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A Comprehensive Review of Links of London

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Links of London review

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Links of London is an iconic British brand that has grown internationally. The company offers a range of jewelry for men and women, catering for a range of styles. Famous for their iconic charms bracelets, the jewelry at Links of London has a fun, modern vibe.

Links of London had an integral role in bringing the UK jewelry scene to life, especially on the British high street. They helped in creating an interest in affordable sterling silver pieces, mixing quality with affordability over cheap costume pieces or expensive precious metals.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Links of London, factoring in their after-sales policies, customer service and prices to see if it’s the right place for you.

History of Links of London

Links of London was founded in 1990 and quickly grew popular with their sterling silver sweetie bracelets. The brand became known for offering fun and stylish jewelry, with lots of different options.

In 2007, the brand was acquired by a global jewelry company and was then catapulted into the global stage. It has since expanded into becoming a global brand, with a strong presence in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. However, the brand prides itself on maintaining its British flavour and offering pieces of jewelry that come with a British touch. Even the stores in their international outlets have a feel of London, sometimes complete with a red-coated guard at the entrance!

Links of London storefront


The Links of London Shopping Experience

Shopping at a Links of London store is an experience in itself! The staff spend time with each customer, helping you to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you choose a charm bracelet, the staff will string it for you on site by hand. This means that you get to see and provide input as the bracelet is being made, making the bracelet essentially a custom-made piece! If you decide to have an engraving included, this will be done on site and on the spot very quickly. What’s more, with the endless choices available, your bracelet will be unique to you.

For a luxury, customized jewelry shopping experience, we recommend walking into a Links of London store and checking them out.

But what if you’re not located near a Links of London?

Don’t worry, because you can find pretty much all their pieces of jewelry online. You’ll still be able to pick out your ideal piece from the comfort of your own home.

What Do They Offer?

Links of London offers a range of stylish, modern jewelry for men and women. Here’s a breakdown of what you can find on their site:

  1. Links of London Charms

The charms collection is what Links of London are known for and what set them apart from the start. Links of London has created the ultimate charm bracelet, offering you hundreds of charms to choose from. Their sterling silver Sweetie bracelet is a fun alternative to the charms bracelet. It consists of a series of customizable links and charms.

Links of London Ascot sweetie

The iconic customizable Sweetie bracelet that set Links of London apart from other fashion brands. See it here

Due to their vast array of charms, no two bracelets will likely be the same. This allows you to really express your personality and style with the endless options of charms available.

Some of their most popular charm collections are their Alphabet, Animal, Birthstone, Spiritual and Love charms.

Links of London Nazar jewelry

A nazar boncugu from the Spiritual Collection. See it here

Links of London travel charm

Love travelling? There’s a charm for that too. See it here

  1. Diamond Jewelry

You can find beautiful diamond jewelry at Links of Londond, but if you’re looking for a large solitaire diamond, this isn’t the place for you. The diamond jewelry on offer here are small, exquisitely crafted, modern pieces often made with tiny diamonds to add a touch of class and glamor.

For example, the pair of earrings below showcase freshwater pearls surrounded in a halo of pave diamonds and finished off with 18kt gold detailing. Stylish and glamorous!

Links of London earrings

See them here

  1. Jewelry Collections

Links of London has made it easy to navigate their large variety of jewelry by categorizing these into jewelry collections. At the time of writing, the company offered close to 20 collections. These include a skull collection, friendship and love collections. Whatever your style, be it goth, hippie, mod or classical, there’s something for everyone here.

We also loved the narrative collection, which include pendants, bracelets and rings that can be engraved, allowing you to tell your narrative. The best part? The engraving is free!

Links of London Bracelet

See it here

We also really love their recent Splendour Collection which is inspired by British gothic architecture and is the perfect jewellery to transition from day to night time.

  1. Links of London Watches

In 2007, Links of London launched their initial watch collection which then grew into an integral part of their brand. Their watches come in a variety of styles with from casual to chic and formal.

Links of London watch

See it here

Personally, we prefer purchasing watches from brands that specialize solely in watches. Having said, Links of London does offer some beautiful and well-made watches so if you’re after a watch from a luxury fashion brand, then this will suit the bill.

  1. Men’s Jewelry Collection

Often men are left out when it comes to the jewelry world. Not so with Links of London! They have a section of jewelry for men, offering bracelets, chains, cufflinks and watches. The pieces are made using a variety of materials, including leather, cord, silver, vermeil and gold, with styles ranging from outdoorsy and casual to sophisticated and dressed-up.

We particularly loved the cufflink collection that features unique designs for every personality! You can find skull, button, football and barbell cufflinks among others.

Links of London cufflinks

See it here

Links of London Prices

As with all fashion brands, you could consider some of their items overpriced but compared to other fashion brands, we would say they offer very good prices. If you are on a strict budget, you might want to consider Amazon as an option for a wider range of prices in jewelry.

The quality of the products offered at Links of London is very high, as they use precious metals and high quality materials in creating their items. Their designs are unique and different and well crafted. They are a luxury fashion brand and this of course, comes with a premium.

How are Their After-Sales Policies?

Links of London offers excellent customer service, whether in store or online. Customers often rave about how friendly their staff is and the time they take to provide you excellent service.

The company also provides returns up to 28 days but take care as certain items such as earrings, sale items and engraved pieces cannot be returned. However, you can make an exchange for free in the event that you don’t like what you have purchased.

One thing to note is that if you purchase online and pay any shipping fees, these fees will not be refunded if you decide to send back your purchase. However, orders over $200 will be eligible for free shipping.

Links of London packaging

Something we really like about Links of London is the thought they put into packaging. They understand that quality jewelry needs to come in quality packaging. When you purchase something from them, no matter how small, it is beautifully packed in their exclusive branded boxes and tied with a ribbon.

To Wrap Up…

Whether you’re looking for a fashion must-have or a special piece you weren’t really expecting, we’re sure you would be able to find it at Links of London. With reasonable prices and high quality jewelry, this is a retailer that all jewelry lovers should check out.

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