it get more classic than this? While this piece may not feature a genuine pearl, it still delivers all the sophistication of an authentic pearl pendant at a fraction of the price. A hand made with love with a 14k Gold setting.

4. Spaced Out Pearl Necklace

Pearl station necklace
Pearl station necklace by Maya and Mia. See it here.

This understated pearl necklace design contains high-quality pearls set at regular intervals. A timeless pearls paired with a modern gold chain will be an elegant update for your classical outfits. This design is an excellent alternative to the classic pearl strand.

5. Keshi Pearl Pendant

Keshi pearl pendant necklace
Keshi pearl pendant necklace by Delezhen. See it here.

For a non-traditional look, look no further than these keshi pearl pendants. Keshi pearls are a by-product of pearl cultivation, formed when the pearl begins to form without a nucleus. Keshi pearls tend to have high luster and stunning overtones, making for eye-catching designs. So even though the design may be simple, the unique keshi pearl elevates the design to something no one will miss. Customers also rave about the quality craftsmanship and the delicate chain.

6. Double Strand Pearl Necklace

Double strand pearl necklace
Double strand pearl necklace by Glass Pearl Store. See it here.

This classic take on the multistrand pearl necklace features gorgeous 8mm high quality glass pearls.The necklace comes with a stainless steel lobster clasp and stainlees extra chain. It is a good necklace for your wedding and a perfect accessory for your elegant dresses

7. Cultured Pearl Necklace

Cultured pearl necklace
Cultured pearl necklace by OtisB Jewelry Gifts. See it here.

This design uses cultured coin pearls, known for their lustrous tones and flat shapes. The pearl is accentuated with a double-sided floral motif, so you won’t have to worry that the wrong side is showing. It’ll look pretty either way.

8. Black Baroque Pearl Necklace

Black baroque pearl toggle necklace
Black Baroque pearl toggle necklace by Lisha Pearl Jewelry. See it here.

In case you haven’t noticed, black gemstones have been getting a lot of buzzes lately. Black pearls have a natural sophistication and add a touch of confidence and attitude to any jewelry design. This simple pearl necklace features a baroque black pearl at its center, no other frills are required. The stunning luster and overtone hues make this a one-of-a-kind piece.

9. Hand Forged Silver Pendant with Black Pearl

Hand forged silver jewelry
Silver pendant with black pearl by Art And Play Jewelry. See it here.

This design features a handcrafted piece of sterling silver, hammered and forged, into an organic design, complete with a black freshwater pearl in the middle. Rustic and truly unique, this is a design for those who want something out of the ordinary.

10. Seashell pearl Pendant

Dainty seashell pearl pendant
Dainty seashell pearl pendant by Misoa Jewelry. See it here.

Add a bit of sunshine to your look with this pendant. This 14k solid yellow gold necklace showcasing a pearl in a clam pendant is just too cute. Exquisitely crafted, with attention paid to detail, what’s not to love about this design?

11. Triple Threat Pearl Pendant

Triple style pearl pendant
Triple pearls pendant necklace by Maimoda Jewelry. See it here.

This design features three pink and purple Edison pearls set in a vertical graduating line to create an ombre effect. In case you were wondering, Edison pearls are high-quality cultured freshwater pearls that use a closely guarded secret process. These pearls are known for their stunning luster and shiny overtones, making for affordable yet striking pearls.

12. Akoya Classic Pearl Pendant by La Happy Leaf.

White akoya pearl pendant necklace
Akoya pearl pendant necklace by Orien Jewel. See it here.

There’s a reason Akoya pearls are among the most highly sought after of all pearl types. Known for their delicate hues and overtones, perfectly spherical shape and small, elegant sizes, Akoya pearls make highly traditional looking pearl jewelry. Pair with a golden chain for a classic look.

13. Minimal Gold Circle and Pearl Necklace

Minimalist pearl necklace
Gold circle and pearl necklace by Joolrys. See it here.

For a truly minimalist look, consider this delicate gold circle pendant with a freshwater pearl. The pendant is very dainty, with an organic slightly off-spherical shape. The necklace lends itself well to layering if you’re into the stacking look.

14. Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant

Diamond pearl necklace
Diamond pearl necklace by Pristinity Jewelry. See it here.

According to one customer, “This necklace is such a piece of art, it’s absolutely stunning and out of this world”. A dainty necklace or pendant, set with a natural freshwater pearl and a tiny genuine diamond.. The fine rope chain is also solid 14K yellow gold, 18 inches in length. Ideal gift for brides or the wedding party.

15. Simple Pearl and Gold Necklace by De Temple Schmuck.

Gold pearl pendant and necklace
Gold and pearl pendant necklace by deTemple Schmuck. See it here.

Last on our list is this 18k gold-plated design with two cultured pearls on a necklace of small baroque freshwater pearls. The result is a classic yet trendy, rustic yet sophisticated design that can’t quite be boxed in. Ideal for someone who likes to keep it simple and yet stand out at the same time.

How to Choose the Perfect Simple Pearl Necklace

As you select your simple pearl necklace, you might want to consider the following factors to help you choose the perfect piece.

1. Style

The above designs feature styles that are simple yet alluring, basic yet timeless. As simple pearl necklaces can be worn every day for almost any occasion, choose from rustic, bohemian, minimalist or classic styles to suit your wardrobe.

2. Pearl

Pearls come in a range of types, but the most affordable include freshwater and Akoya pearls. For a more luxurious look, consider Tahitian or South Sea pearls. This will help dictate the price of the piece as well as the shape and look of the pearl.

3. Color

Pearls are traditionally white, but they come in a range of other colors too. White and off-white pearls are timeless and suit any wardrobe or color choice, whereas colored or black pearls are more unique. In terms of metal colors, gold is the most classic choice, while silver-hued metals are chicer and more modern looking.

4. Shop

Simple pearl necklaces are a staple in most women’s wardrobes, so finding them in the store isn’t difficult. If you go online, we recommend searching through Etsy’s endless range of artisan and fine-crafted designs. Alternatively, take your search to Amazon for a massive selection and competitive prices. Also, consider taking your search to James Allen and Blue Nile for exclusive fine pearl jewelry options.

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